Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 630 of the Crash System

So fast!!

Seeing that the flash of 920 in the moment appeared in front of himself, the blue dye was shocked.

He understood that there was no ability to use the instantaneous spatial transfer, but a speed in the flesh outbreak.

Black virtual flash!!!

Just when the blue dye is still shocked by the outbreak of the moment.

The air in front of the eyes has begun to distorted, and endless black rays suddenly filled the entire space in front of the blue.

"Black virtual flash ..." I spalled that the horror moving hindrance to the moment, the black eyes after the blue dyeing into the third fusion of the collapse, and suddenly flashed a strange feng.

Super flexible gun!!

In the face of the horrible horror black flakes of infinity in the hands of the eyes, the blue dyeing station is moving in place, and the eyes are flashing in the eyes.

The positive center of the Yunnanese inlaid in the moon, suddenly condensed, a white, a very popular light column, which is the superpolius generated after fusion of the collapse!


Seeing the white spiritual guns that have been condensed in front of the blue dyeing in front of themselves, the mouth of the moment is suddenly grinned when the corner of the mouth is.

The blue-stained landscaping of the third fusion of the collapse can form a disseained spiritual wall, and the object hit the upper side will be pulverized. The original blue dye has been smashed in this ability to smash the high-density of the high-density in the breakdown '.

The five "unknown number of unknown", the king of destroying the teacher, the blue dyeness of the blue dye is enough to block the rush of the Lingwang Palace, although there is no state of the millennium blood battle, but already Non-same!

Between the electric turn, the finger finger fingers condense the horror black flakes, suddenly seems like a nuclear bomb is detonated.

There is no sharp sound in the ear of everyone, and I saw the black horror deflash twisted in front of the whole space in front of them.

After the black horror of the black horror flashed over the sound barrier, everything around it seems to be all hidden. There is only the endless huge black virtual flash column in front of the world!

Bang !!!

The black deficiency of the flash and the blue-stained ultra-spirited shock hit together.

Everything in the battlefield stared at the air seat is all hidden. There is only this black and white in the world.

The whole earth is completely smashed, and all some of the air standing on the battlefield of the Central Battlefield For the most primitive dust and ashes.

I saw a few of the nearest Kurosaki, who had a nearest in the moment, and everything inserted into the ground, so that I will be flying out from the whole person.

"L is good ..."

I feel that the gravel that is constantly blowing in front of my eyes, the power seems to be on her face with bullets, and the slap is not painful.

"This is really the strongest inflammation that I have seen so far ...

The hustle and bustle is coming, everyone will look at it.

I saw the white entity of the blue-stained full-body parcels at this time, and the forehead had a gap eyebrow disappeared.

On the back, there were three pairs of huge butterfly wings, and the center of the chest was inlaid with the holes of the collapse.

Judging from the faint and breath of the body, the blue dye has completely transcended the category of the dead, is the fourth integration of collapse!

On the occasion of the black deficiency of the moment, the blue dye has broken through the limits, and entered the fourth integration of collapse, and the strength entered a new order! "Blue Dye ..." Evolution ... "Looking at the blue dye of the evolution of the collapse, all the people in the field began to show the eyes of fear, no one knows where the extinction of the evolution of jade is.

Of course, there is only one person to excera.

"The strongest virtual flanks"

In the air, the sound of the moment, and the source of all the people in the scene was looking for.

I saw that I didn't know when I was extremely eroticized. I was quietly floating in the half air of their head.

In the case of the general long hair, the long hair of the Galaxy Waterfall, the blue blood red god is locked, and the index finger fingertips of the right hand is still facing the strength into the new dollar. "No ... _ this is the strongest virtual flash ... Wang Wei's flash !!!

With the sound of the moment, a huge light column with a silky red light in a black suddenly bloomed in the moment!

This huge black red light column shows, even the glory of the sky is unable to cover its darkness!

This is completely light born for destruction.

Especially in the rumble of rumbling, there is a numerous thing in the light column in the fracture.

I heard this kind of loud, there is a illusion that there is a illusion that I have seen the sky in the sky, I'm going to suddenly fry in front of them.

This is an unstoppable catocker.

Chapter 216, the power of the collapse (seeking rewards and automatic)

"this is."

"Wang Yu's flash ..."

When I saw this moment, the bottom of the head, the right hand-finger fingertips were aligned with the horrible black red rays that they were condensed, and the blue-stained pupils could not help but suddenly shrink.

"Yes ...,"

"This is the strongest virtual flash ... no one"

The voice of the inenthesis is falling.

A huge light column with a silky red light in a black, almost instantly enveloped the entire empty seat K

For a while, the battlefield stared at the entire empty seat was flooded in this black and red color, and if the heavens and earth were hung, the sun and the moon were indulged.

"If it is in the way ...

Seeing a flash in the short half of the air, killing a flash of the king deficiency at the foot, and the face of the Kurosaki, the face of the Head, the face of the Heart, became a passion, and the mouth was crazy toward Tecosaki. A protecting them, "Run! Go now !!"

I heard the big screaming of Iakasaki.

Distinguished Nagasaki, the nearest Shuosaki, and the alliance of the two people, and the people of the FAM, and immediately show the immandate of the immortal.

Bang !!!

Only Kurosaki, I just used the instant escape, I didn't have a few steps. I suddenly flew out of the violent M wind behind it.

The whole air seat stared at the battlefield, it seems that it is really being invested in an atomic bomb, and the horrible air wave seems to have formed a piece of cloud, which is constantly moving outward.

The whole land of the empty seats seems to become a soft sponge. The center is constantly chasing the edge of the feet, and all the dead gods on the battlefield and the breakfast are unstable Tessel.

The black red brilliance of infinity is spread, everyone is awkward.

I saw the entire empty seat staring at the collapse of the collapse of the collapse of the city, and she was completely asked under the flash of the king deficiency released by a finger.