Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the collapsed jade system Chapter 626

And for the night and the bee, this arrogant girl, I have already mastered it early, that is, it will be shot.

"To ... Sorry ..." It's unlikely, I saw the face of Jun Xiu's face, and the night eye waves turned into a cute kitten against the owner. Cute kitten.

God surgery!!!

Although I blame the night, I still released a golden sacred glory in my hands, and I was hurt in the night and the injuries of the two people in Herly Bell.

"I think I have given you enough time to narrow.

Just in the moment of using the gods, the night of the night and Hurberg, a calm sound sounded.

I saw the back of the moment, the night one and Hellberie's eyes were on the roof of the roof. The blue dyed figure was long, and when there was there, the indifferent eyes were dead staring at the back of the moment.

"Can we start ... . ..." so fast!


Seeing the blue dyeing, there is no sign of the void behind the moment, the night one and the Huri Bell's pupil suddenly contracted, "didn't I notice when he is approaching ?!"

"It seems that after the fusion of the collapse. ..." Unlike the two in front of the night and the two of the two people who shocked the vigilance.

I saw that the moment, as if I care about the blue dye behind myself, I personally calmly opened the calm opening, "the power of explosive growth makes your self-confidence began to expand again ... Blue dye ..." "Expansion?"

In the void of the edge of the building roof, look at the back of the moment, blue dyeing, gently shaking his head, "No ... completely controls the collapse of jade ... It has completely transcend you ...,"

"Beyond me ..."

I heard the blue-stained words behind the blue dye, and the sluggish laughed and slowly had their own head.

It has revealed a blue-depth of the gods, and the smile rid of the mouth, "You really dare to say ... Leave the corpse soul to escape the day of the virtual ring ... You lost a arm and legs and feet Mourning

"I still remember to remember" "You ?!" The sharp rhetoric that did not leave out in front of the mouth, and the painful memory of the blood in the heart of the blue dye. Mother.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

Just in the morning of the blue dyeing, the whole man suddenly appeared in the blue dye, and the palm of the right hand grabbed his face.


No response at all ...

I was in an instant to hold the face of the blue dye, revealing a pair of shocking eyes.

Bang !!!

It seems that a nuclear bomb attacked the city, and the stones were pulled out.

All people between the ground moving mountains have grown their eyes, watching the blue stains in front of them, and the whole person in front of the face is pangled into the ground.

Chapter 211 broke out (seeking rewards and automatic)

Creative, empty seat $ to

In fact, it is only the dead god of the corpse community using the transfer junction to turn the original empty seat, and leave a model.

Bang !!!

It was originally a ruin of the broken wall, as if suddenly set off a 12-level earthquake.

The chaos is wearing empty, and only the moment of the blushing of the moment is in an instant, and his face is directly used by his face. It is directly in the foot of the foot. .

In the eyes of everyone shocked.

I saw that the land of the whole city of the empty space at their feet is like a spider web. The central ground began to collapse, and the surrounding buildings collapsed.

"That is?!"

"Blue dyed adult and who fight ?!"

At a time, all the breakfasts on the battlefield have stopped all the battles in their hands, and the eyes are watching to the direction of the battle between blue dyeing and flash.

"Such a big movement ... |" There is a narrative peach, weaving Ji and Longgui joined his own battle, and the pressure of the bee suddenly reduced a lot, and the black scorpion of the black is overlooking the mountain. Direction, small mouth muttered, "Is it a hi in the moment?"

At this moment, the whole air standstines the most central, "no ... is not ..." "How is this amazing destructive power ..."

I saw that the fossils that were originally bluped to cut down on the ground and Kaichi were directly flying directly by this exaggerated power.

It is difficult to stabilize your own body shape, it is difficult to confuse the whole land of the whole attraction.

"I am in this guy ..."

The Kurosaki prostitute reached out to block his endless dust, and some can't confidently looked at the blue dye that I just defeated all of them in an instant, so a photo was blocked into the ground.

"Is the empty hand caused such destructive power?" ... "

"Blue Dye guy ..."

On the roof of the building, Huri Belle is shocked by the huge movement of the sky, and the blue-dyestation is blocked, and it has been in the earth, and there is no reaction at all.

Stepping on a step ...

Among the battlefield ruins that the whole smoke diffuses the dust.

Under the eyes of all people, the movement of the moment is gradually clear in the fog.

"This is the ability of the collapse ..." It's like a leisurely walking in the floating smoke and fog. The blind eye of the left eye is blue, and the clear insight is in the middle of the earth. Dyed state.

"It seems that after the fusion of the collapse ... Your defense and vitality completely transcend the" steel skin "and" speed regeneration '"" cough cough ... "in the earth, suddenly passed blue dye. A series of cough sounds.

The corner of the mouth couldn't get out of the blood, although all the injuries were taken in an instant to repair the ability, but the blue-stained eyes were still can't stop flashing.

Between the photos of the face just now, the use of the instant shochy space directly arrived in him. It immediately felt that there was an unreliable pound of the pound.

Haven't come yet, and the whole person was smashed into the ground. Rao is the power of the blend of the collapse of jade, but can't stop the gray face of the greeted.

"You are still the same as before ..."

Gradually stood in the earth ruins, all the injuries on the blue stained are unpacking in an instant, and the indifferent eyes are deadly staring at the long figure of the front smoke, "is unbelievable ... ... "" "But if you see ..." Feel the power of the collapse of the Hungar, the blue dyeing laughed and raised his hands in the ruins, "now has blended the collapse I ... You have no way to cause a little hurt to me ... "" I forgot to tell you "

Gradually get out of the earth ruins, look at the figure of the eyes, blue dyeing, turning into the sun, revealing endless crazy and hot, "Now it is only my first Fusion status ". ... When I and the collapse jade complete the final fusion state

"It's time that I am surpassing people and God !!!"

Transcend people and God's boundaries ...

Calm staring at my eyes indifferent and crazy blue dye, the moment silently gazing the collapse of the collapse of the mood of the Hungar, the heart, whispered in my heart

Maybe I have already reached it ...