Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the Crash System Chapter 633

After entering the collapse of jade.

The whole person is like a monster's general blue dress, and the destruction knife in front of the moment is, I saw the I ancient bones on a wings behind him, and suddenly condensed a concentrated to the extreme spiritual pressure. bomb.

It is an extremely compressed energy that is almost close to the moment, with gently guns, it is enough to make a plain into the canyon.


Beyond the shocking collision of the subtle waves, let everyone have temporarily lost their auditory capabilities.

Blue Dye instantly agglomerated the release of the radihydraulic zero distance to the sky, the earth, the earth, and the destruction of the knife.

Chapter 219 Fight above the abyss (seeking rewards and automatic)

The power of two power destroyed the earth finally hit together.

Suddenly broke out the shock wave of the shocking, this time, the fighting of other people at this time has not much significant.

All the dead gods on the battlefield and breaking all the eyes have changed their eyes to the top of the huge abyss of the most central ground, and there is a battle between two people in the flash.

Because everyone knows that there is a battle between the two and the blue dyeing, is the key to truly determine the results of this empty seat.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Blue-dyed radihy and flash of the earth, the ash, the knife, is collusive, has not been exhausted.

When everyone's eyes, they were still shrouded in a shocking shock fog. I saw the most central air standing in the battlefield, and the huge hell entrance abyss.

The figure of the two people in the moment and blue staining have collided together. The two respective right hands are completely integrated with the chopping knife together. Between the collision, I have a shocking of the endless metal cyunge. .

"It turns out this ..."

On the other hand, the right hand of the mirror of the mirrors, the six-flanking ridges on the six wings, the giant to choose people, and constantly attacked in front of the moment.

It has completely seen the blue dye of human form. After the collapse is fused, the whole body has achieved the whole body to achieve the entire world's top stage, and the black face on a pair of horrible eyes are close to the moment.

"In addition to the ghosts, the strongest chop of the knife is outside the Bible ..." You have a cutting knife ... "" You are not ignored ... "

The right hand is a violent waterfall in the end of the country, and the monster blue dyeing in front of the blink of the monster is killed, "Although she can't make people like a ghost ... However, the strength of the collapse of jade is really unexpected. ...

"Ten Hen ..." After seeing himself into the collapse of the collapse, the power was completely exceeded after the death of the god and the imaginary period, and the moment in front of him was still playing with his own speed and his speed, and he was taunting himself.

Without the black face, you can't help but reveal a shocking smile. "The process of evolution is always ugly ..." Although it is very incredible ... "One side and the two people played quickly, the blue dye is quickly After crossing the soul of the corpse before, the golden wheel reincarnated the power of the entire corpse of the Sixth Mode.

"But I know that you have more powerless power ..."

After entering the collapse jade fusion, the mood of blue dye seems to be crazy and unstable. On the spirit of the whole person, there is a desperate hysterical, "The last time you cut the strength of the whole corpse? ! Let me see if I can defeat me again !! "

"Want me to enter the six-way pattern of God _"

Seeing yourself in front of the avatars, the madness of the madness of the madness, the flash of blue blood is slightly, suddenly increasing the skills of his hand, "no ..." is extremely blushing. "


Between speaking, I only see the right hand of the flash and the flow blade, and suddenly a strong sketch, directly I find blue dyeing whole person into the bottom of the feet.

Black virtual flash!!!

There is no helves, after the sword clears the blue dye, the left hand-finger finger the pointed light!

A black horror defense of a muttle twisting space directly caught the blue dye in the abyss, and the whole of the huge deep abyss suddenly broke out the black column.

"Sure enough" after the black horror deflash directly hit the blue dye under the foot, there was no emotion on the moment on the abyss, but the TO collapsed jade fused the final state ... This guy is completely unsathered. what……

When you mutter your own words, in the flash of the blue blood red double, the foot endless in the abundance is unlimited, the concentrated spiritual bomb, which is already in front of his eyes!


Blue-stained radihydraulic bombs have not yet hit it, and they have suddenly exploded under the foot.

It is enough to change the destruction of a geomorphology. The shadow of the shadow of the shackles did not have a half point, and the life of God has made him completely change the changes in the future.

Drop the void !!!

People are wind and swords, and only see the destruction of the blue dye release of blue dyeing in front of the foot, and the moment is directly in the eyes of the eyes.

The entire personality made a dragonfly; the race of the column, and the right hand of the burden, the right hand fused, and killing the knock in the eyes of the void world.


I saw the endless destruction of the eyes in front of them, and they were shirts like the curtain!

The right hand of the moment is the strongest blade that does not destroy, and the sword is directly opened by the blushing of the blue-stained explosion.

In the hands of the torn heavenly voids, all the way to the blue dye, and finally the slide of the six wings behind the blue dye, got the wrist and legs.

"," Although it is better than getting a friend of the Lingwang.

Feeling the incredible terrorism and strength of the blue dyeing, the eyes of the moment were finally gradually conscientious, "But the blue dye of the collapse of the rare fusion ... The power is far exceeded by any one of this world. people…

Although I don't know how to defeat this strength ...

"But the degree of light is ..."

Thinking electricity, the moment of the moment is suddenly turned out, ". Not enough for me to make the limit of the limit !!!"

Reincarnation · Let !!!

The Qilin 'of the six wings behind the blue dyeing, the moment of entanglement, directly launched the moment when the shuttle space came to the blue dye, and the fusion of the fire blade was directly dominated by the blue dyed vest.

Chapter 220 Shocking the Hairu (seeking reward and automatic)


The richest metal riche is sounded.

Blue dyeing actually went back to his own body, fusion of the right hand of the mirror flowers to die against the hiking of the moment, issued a flare flare.

/ 1 1 I was still the same as the original?! "

The right hand of the fusion mirror flowers killed the bombardment in front of her eyes, and the blue-dyed black-faced face showed a smile of a tie, "I have already seen 7 your movements !!!"

"Don't be too self-righteous"

Seeing the blue dyeing of the blue dyeing to blocked his bombardment, the calm face did not change, "all your reactions are in my expectations ...

"Because my left eye ..."

Between speaking, the blind eye of the left eye of the moment reflects all the changes in the next five seconds in front of the future, and each of the tactics and moves to be made in the opponent are in the eyes.