Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 622 of Huedings

This is like baby, which is a fascinating woman, if she makes her as in the original.

In the Millennium Blood War, in order to exercise more wood swords, they were pulling in the battle, and they were simply equal to the world in the world.

"Do ... Your woman?"

I saw that the Huada's eight thousand roses, Zhang Da, his little mouth, never surprised today in the years of the millennium millennium.

Ambiguous ring.

At the same time, it is in the flash of eight thousand stream swords.

The virtual night hill is here to be empty in the sun.

"Ten Blades ... There are all broken faces ..."

Wearing white virtual night gardened blue dyeing, touching the mysterious collapse of the mysterious collapse that has been integrated into the Mona-Qang, the blue-stained eyes looked at the whole face of the whole, "all Are you ready ?! "

"All are ready, blue dyed adults." The following Ulciola pushed the inexplicable fluctuation among the dead eyes.

"Then let's go, silver."

Seeing all the blade and the breakfast are all ready to go, the blue dyeing has opened a huge black chamber in front of him, and it is the world's fall-in-life, "" to win the world, the creative king, the corpse The soul of the soul, killing the Lingwang Palace. "

"I am waiting for front, there is no more enemy."

(, Monthly, monthly, flowers, and reward, OR illusion

Chapter 206 War Front Conference (seeking rewards and automatic)

The next morning.

When all people of the whole corpse are still immersed in sleep.

A bell of emergency summoned the entire Tong Ting, knocking all the deaths all wakes up from the sleep, and even the ghostatic team is no exception. "Is the whole member of the entire Jingling Ting's urgent convening?" In the ghosts, the moment is easy to open in the whites and weave Ji, the blue blood red, and the eyes are looking at the window. He has never seen the sky of Xia Ling Tin as a depression like today.

"It seems that the empty battle is going to have an outbreak." Tian Huandong 13 team headquarters.


"Does everyone come together?"

In the headquarters building of the spiritual town, Yamamoto Yuan Liuzhai heavy bodies, the white chief, the deep eyes were unbearable, and all the people were in the scene.

"So urgent, all of us," as one of the four four captains of the entire Sulve qualification, Jingle Chunshui, did not have a casual expression at this moment, and inspired by it. "It seems ... Blue dyeing and breaking there will be ah ..."

In the past ten days of days.

The death of the 13th team of the Yutong once in the foundings, the sixty-blade of the virtual night palace, Gremjo Jakak Jack is privately led by the break.

A deep understanding of the thirteen teams of the blunder of the blindstones, in the face of the ultimate war between the next and blue staining, everyone's heart seems to be in a thick layer of yin NO

"This is an order from the royal family and the central forty-six room."

"Not only is the thirteen teams of the Yutong ... and the ghosts should also join this war ..."

Yamamoto Li Zhai's heavy ancient engraved face is always an expression of a public public. When looking at all the dead captains in front of him, I took out a convening order from the central forty-six room.

Since the original Central 46 room is dyed, I want to go to the right, and I will later reselect the new sage and the trial officer, and the new central forty-six.

"The guy ... ji

"Do you want to join this war ..." Hearing this moment before the heart of Yamamoto, Liu Zhai, he said, all of all the dead gods in the past, the whole consciousness of the brain, the appearance of the moment.

"If he also wants to join ..." I saw the day of the daygur winter lily muttered, "" This war is mostly a lot of money ... "The other vice captains at the scene suddenly showed a deep look. When the blue quarantine occurred, the power of the laminated power and the entire corpse of the whole were the best proof.

"A ack

"Wake up everyone in this big morning." I finally dyed it and blue dyed it ...

At this time, a lazy atmosphere in a heavy and serious atmosphere suddenly passed into the death of all the 13th of the court.

Everyone went back to see, I saw the gate of the conference hall, and I walked into a long-taking figure, and a iconic silver is too expensive to float with walking.

It is exactly in the moment, I'm going to hurt, I'm going to go in, a pair of Zhan Zhanhong's scorpion glanced at all of the gods of all the Yutong, and then followed by Mandarin, Wikiji and Zeng Longgui. .

Seeing an instance, all the dead faces in the scene have emerged, but the eyes of the moment first fall on the Huardi of the four team captains.

I was aware of the eyes of my eyes to hook myself, thinking of the sword de divorted after the night came yesterday.

I remembered the woman who made himself to do myself. He has resumed the cheeks of the Huilu, the cheeks of the old and elegant figure, and obviously the appearance of the moment broke her inherently inherently calm.

"The big ghosts are long ... you are just ..."

I haven't waited for Yamamoto Li Zhai to talk, I saw the floats of the floats next to it after the arrival of the moment, "according to the frontline observation and the intelligence of Po Hua Hao ...

"Blue Dye is about to lead him to the blossoming army to attack the world ...

"And according to the big swearing, he has left the traces left by the information ...

While talking to the moment, the floats of the squadron also reminded all the deaths and captains present, "We guess his true purpose is to stare at this" heavy spirit 'to sacrifice 100,000 souls for the development of the world. ...... Creation "King" ......

"So ... swearing to keep the empty standstick" Silently heard the content of the lady's 14th Lang gave all the death of the dead god, and the mountains of Liu I made a crutches in his hand, and the deep eyes glanced at the scene. All people.

"It is the key to this war ... I understand it in the seats ?!"


I heard the heavy discourse in the mountains, Liu Zhai, the people of Liu Zhai, all the death and the captain suddenly, and I was a drink.

"Very good, then we will start now."

After all the strategic preparations before the war, Yoshantian Liu Zhai is satisfied, and the eyes are looking at the twelfth team of golden doubles wearing a wedding dress. "Nhere Captain ..."

"You are responsible for opening the league column and transfer the whole empty seat to the soul street of the corpse."

"Good." Nirvana nodded, this is the job of their technical development team.

After the heavy responsibility of the entire empty seat, the death and the captain of all the deaths and the captain were all scattered, and the city of Liu Zhai, who was also in the vice team of the deputy team of the deputy team. Leave.

However, before leaving the headquarters of the 13th team, Yamamoto Yuan Liu Zhai is specially around, and the eyes have deeply glanced at the calm moment, and the sound of opening, "this battle is related to the three-life life and death. ......

Chapter 207 Air Sitting War (seeking rewards and automatic)

"At the moment of big ghost ...

"I think this time you should not be like this again ... I want to have the right thing about the blue dye ...

It seems to be a reminder, it seems to be a warning, and the slogan of the mountains in the mountains, the eyes of Liuzhai, as if to examine the general look at the moment. P, ... you say water, "