Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 632 of Huedings

It seems that it is in this world in this world.

During this time, Pubao His also returned to the corpse soul, but found that there was no past and origin about the moment.

This does not ban his mysterious youth, which is more horrible than the blue dye, and 1.7 has a deep suspicion and guess. After all, no one knows about his inner ideas and purpose.

There is no skeptical eye to himself, and it is not a laughter, "just in all of you all the people ... but I can't see it.

That is ...

But you can't see it.

I heard the installment of the Intangible Empire at this moment, and the hearts of some people in the field have produced an inexplicable strong crisis.

It seems that it seems to be in the world that you are in, there is a macked gaze around you, waiting.

Chapter 218 Final Fusion Status (ask for reward and automatic)


"Intangible Empire ... Friends Haber ..."

Seeing the surrounding atmosphere falling into a silence of suffocation.

Only blue staining shouted, after evolution, the face is still arrogant, "But you have just said it ._. ... That is the future afterwards _ ...

"Wait until that, I don't need to spend so long, I have already broken the boundaries between people and God. The throne is going!"

Between speaking, I saw that the blue dyeness and the whole body gradually spread out of the white light. "When you arrive, you are good, the so-called intangible empire is good, but all is the stubbone of my feet!"

Light form movement!!

The sound in the air completely can't keep the speed of blue dyeing.

I saw that the blue dyeing out of the original place was scattered into a glow, as if the transient is generally seen in the air in front of her eyes.

Sword gas wind pressure!!

The use of lights appear around the flash, and only the right hand of the blue dyeing and the mirror flowers of the mirror.

Suddenly, the top 06 of the flash occurs in an instant, endless violent white sword wind pressure, surpassing the power of any time, suddenly shrouded all the space and area of ​​all fightened in front of the moment.

"The two is one for the mirror flowers." "

The endless sword pressure released by the blue dye is blowing open the long hair of the white white white white white, and the blue left eye seems to flash countless future pictures in an instant.

"Let me try it too."

Stroke integration!!!

After the sound of the sound is falling.

In the eyes of blue dye, the flow blade held in the hand was suddenly fully integrated into the right hand of the moment, and formed a monster red ripple winding in the arm of the right hand.

Sorrow, the fire is too knife !!!

Under the entire battlefield, the unbelievable eyes are watching.

I saw that the whole body shockped in an instant, she bombarded the infinite endless horror.

It seems that a round of eternal big days in the instant is blooming in front of blue dye, one thousand five million degrees of destroy flames, direct Time tattoo crusles all the sword wind compression in front of them.

"You are this ?!"

Feel the horror temperatures in front of you, the blue dyeing whole person is stunned, although he will not be instantaneous from the collapse of the jade body, but this also covers the shock and mistakes on his face.

"Even if there is no intangible empire"

"The Soul Sist and the hidden power of the old man, you have not calculated ...

After the fire is filled with your own, if the fire is fusion, the whole person is wrapped in the boundless destruction of the burst, "but there is no relationship ... Now I can let you See the real strength of the fire. ... Factory

The fire is too knife · North · Tiandi ashes !!!

The sound of the moment is falling, and the arm of the right hand is suddenly out of the blue dye.

In an instant, the thinking of everyone's thinking of everyone's thinking is stagnant.

A flavor of the smart knife that is purely symbolized is that from the hands of the moment, it is as if Changhong is always showled.

It seems that this is from the destruction of the wilderness. It seems that this seems to believe in the sword, the knife is a flying ash annihilation.

There is no second color between the whole world in front of the blue, and the eyes are only in the eyes, this wipe is that there is no end.


A sound from the original squeezing is ringing.

I saw that this is the same as the name of this trick, as if the whole world of the trick is ash.

Everyone in the battlefield of the entire empty seat T is, all people have a big eyes, and the huge flaming of this huge flaming, the knife is in the moment. This is ?! "Others may not recognize it. Seeing the moment to show the fire is too knife. Yoshanda Liu Zhai has suddenly widened his deep eyes, and it is incredible to watch this destruction knife swept throughout the battlefield.

"Ah, ah!!!"

Seeing that it is going to be under the moment of the earth to destroy the knife to kill the powder.

At this time, the blue-stained mouth suddenly broke out the sky, and the whole body was condensed into a substantial spiritual pressure began to have a crazy runaway.

The absolute pressure of being on the verge of death, I saw the collapse of the mortal chest in the middle of the moon, and suddenly sent a mysterious glory, although I didn't enter the blue stained body.

Bang !!!

The blue dye in front of the moment is fully integrated into the body.

Suddenly, the spiritual pressure on his body was pushed out in an unprecedented stage, and the substantized terrorism was in the surrounding air, and the silver has issued a burst of cyunge.

A slit similar to the eye is opened on the forehead.

I saw that the blue stained face was completely black, and the previous facial skin torn from the middle and located on both sides of the black face.

There are three virtual holes in the upper body, and the collapse is inlaid within the top virtual hole. The original 963 six huge butterfly wings have a I ancient bone. "

Finally, in the face of the death oppression of death, blue dyeing and blue dyeing, the desire of B is collapsed, and finally entered the final state of collapse fusion.

I saw that the blue dye at this moment has completely no death, and the appearance is more like a virtual.

The spiritual pressure, smashing, speed, defense, and recovery power are all pushed to an unknown height, and have a true and unsatheed body.

Radiant !!