Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 623 of Hueding Crack System

I heard my side of the city's Yuanyuan Liu N, I'm solemnly reminded, I seem to be a unknowing, continue to stupid, such a thing! "Of course, I will not!" I will do "..." hope So "..."

Seeing the moment, I will continue to be stupid, and the mountains in the country will be overwhelming, but the ultimate is still lost, with the deputy head of the minister, the headquarters of the headquarters "Three seven three"

"Blue dyeing

Quiet looks at the back of Yoshantai Liu A. The bottom of the moment is inexplicably raised, and the look of the deep eyes will not be able to clear the look.

Not anymore……

The collapse is also time to go back to my hand ...

"We also leave!"

Gently shake your body's large black robes, and the sound of the moment is called the Synnantian peach, weaving and Dragon expensive. "Stark" said that the moment of flashing suddenly appeared on the scene, the taste raised his mouth, "Soon, you will have to see your kindness ... Excited ..."

"How do you say ... Although Mr. Wither Mr. and Miss, you are my companion

I saw the scene that appeared in the seemingly distressed scorpion, but the truth is the truth. "But I don't want to see the same breaks like me." "" "" "" It's really honest ... "I saw the Stark that I was in the heart and feeling it in front of him, and I smiled at the moment, and I turned my eyes to the weaving and edemon of themselves.

"This air seat is staring at the battle ... Weaving you have a few first important tasks to protect yourself.

Some pity, I looked at the woven skin in front of him, and the moment was gently touched. "Starke you should try to protect them ... I will solve the blue dye _ one" And me! And I am! ! "Just at this time, cute and delicate voice

I saw that Xiao Loli suddenly explored his own small head behind the moment, and the fatty little fist in his hand was gently hitting the shoulders of the moment as if venting his dissatisfaction.

"Of course, I will not forget you ..." A little Loli, who took it out of his back, and pulled her to gently tease her in front of her, "as long as I am ... this world No one can hurt you a hair ...

"Thursday, Weaving Ji, Longgui, I don't mind the next time to go to the virtual ring for a while?"

After that, the deep and wise eyes of the moment is not only to see the upcoming empty seat.

Soon after the end of the millennium blood battle, it was the truly battlefield of this world. The world.

Air seat stares against the original calm blue sky.

At this moment, I suddenly opened a deep black chamber, as if it seems like a black huge eye is present in the sky, showing the pale landscape of virtual night palace.


"Blue Dyeing and Breaking Legion!"

Seeing the dark cavity in the top sky, a head of the death of the thirteenth team of Yanding, who had already prepared at any time, was all guarded.

"I met again.

"The gods of the corpse

After crossing the city, the city's silver is coming out of the black chamber, the blue dyeing face shows a smile, and it is disdainful to look at the captain and deputy captain of the 13th team of the foot of the feet.

"There is also ... Interesting bricks teenagers ..." Said, blue staining is the cold gaze, I'm glaring next to the black Sikasaki, Shi Tian Rain, there are three tea to Tai Tiger.

"Sorry ... still there ..." Just at this time, a wonderful voice was ringing.

All everyone returned to, I saw that the squid on the shoulders of Pingzi was reversed. After the arrival of the world, the Sakaji, and there were seven people who had a Zhaoya Mission.

"Blue dyeing is a hundred years ago ... We are also a clear ..."

"It turned out to be you ... half a hanging scrap ..." Seeing the Pingzi Zhenzi with a false french army, the blue dye wants to go to the indifference, there is no change in the face, looking at the feet from another direction Facious legion.

"The failure of my bloating test ... Ping Mi captain. .... I haven't seen you for a long time."

"Pingzi Zhenzi ?!"

Looking at the squats from the distance from the distance and his own furnish arms, Yoshard, who is headed by the thirteen of the Yutong 13th, is a heavy world. "You are coming with us to fight with us." Does it?

"We are right to deal with blue dye."

Some of the eyes of this group of Jing Ling Ting gods who were pronounced by others, and slammed their heads, and looked at the Kurosaki, "but not for you." For Montenegro

"Number of people ... Is it really meaningful ...

"Do you really think that a group of ants is united ... can you win an elephant _._ ...

Looking at the death of the 13th of the foot of the foot, the eight blasting of the furious legion, and there is a three people in Shosaki, and there is no wave in the heart of the blue dye.

He is very clear, he is really vigilant to be seriously treated, and there is no appearance yet.

"Come out!,,

I disdainfully smashed my mouth, blue dyeing calm sound, 'Huri Bell, Ulcheora, Kruson Bang ... "

Suddenly, there were countless black cavities behind him, and the Crown Legion took a lot of breaks from it, and came into the world.

Chapter 208 rushed (seeking rewards and automatic)

With the blue-stained voice.

I saw that there were countless black cavities behind him, and suddenly walked out of the ten blade of each body and the broken legion.

Huri Bell, Ulciola, Greemjo, Dentary, and one by one, there is no obedience to the broken face and ten blade.

'' 'Their spiritual pressure

"Strong simply is like a monster ...



"If you are afraid, let's take it !!"

Seeing that the departments behind him have a weak reaction, and the character is so strong that the brothers and the broken bee is suddenly thinking about it. It is a kind of embarrassment, suddenly disdainful white.

"How ... how will it be ...

In the face of the scratch of his captain, the big head of the Tian Tianqi suddenly retracted his head.


"Why a human beings don't have ...

Suddenly, the blue dye in the sky seems to be aware of a different.

The keen noticed that the empty seat at the foot stared at a person's trace did not see, and he couldn't help but gently.

"Blue Dye I think your conspiracy is unable to succeed

Seeing the blue dye seems to be aware of the difference in the surrounding environment, the vicissitudes under the Jingle Spring Water Hat are smile, "the whole empty seat has been moved to the corpse of the corpse ... _ Now we are only just a Copy the model is ...