A white virtual night gap appeared on the top of the damaged gap, seeing it in the battle, Pudao Help, Si Fengyuan Night and Kurosaki, Dad, Tenakakakakaki, I also gave him There created a small trouble.

"Even if you haven't seen my mirror of the flower of the moon! But I have already blended the collapse of jade ... strength is not in one level with you.

This guy "looked at the blue dye of his gradually coming, Kurosaki killing his teeth, but his dumb is so powerless.

The entire franchise army, the Heisei, Pu Zara Help, the four maple garden has repeatedly plus himself, such a huge one is sufficient to subvert the war of any force, it is actually defeated in front of the blue dye.

Is it so powerful?

The eyes of death staring at the mysterious rhodes of the mysterious diamond in front of the Month, the mysterious rhodes in the middle of the mysterious, and the black eye, and there was an unstoppable color of the fear.

"Blue Dyener ..."

Seeing the blue dye is to go to the front of Takasaki, there is a cold voice.

I saw the 20th Blade Herbier just defeated the Tunnean Winter Lang, and raised the snow-white sword in his hands and rushed to support the blue dye.

"Is Huri Bell ..."

See Hellber's appearance, blue dyeing calm open, indifferent faces can't see whit.


At this time, a bright blood scene suddenly drift into the air.

Takasaki and all the people have spared their eyes, especially the unbelievable expressions of Hellber, covering the huge wounds that appear on their body.

"They are not companions?" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

"You have no use ..."

Looking at the incredible Hurberg, the blue-stained expression seems to have completely abandoned any emotions, "." It seems that the strength of your ten blade ... "is not enough to fight in my Moga" " My personal strength of the collapse is completely exceeded with all your ten blades ... "

"Blue Dye!"

I didn't treat myself as my companion at all, wherever I saw it.

Herly Belle cold golden eyes were flashing, and the white giant sword in his hand fell into the moonchao in front of you.

"It's trouble"

In the past, it was disgraced into the mirror of the mirror of the mirror of the mirror.

Real blue dye is generally behind Hellber, the sickle in the hand is not in the hands of a sword, "With your extent ... no qualifications, I will shoot it again.

Is it the ability of mirror flowers?

Seeing that it is going to be betrayed, the sword is killed, and the icy icy eyes of Herly Belle flashed a sorrowful eye.

"The spicy hand is destroyed, but it is not a good habit."

However, at this time, the sound of the peach sound in the air, and instantly attracted the attention of all people in the field.


I suddenly heard this voice, all of all the people in the scene instantly widened their eyes.

Even the blue dye and indifferent faces actually can't help but appear alert to the look. In this war, he has always been aware of the people!

Round looks · Huangquan is good!!!

Looking at the mirror flowers in the blue dyeing, he is going to HHE Belle.

At this time, I saw that the air behind Hurgie had quietly opened a dark mysterious space cave.

Chapter 210 Wang Zhan Wang (ask for reward and automatic)

I saw a mysterious palm extended from this dark empty 17 cave. I immediately grabbed the whole person of Hurberry, and the space cave closed, as if everything did not happen.

"what is this?!"

Not only is the Kurosaki to protect them, even the blue dye wants to put the right, can't help but stop, the mirror of the mirror and the moon, the sword, and watching Huri Bell disappeared.

The same thing.

Also happened to the ground in the distance, I saw the same dark mysterious space cave, and also gave it in the night.


See this magical scene in front of you, the blue dyeing is suddenly spit out of this name, and the tone has become very complicated, fear, vigilant, excitement has resentment.

But the blue dyed palm touched himself after the moon Huang's collapse, the eyes finally gradually calmed down, returning to the look of indifferent.

"Blue Dye Blue Dye" Some sighs sounded.

I saw that the figure was not when the figure was quiet, and there was a quiet appearance on a building on the top of the top of the 377.

The white white sparkling long hair flutters in the air, a pair of blue blood red eyes overlooks them, and the hand is in Hurberbur and night, and there is still a little Lolini.

"You are a typical anti-death."

Distance from nearly 100 meters, I am looking at the blue dyeing under the foot.

Obviously, everyone has already had completely rolled their strength after complete hypnotization, fusion of collapse.

It is still to protect them to the protagonist Blacksaki. They are not forced to stop being finally sealed.

"Is this the legendary plot needs and the protagonist aura?" Looking at the phenomenon in front of him, he couldn't help but muttered in the moment.

"It's you?!"

At this time, Hurberbur in his arms suddenly struggled, and retrapened the attention of the moment to the reality in front of him.

Seeing the rescue of his (AGBG) is actually the previous youth encountered before the virtual ring, I saw Huri Bell's cold face, "Why do you want to save?" Why do you want to save? I?!"

"How long does it take ..." There is no positive answer to Herly Bell's question. It seems that some love is reluctant to move his palm from sexy hot Hurberg, "Soon you will know ... Ji

"Heart ... How do you come over now ..." Seeing yourself to take it to you, watching him at night.


Who knows a crisp sound.

The whole ruins were suddenly quiet. I saw the night of the night, and it turned into a cooked prawns.

I saw that I was actually slap in the night, I couldn't depict the Night, and I took the top of my head. "Let you start with me! I have to run over and blue dye!"

"Is it comfortable now?" Looking at the big and small wounds left behind him, the moment is still good and funny.