Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the Crash System Chapter 628

In fact, the collapse of his creation is indeed a successful life of the Zhenzi, which makes the blue dye have made so many breaks. Is it nothing to have the ability to collapse?

"You are wrong ... collapsed the true ability ..." In the eyes of Pudao, the blue dye shakes and shakes his head, saying that a sentence is incomparably shocked, "is the existence of yourself, read Their IL 'and I have it. "

"That is to say ... you want to be collapsed to help break the boundaries between death and virtual ... so the collapse is helping you.". ...

Blue Dye is completely covered by milky white substantial brightly, but he does not look at the whit, but he is the heavy discourse that is in the mouth, but everyone is suffocating.

"And I am different ... I hope that the collapse can help me break the boundaries between people and God

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"So as long as the direction of the collapse fusion is evolved. ..."

Feel the endless power of the moon Hungou's collapse, the ambition in the blue dye is coming out, "Soon ... I can become like the existence of the spirit or even surpass him! Master the whole world !!"

"And you ... Pubao Help ...

On the other hand, I said that the blue dye was disdainted, and I was helping to help the ground on the ground. "You have a smart head." ... "is willing to succumb to the rule of the king ... I will always Can't afford you "

"But I am ... you are different ...

The disdainful gaze is recovered from the bodies of Pimura. The eyes of the blue dyed eyes gradually started to be burning. "Since I first see you, I will understand ... Your eyes tell me that you will not be flexed Under any person! "

"How? Let's join hands!"

In the face of the moment of silence standing in front of the silence, the blue stain gradually reached out his palm. "If it is based on our two power ... Now 06 can kill the Singer King of the Lingwang Palace!"

Join hands?!

When I saw the blue dye in front of myself, I made an invitation in the moment. All the people present suddenly felt wildly.

Do he promise?!

At the scene, all the eyes of all the people suddenly brushed into the moment, if the most horrible guys in these two worlds join hands ...

Maybe it's really like a blue dye ...

Can kill the Singer King Palace successfully ruled three years ...

"Teach hands?"

The top-sightedness is astonished, and all of all the people in the hearts at this moment.

I only see that I am unable to smile, as if there is no such thing as the blue dye, the blue blood red is a little bit of blue dye, "I didn't say that there is only one between the two. The throne ...

"How ... Now, are you a compromise?"


It seems that there is no mocking in the moment in front of the moment, and the blue dye is swaying and shaking, "everyone is smart" ... not those who only know how to kill and fight

"I'm admitted to your strength to sit in flatness, just sitting in peace ..." "Pingqijiao?"

I haven't waited for the blue dyeing in front of you, I suddenly laughed 7. The blue blood red eyes instantly cooled. "I want you to make a mistake ...

"I have never thought that your strength is already able to sit in flatness.

Wang Zhifa !!!

Among all people shocked.

I saw the empty air behind the flashlight in the flashlight, and there was an invisible portal in the air to open.

"what is that?!"

Looking at the golden light of the infinite glare after the moment, all the people present is simply not open their eyes, "Helliff

After opening the king of the king, it seems that the whole world in front of him has been dyed by this endless golden light. It does not help but reach out of the eyes. Some can't stand straight to the moment, "It seems that you are Not interested in cooperating with me

"I don't think a person who is about to die ..."

I saw the flash of the blush in front of the look, and one hand did not enter the king of the king of the empty space. He gradually took a simple and slender macro-cutting, "Is there any qualification to talk to me ...

"You will not be able to take a little too much ... ...

The moment of observing the eyes of his eyes seems to be like a dead person, and it is not to ban the anger. "Let's use the power to check it ... The words are the only truth !! "

Sword pressure!!

I didn't put myself in my eyes without seeing myself.

The mirror flowers in the hands of the blue dyed fumes into a white waterfall, raising the violent swordsmith wind pressure, the surrounding everything hangs powder, with amazing power and momentum flock to the moment.

Blue dye in the second fusion of the collapse, the sword pressure hitting the sword in the hand and often can't be sympathetically in the same day, PA5 is afraid that it is a piece of the captain to be stranded into powder.

But just cut out the endless white sword pressure, the blue dye is stunned. If you can clearly see the emotications on his face.

In the eyes of blue staining unable to see, he seems to see the whole world in front of himself between the world, and is smashed into two halves.

Drop the void !!!

In the view of all people close to the eyes, I saw the flash of the bloody white sword pressure in front of the eyes, and suddenly waved the flow blade in her hand.

Suddenly, a giant moon, a giant moon, a giant moon, bloom, when they bloom in front of them, directly opened the white sword pressure in front of them, 910, space, light, all everything.

Blue-stained white endless sword is like encountering the water flow of the reef. It is instantly in an instant to break the sword of the void world. Everything in front of you is like a piece of curtain.

Tick ​​...

A blood is quietly falling, and a bright red blood line is suddenly blooming in his month!

"This is |"

Blue staining seems to be completely unable to believe this is reality, wearing the eyes under the cover of the white entity, and some of them look at their own hands, "" The world is being opened ?! "


A crisp sound sound rang.

In all people who are unbelievable, the blue dyeing is split into two paragraphs, and the red blood fog suddenly drift into the air.

"What happened just now ?!"

I looked at the moment in front of my eyes. A sword will completely become a whole world, and the Kurosaki is completely unable to understand this scene I have seen.

"Blue Dye is killed in a moment ?!"

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