Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 629

"The world" is turned out "

Looking at the whole space in front of the eye seems to be shot from the scene, it is shot, revealing the scars of deep cockroaches.

At all everyone, all the people were suddenly opened their own mouth, especially Kurosaki looked at the blue dye of the oblique waist, so that he made his eyes, "What is the extent of this extent ......,

He asked himself to be a hidden ultimate moon, the last crescent, the last crescent, and it is impossible to achieve this effect of this vacation.

"and so…"

Even if they hide on the roof of the building and the two people of Hurgie, they are closely concerned about this decision of the world's survival and destruction, L} war, "Blue Dye is this instant Kill it ... "

"Ah, ah!!!"

Almost in the night, I just said.

I saw the sword that was suddenly broken and broken into two blue stains suddenly broke out the sound of the sky, and the time attracted the attention of everyone in the battlefield.

Among the shocking eyes of everyone, I saw that the blue dye originally opened, and gradually fused together, and the body was suddenly changing.

It seems that the moth of the butterfly is generally, and only the blue stain was originally broken, the head was broken, and the hair after the brain became a long hair; West.

The spiritual pressure of the whole body suddenly broke out, and all the objects near his body were flying ash because he couldn't bear his spiritual pressure.

"The third fusion form of the collapse ..." Looking at the blue dye of the body in front of the body, the face of Yun Xiu Bai Zhe is very calm, only the blue blood red is constantly flashing.

He is observing one

What kind of level is observing the strength of the collapse of jade ...

Although the spiritual pressure out of the blue dyed in the heart is already in the death of the dead or virtual power, the distance is only one step, but it is still seen that his strength has not exceeded the dead.

Because the right hand of the blue dye did not integrate with the rose mirror flowers, there was no open hole similar to the fallen hole.

Unlike the empty seat of the original War, the end of Kurosaki, the right hand is fused, the power exceeds the dead god, and there is a unmanned combat capability "" You succeeded me again ... moment. ... "When the death of the death of the death, I feel that my full body's spiritual pressure completely reached the dead and virtual, the blue dyeing face is very like," But I really must thank you. Your death threat let me break into a butterfly ...

"The name of this name is too appropriate!"

Blue dyeing looks at your own hands, I feel that I have a substantial barrier, "I'm really destroying the power between God and the nonsense!"

"too slow"

Who knows, this time, the flash of blue eyes, suddenly disappointed shakes his head.

"you said……

Seeing this moment, the monster of the moment, immersed in the blue dye of the huge strength after evolution, and he raised his eyebrows. "What is too slow ?!"

"I said that your evolution is too slow!"

Some impatiently looked at the blue dye of the eyes of the butterfly, and the moment in the moment was inserted into the ground. "I have no patience to see you slowly evolve! Simply Solve you at one time

"Let you know what is really exceeding the power of the dead and the virtual!"

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Ultimately furnish!!!

The sound of the moment has just fallen, and suddenly the sky has a big super-push-up!

I saw that the original black pondered mixed into the blurred white pond, directly pulverized all the air around himself.

It seems that it seems that there is a black and white spirit of the heavens and the world, and the

"what happened?!"

"His spiritual pressure ?!",

Looking up at the top of the sky, the black and white two-colored spiritual pressure seems to be a suffocating ocean.

I feel that the horror of the sky is like a tidal huge waves, and all the people have been flying out.

As the moment entered the translucent form, a white blonder substance suddenly spread into the whole body of the moment, gradually gathered into a special world of Warcraft blur mask.

In the end, all white blurred substances all disperse into a virtual, gathering into a white bone necklace hanging on the neck of the moment, a virtual hole that symbolizes the virtual and unfolded, suddenly appeared in the moon!

", One is ... blunting?!"

Seeing the amazing changes in front of you, I felt the familiar toilet, the pupil suddenly shrunk into the size of the pinhole. "The moment is also the power of the blur of the bluff ?!"

"And his bluff is one <(promised) br />

The eyes of death staring at the fallen turn of the middle of the middle of the moon, and the Kurosaki prostitute is completely able to feel the blurring of the moment and its own blore is completely not in one level.

"This spiritual pressure ...

On the battlefield of the empty seat, I looked at the sky over the top of my head. It was completely covered by black and white two colors, Uldola and Gremjon were stunned.

At the same time, I thought of the mysterious man who was encountered in a virtual ring. It is a power that is not two strengths!

"Completely bloom"

"No ... It is more complete than it is complete ...

What did you do?

Chapter 215 Wang Wei's Flash (ask for reward and automatic)

Because I have a collapsed jade system

This world is not only you and the Kurosaki's protective is ...

I saw the unbelievable look of blue dye, and the heart was dark, and the calm expression on the face did not change. "You probably never have a chance to know ...


It has completely feels that the spirit of the body is not in front of it, and the blue dye is cold, and it will be in good luck; "There is no strengthening of the collapse ... Your bloating is mostly more than Zeng Zizi, it is strong ...

"is it……

The deep eyes seem to have a blue dye in front of you, and the emptiness among the ln, the angle of the moment is gradually coming to an inexplicable radians. "You don't try it ...


The sound of the moment falls, and the ground is suddenly exploded!

After entering the imaginary form, the silver-white long hair of the waist is turned to an incredible length, slowly fluttering as if it didn't enter the void.

Next moment, in the pupil that suddenly enlarged in the blue dye, the whole person has instantly appeared in front of him, and the index finger of the right hand has been aligned with his Yunnanese.