"It's so"

I heard the empty seat of my feet is just a copy of the model.

Blue staining, it is still not able to raise his mouth, "but there is no relationship ... After you kill all, I will go to the corpse of the creation of the creative king" ...


Seeing the arrogant arrogance of the blue dyeing, Yamamoto Li Zhai is heavy and sinking.

When the wooden sticks in the hands, the tattoo was pulverized, and it turned into a flying gray. It was revealed that there was fire, "Don't talk nonsense! If you want to enter the corpse! First, go up from our body!"

Yamamoto Yuan Liu Zhai is a heavy voice.

Suddenly there were countless figure, and the death of the 13th team of the Yutong went to the sky and stared of the sky, and the death of all ten blade and the broken army were intercepted.

"Why don't you dare to get close?"

"You must keep your own safety?"

The blue dyeing in the sky looked at the slabs of the squad, and the Shannaki, the Shannaki, and the tempering of Takasaki, and said calmly.

Guowen !!

Blue-dyed sounds in the air.

I saw that the whole person disappeared from the eyes of everyone. When they appeared again, the flying flying in the furious legion has been killed by him.

"The truth is ...

"Whether you are still close to ... I can easily kill you all ..." A sword will be brought into two times, and the blue dye is crying, and the blood stains are lowered. This is the slaughter of the slaughter.

"Japan !!"

Seeing blue dyeing in a flash, I won the arrival in the world, and all the people of the Fang Legion suddenly screamed.


Seeing and having the best, the best, the world, was dyed into two trips, and the squatting of the squat was dying, and the fist was forced to calm down.

"A protective ... Here everyone only has you didn't see the murderer of the blue dorming flower ...,"

The eyes are unbearable to stare at the blue dye in front of you. Ping Zi Zhenzi is open to the Kurosaki around him. "Your role is crucial in this war ... You have to seize the opportunity to use the blur The power will kill him

I really

Can you overcome such guys ...

When I heard the Ping Zimiao said, Iakasaki stared at him completely crushed the blue dye of all of them. After the F -P solution, he held the hands of the sky, L 'couldn't help but seep it out of cold sweat.

Why didn't I appear in the moment ...

If he is here. "..."

The situation will not be so severe ...

The hearts of the Kurosaki, there is some idea of ​​the margin, and the strong strength of the blue stain is completely like a heavy big mountain, and it is in their heart.

(Need to add a friend of the Jun L Yang, open the buckle} button to search for the collapse of the jade system can be found)

Time I don't know how long it takes over.

Just in the model empty seat of the copied model.

The battle between the dead god of the corpse and the broken surface of the virtual circle was tragic, and the scene of the blood splashing the body was seen everywhere.

What have you had to say, these broken faces after the collapse is strengthened, and the strength of strength is completely exceeded by the imagination of the death of these Tiancha 13, and the casualties that are difficult to count are rising.

However, just at this time.

Nothing to focus on the battle in front of the battle.

At this moment, the sky is quietly opened, and a long-lasting figure has a slowed out of the body.

"It seems that our time is just just ..."

"This empty battle is being staged to the most exciting bridge."

The calm sound sounded, and I saw that there was a weaving, Longgui, and the milled peach and Niuli and Starke quietly arrived at the battlefield staring at the empty seat. Tragic battle.

"But look ..."

Looking at the whole empty seat of the feet, I was observed that the death of the 13th team of the Yutong was being suppressed by the ten blade of the virtual ring and the breakfast. "

The death of the gods is not the opponent of the blade and the broken opponent _ ... "

"It is a brushed bee!

When I saw a label, I was a burly broken, and I was blocked when I was ambiguous.

Chapter 209 Betrayed and Rescue (seeking rewards and automatic) It seems that in addition to the ten blades of the original, the blue dye also uses the collapse to create a lot of guys I have not seen. It is falling at the foot. On the roof of the building, the burly broken body of the dead crushed bee is thinking about thinking about it.


, I saw that the Synnant Pexut, the whole person, the whole person, the whole person, the whole person, killing the weaving and Longgui suddenly shocked, and the concerns were also chased directly.

"Stark, you are responsible for protecting their security.

Seeing the Synno Pexut, Yi Ji and Dragon Gui they all got up to the war, and there was no shot to stop, directly open to the Stark, "

There is still a chamant ... also look at her point.

"Rest assured, give it to me.

Steak nodded, a swivel is directly chased.


After seeing everyone from yours, the left-eye view of the bluiscus in the moment covers the entire empty seat.

When I was a flash, I found a drop of blue dyeing, and my mouth is low and whispered.

Blue Dyeing now can rush all the people in this world now ... he will feel that he is now "

God 'bar "" Do you say yes ... Nina ... "as if he speaks from a person, it seems to stay in the question, on his own small Lolini.

"It's okay to say ..."

I heard the whispering whispers in the Pasta, Ninole, and I cherished my nodes and myself.

In fact, she is simply tired of fighting, she does not understand why these people have to work here, they are seeking something.

Air seat stare.

There are countless buildings collapse, forming a ruined glass.

A heavy breath spreads every corner of the ruins.



"It's not the opponent of this guy.

... Silk blood is quietly slippery from the amount of Kurosaki, but it can't cover up the look of his face.

"Mr. Pubao ... Night Miss ... Dad ... Ficefish Army ..." Deadly clenched the sky lock in his hand, the blacks of the blacks, the blacks, the unbelievable look at all the people around him, "I was cut down by him in an instant ..." "I said ... Blackaki is protective ..."

I saw the ruins, the blue dyed one hand and raised the mirror of the mirror, and then slowly went slowly toward the Kurosaki in front of him.