Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 627

"Have you finished nonsense?"

After you blend the collapse jade, you have expanded a pole of blue dye}},}:,., Right,} ....

Cross ninety-six knife cremation !!!

In the eyes of blue dye, there is no more nonsense, and they directly open their own flashlights, monthly, I only see the nest of the never-nest of FL in the moment, the chapter of the nightmare, the fan, transparent wings, the flying dance In the air of the air, the original calm spirit seems to have been poured into a hot oil, starting crazy boiling.

"Is the sacrifice of 96th ?!"

When I saw the palm of my eyes, the blue-stained pupil suddenly concluded, as a top master of the ghost, I recognized the highest level of the high level of the ghosts in this corpse. .

"that is?!"

"Singing to abandon the sacrifice of the 96th, how can this ?!"

Suddenly I saw the movement of the moment and the mad riots in front of the air, I recognized the ghosts that I showed this moment, and I smoked on the ground.

He has never heard that someone can sing to abandon to release such a high ghost, at least before he leaves the corpse soul!

"Fast open! We all will be rolled out i,

At this time, next to Po Hua Hao on the ground, the face under the fisherman's cap is suddenly changing, and the mouth is exclaimed.

Chapter 212 evolution (seeking rewards and automatic)

Bang !!!

The horror of the red flame suddenly illuminates the entire sky of the sky.

It seems like a hydrogen bomb explosion, only a huge sharp blade flame, suddenly slamming from the air in front of everyone.

The corpse is known to the highest level of rules, and under the exaggeration of the chapters of the Bible PD, the Bible PD, which suddenly broke out the horror of the horror, the horror, the crowd of all the buildings in front of all the buildings in an instant It was destroyed.

The horror ghosts showing the exhibited exhibited seems to have a huge flood, and all the things in front of everyone are all.

"Is this a ghost?

Looking at the endless cryol of red flames in front of him, Kurosaki kills dead in the ground, it looks at everything in front of you.

He became a full-time full-time spending for three months, and he never imagined that the original ghost is in a person's hand to reach the power of terrorism.

Single shield!!

Among the eyes of blue dyeing.

He uses the ability of the collapse to release the huge push in the body surface, and the glass is generally transparent enough to abject the captain level, and the ghost road in the moment is destroyed in the next moment.

"Can defend the single shield of the captain level ... Is it not enough to resist his ghost?" Seeing that he used the collapsed jade to develop the spirit shield in the moment, it is like a foam, blue. Almost all people have to be completely overwhelmed.

Million shield!!

On the occasion of the thousands of hair, the blue dye will reserve its strength.

Directly released endless pounds of pitch, in the past, in front of himself, the 100,000-story pixel is created, forming a huge intangible shield, and death will block the whole person, the whole person!

"God ..."

Looking at the blue dye in front of you released a million-storey pondix to form an invisible huge shield attempt to block his ghost, the blue blood of the blue blood suddenly suddenly increased the output of ghosts.

_. ...

A crisp fragrance sounds.

In the eyes of blue staining, it is very large.

He released the invisible huge shield formed by a million layers in front of him, and it was broken down on the endlessness of the rain!

Just now I had completely blocked the Yoshiki, a protective method for three consecutive months, the million shields were broken in this instant! The whole person was drown in the trend of the scarlet!

"Blue Dye!"

Looking at the horror of the horrible, the huge, the flooded, the flooding, almost overwhelmed, and all the attention of everyone in the entire battlefield is attracted.

Feeling the bright pressure of the blue dye disappeared in this world, all of the breakfasts on the battlefield exclaimed.

"Blue dye"

"Is it killed by the moment ..." All the dead gods in the scene stunned, all of whispered all the most central battlefield ruins.

do you died……

still is…

Endless cockroach flames, look at the glitch of the globe, the glitch of the glutinous genthere.

Next to Kurosaki and Pudao help and the mutual mutual death stare at the fluttering dust in front of him, and they did not feel the spiritual pressure of blue dye.

"Too ... too strong"

, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

"Don't take too high expectations"

Slowly gradually get out of the endless dust, the long hair of the moment is no wind, the body is not dyed, and it seems to be both free and easy. "The collapse has the ability to protect the owner ... Blue Dye should be so easy to die ... ... "" It seems that you really understand the ability of the collapse ... "Almost at the same time, the blue dyeing voice once again passed all the ear of all the people present.

"It's a little ..." "" "" Just even I almost thought that I would die this ...

All the dust gradually dispersed, at this moment, the amazing changes in the blue staining, which made the present all the eyes, and widened their eyes ...

I only saw the blue dye in the eyes of everyone. They had already felt that there was a slightest pond, including the entire head of the whole head was picked up by the milky white entity, as if it was like an insect evolution.

"But it is a pity" ...

Holding the mirror of the mirror of mirror, at this time, the blue dye is completely blocked by the milky white entity, only a pair of horrible eyes, staring at the moment of death, "The dead crisis caused me to make me Evolution

"The second fusion status of the collapse is ...

Slightly muttered in the mouth, look at the blush blue dye in front of it, and there is no moving capacity on the handsome face.

"Pubao Help ... You created collapse ...

When I saw the moment in front of my eyes, I was surprised at all, and the blue-dyed eyes of the cowards turned to the Si Hua Hao, ". You think that the ability of the collapse is the opposite thing that manipulates the two nature. ... Break the boundaries of virtual and dead gods ... "

Collapse, the ability ...

Don't you break the boundaries of death and virtuality ...

When I heard the blue dye, Po Hua was helped.