Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 634 of Hueding Cracks

"Can see" Future '!!! "


The sound of the moment is in the air, and the whole person has not known in advance, and disappeared again in the original place.

I heard the words spit out in the moment, and I suddenly saw the mysterious deep blue eyes, blue dye, and the heart suddenly shock, and the whole magic body was bombarded!

"See the" future '? "

Blue dyed out of the sky, in the air, the horror, the horrible doubles staring at the moment in front of him more like a monster, u your words ... What do you mean ...

"The meaning of literal ... I have seen your" future '... "

There was no shock of blue dyeing in front of her eyes, and the whole person shoked in an instant. I once again killed the rush to the blue dye, "Your" Future '... Just die ... "His eyes ...,

Can you see the future?

Just when the blue dyeness was immersed in the moment, the two had already held countless concomings over the huge abyss.

Tick, sword pressure, ghost (AGBH) road, virtual flash, radiosis, moment and blue dyeing in this empty space, the center of the battlefield is deeply empty, broke out of the darkness The imperative crash is collided.

(Need to add a friend of the Jun I Yang, open the buckle} button to search for the rigid jade system can be found)

Boom! Hey! Boom!

I saw how long I haven't seen it.

The ultimate collision between the moment and the blue staining once again and again touched everyone's heart on the battlefield

On the battlefield, all the dead and breakfast all stopped the battle in their hands.

All of the eyes are all condensed in the world's huge abyss, where it is the final answer to this war.


"This is the real power! This is the battle!"

I saw the huge abyss, although the body of the collapse of the collapse was still can't stop the blame of the blame, the body was once again ruthless.

However, there is still a happy voice in the mouth of the blue dyed, because this is what he is looking forward to still fighting.

"I admit that you are still a good opponent ... blue dye ..." Blue dyeing blue dyeing in front of his eyes into the final fusion of collapse in his own attack, the next time, the next insurance is still happy, the mouth of the mouth is also harvested A inexplicable smile, "But I have no patience ...

"It's better to let us use a trick to determine the winning !!," Wang Wei's flash !!!

The voice falls, the beginning of the right hand of the moment is firmly to the blue dye in front of you.

A huge spirit of a brightener in a black silk is crazy in the moment of the fingertips. It seems that all spirits seem to be dried.

The fire is too knife, west, and the lace jail!!!

Not only is the flash of Wang, flash, and the right hand fused, and suddenly released the power of the fire too knife.

The horrible fatal burst has formed a destruction of the dragon roll. It is comparable to the hot air of the sun directly sucking all the water in the air, followed the will of the moment. .

Two stocks were combined with the strength of the world, and there was no spatial space that had shocked the entire empty seat.

"What kind of power is this ?!"

Seeing that the air in front of his eyes, the vast power of such terrificity, the blue dyeing was widened, and his heart was muttered, "collapsed! Did you hear me! L} shouting? ......

Ultimate to break!!

Feel the response from the collapse of the jade in your body.

Entering blue dye in the final fusion of collapse, facing the killing of the world in front of the world.

I saw the i-occupied bones on all the wings behind him. All of them condensed several concentrated to the ultimate push-back bombs, which formed four circle-shaped entities fell toward the moment in front of the moment.

"You have no chance to evolve! Blue Dye,"

The revitalization of the left eye is imitation Buddha that has vaguely saw the future after the moment.

In the face of the blue dye of the release of the ultimate killing, the moment did not hesitate to directly explore the two kinds of terrorist murders that were blended together.


The flash of the king deficiency fusion fuses that the fire is too knife, and the blue dye of the collapse is ultimately blended. The two power sufficient to explode the world's soul of the world, killing, killing, killing, hitting together.

The big sounds, elephants invisible.

All the deaths and breaks on the entire battlefield did not hear any sound came out, and only all the things between everything between the eyes were lost.

When everyone gradually recovered on the battlefield, the whole land stared at the whole land was all abused, and it turned into a red-clad.

The most central and blue dyeing of Chi-Land, all the nice 11 is all destroyed, and the whole body is like a turtle generally pulverized.


A arm suddenly penetrated from the back of the blue dyed Millyn, mysterious and deep collapse was held tightly.

Chapter 221 (ask for reward and automatic)

Current, empty seats.

No, it is accurately that the empty seats have been completely seeing the shadow of the prosperous modern city.

Instead, it is a scene where it is ridiculous, an abyment of hell is in the center of the whole battlefield.

At this moment, the atmosphere is still quiet on the battlefield of the entire empty seat.

Whether it is the death of the thirteen team of the Yutong or the broken army of the virtual night, everyone does not dare to take a bite at this moment, and the dead end of the eye is staring at the scene of the hammer sound in the distance.

P District ah

I saw the blue dye of the collapse of the final fusion of the collapse, and they couldn't stop the blood directly vomited.

Black Magic Face is incredibly widened, looking at your own eyes, looking at one arm of the Months of Hungar from behind the moon.

The mysterious collapse is hit by this arm to die.

"Crash ...

"Isn't it fully integrated with me?"

Blue staining is unbelievable to look at the collapse of your body, "Why is it ..." "Is it very strange ..."

The calm and indifferent sound sounded, the blue dyeing of the magic, gradually emerged, "You still remember that you will take the collapse of the soul in order to take out the soul from the body of the murder of the dead wood. And specially developed soul foreign object extraction technology?