Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 631 of Hueding Crack System

The most central land of the air seat is staring at the center of the battlefield. It is a huge pit hole that is almost nearly a thousand meters, and it seems to be in front of everyone. It seems to be an entrance to hell.

"Whole empty seat is staring ... I got it ..."

Looking at the empty seats in front of your eyes, all the buildings have disappeared, and all the broken walls will become all grades, all the deaths and breaks on the battlefield are horrified.

"This is really a battle between death ..."

"It turned out to release the flash of such a horrible king deficiency

The eyes of the son sound look at the far, like the gods, the gods are often floating in the half-air, and the Jingle Spring Water and Polecales, the two people are watching the eyes.

"It turned out that the big ghosts and director also broke into the abyss of the blur ...

"It turned out to be in this extent ..."

I saw that the whole person was completely buried in a pile of thick dust, and the gray face is very difficult to look at the moment between the heavens and the earth, "a horrible virtual flake".

"The guy of the moment ..." Then release a violent sword pressure instantly shredded a group of broken faces, Yoshinyuan Liu N is deeply looked deeply at the battlefield of the central center, "It seems really intended to kill blue Dyeing ... "" "blue dye ... dead ..." The air seat gained the battlefield, the huge and deep pothole edge, Pudao Help the God of the Zhenzi, the death of the Facious Legion, staring at the dead The fog in front of the eyes looks for blue dyeing.

"do you died…

At this moment, at this moment is not light next to all people who are paying attention to the life and death of blue dye, even the flash floating in the air is also muttered.

The left eye blue gods have a constant insight of the eyes, and the gods are in full power to launch the future, "or the power of the jade ..."

God's reincarnation glanced around the surrounding the trend, as if he really killed the powder under the flash of his prince, the moment was somewhat disappointed, '. Only The extent of ...

If the blue dye of the collapse of the fourth state is like this, it has become a virtual, then the strength of the collapse is completely unable to reach the expectations of the moment, so it is not exempt from being disappointed.

Just at the moment, the left eye of the flash was suddenly flashing.

The god of God seems to let him foresee a new change in advance, and the original bleak eyes suddenly lit.


A crazy laughter suddenly spread throughout the original silent battlefield every corner.

I heard this depressed and crazy laughter, and all the people all in the scene were all sinking. Only the moment it seems to be a little excited to raise his mouth.

"Do you think that I am dead ?!"

I hope that the source of sound is expected that everyone only seeing blue staining is still a three-pair of huge butterfly behind a white entity.

It is only a very bleak that looks very bleak. The half of the body is completely flashing of the king deficiency, but it is rapidly recovering with a very amazing speed.

"It turns out.". ... "

I saw that the blue dye of the slag, which was completely killed by the Flash, who had been killed by his own king, and the moment, the moment is falling on his right hand, and the face is in a piece, "after the death of the dead ... you The body and the sinter of the slogan is completely integrated ... "" "In the flash of my king, my mirror is hit on your instant ... The ability you use mirror flowers is temporarily confused with my senses ... Make my attack to you. Have a little bit of deviation? "

Blue dyeing and chilly knives in the fourth fusion of the collapse and the squirrels were completely completed, and the moment was released.

When the original Zhongyou Habio entered the dyeing of the hell, it was estimated that it was also a mirror water monthly ability to use the fused mirror water month to confuse the T time.

Chapter 217 Messages of the Intangible Empire (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Are you noticed by you ... so terrible insight." The short gap of the speech, the blue staining has been completely restored to his body completely, but the eyes are very deep, u, u, you are really a no-folded. monster

"Super speed regeneration ...

Seeing the red-arched blue staining in front of you, such a surprised look and the residual body of the rapid recovery, all the people next to suddenly jumped, and the heart thought of the extraordinary and broken speed. Regeneration.

"It's too low to estimate the power of the jade ?!"

It seems to hear the idea in the heart of everyone, the body is recovered in a flash of blue, the original clear face is twisted because of crazy, "This is not a speed!" This is completely regenerated! "

"And you think that Wang Xi's flash can kill" nine six or three "me ... You are so too moment ...,"

The face distorted blue dyeing hit the arrogant head, the eyes of the eyes, the flash floating in front of the eyes, ILLAL, even if I attack me thousands ... I have completely cut my body ... I can also be in an instant restore"…

"This is the force that the collapse can be destroyed with the boundary between God and the Ni Shen."

Day is true?

In the face of the crazy eyes of your own feet and yourself relative to the blue dye, the unscrupulous shook heads.

"It's you too big ... blue dye ..."

I saw that the blue deep and blood red monsters were ignited indifferent to the blue staples under their feet. The luck was as good as telling a truth. "In fact, I have not shot today ... You will eventually fail ..."

"I will fail ?!"

I heard that the blue dye was stunned, and I immediately lost my mute. "Don't say that you don't have a shot ... Even if you are shot ... I also imagine that I have the possibility of smashing ..." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Plus collapse jade ... "After entering the collapse of jade, the squadron and his right hand is completely integrated, and all the confused faces of the blue dye," Everything that may appear, I am I have been thinking about it in my mind ... So I can't fail ... "" Don't ... "Faced with confidence and peace of mind in front of you, I saw it still shook his head, said in his mouth. If you don't have the margin, "I take the heartbeat with 900 years ... 90 years, the time awakens ... 9 years of time recovery power ... 9 days to recover the world ...

"I don't know if you have heard such a word?"

"This is ..." I heard a piece of content in the mouth in the first half of the air, like a glory of the holy song and legend, the blue-stained expression suddenly solidified.

He once again all over the walked spiritual book of the Sulve Tint, and the faint approach saw the record of the death of the death between the death and destruction of the martial arts before this period.

But he doesn't understand is why it suddenly raises this content at this time.

"Tell you also ..." Looks through the surprises and doubts of the inner heart in front of you, and the moment of calming the scene has been shocked in the scene. "If you don't surprise ... probably a year and a half In the future ... Wang You, Wang You, Wang You, Habi ... will lead his invisible empire ... There is a world "Friends, Habiki, which appears in the face of the world.

Intangible Empire?!

At this moment, the heavy news revealed in the mouth is undoubtedly a heavy bomb, directly hits into the inner hearts of all people.


Unlike a hungerous blacks, there is a hidden mask group, and the high-level secret of the high-level secrets of the corpse and the heysis, and there are also next to the four maple cars, suddenly the face exposed the color.

I saw that the fisherman who wore the fisherman wearing this car was solely unknown, revealing his messy light hair, deep eyes, deprecated, unbelieving, unbelieving, "The man should be a thousand It was premnied before the year.

"You also know that it is seal ..." I heard the smart business in the distance of Pu Zahai, and the moment is lightly raised, and the deep eyes are transmitted. "That is to say that there is no way to kill the man is right? "

"I used to enter the invisible empire."

Thoughts seem to return to the members of the Ido-Empire Cross Knight, who have just passed his hand, and the tone of the Idoe, the tone of the moment is like a light smoke, "Friends Habo A led the star Cross Knight ... The strength of twenty-six members exceeded the death captain and broken face present now ... "

"That is a huge force that you can't resist ..." The news revealed in the mouth, obviously like the mourning clock in hell, ringing in everyone's heart ...

"You entered the invisible empire?"

Deep eyes and dead look at the distant floating in the middle of this, have always been deeply hidden in the foggy youth, the tone of Pudao is very difficult, "Where? How did you go in?"

No one knows his past ...

No one knows his true origin ...