Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Capaci Youth System Chapter 635

"Soul foreign body extraction technology ?!"

I heard the words that I spit out in my mouth. When the blue dorms suddenly contracted, "Is it ?!"

"From the day of your defense away from the corpse world ... I will tell you"

Looking at the blue-stained body in front of your pounds, the slightened slices were broken, the smile in the moment is like the devil's general evil, "If there is no allowance ... You think you can succeed from the dead wood Kiya got a collapse ... "

Round looks · Tomb boy !!!

On the other side of the flash, the blood red monster flashed in the eyes of the right eye.

Summaxing the shadow of several naked eyes that could not be detected directly in the surrounding void, and fixedly killed the body.


Feel the self-sacrifice of a nearest mysterious object around him.

I don't want to take into account the passive of my body, and the blue dye is more concerned about the words I mentioned in my mouth.

"It turns out this ...

There are countless pictures in the mind, and I think that I have always been quite aura in the moment. The blue stain suddenly understands all everything. You are deliberately let me get the collapse in the soul of the dead wood Lucia. ...... Then let me integrate the two collapse to create a new collapse ...

"It seems that you are not stupid ... Seeing blue staining has been instantly understanding all everything

Although it is a bit after a little, it is still appreciating a general look at him. "It is the whole corpse spiritual intelligence only second to Po Hua Hao _ ..." has the most outstanding genius ... "" But now ... It is also time to go back to its true owner.

On the other hand, I took my hand in the middle of the milkshaoxum of my hands directly, and the collapse of the death of the death was in his own hands. "Different ... Thank you so much. I fused two collaps. ". ... and help me create so many ten blades and broken legions."

"Ah, ah!!!"

The collapse is pulled out from the body after being brought out from the body.

Blue dyeing in the mouth and suddenly exploding a dramatic sterehere, the horrible and scream spread spread throughout the air standing.

The black substantized in the face gradually dispel, the blue-stained brown long hair crazy fluttering is like the evil ghost in the legend, and all the wings ft on the back gradually detached into ashes.

'' I don't want "" I plan to plan for a few hundred years ...

After being pulled by the Hungari, after the moon, the voids that appeared in the center of the Han, the moon were gradually enlarged, and the look was filled with unwillingness and crazy. "I only step ... I can kill all people ... ... Creation King ... Take the Lingwang Palace ... Take the whole world in my hand "

"From the beginning ... no one is sitting in the sky. ...

I feel that my strength is growing all over, and the blue dye is gradually broken, with a fascinating look, and the footsteps will also walk towards the moment in front of the moment.

Extend his palm, if the air in front of the eyes seems to be firmly caught in the moment, but always can't catch anything, "Distance the throne ... I am worse than this step"

, '{ ...

Looking at the blue dye of the old man in front of the road, it seems that there is an endless feeling and , but there is no fluctuating in the calm face, "but there is no way _. ... _ a lot of things are not Can transfer with your own will ... this is the reality "

In the original, if it is not a blue dyeing this , then add the protagonist radius of Isohosaki.

With the power of mirror flowers and collapse, the blue dye can be used to control the whole corpse, and the fusion of the collapse has been evolved. It is not possible to control the three friends.

But since you came to this world, then blue dye and friendabah will be destined to become a stepping stone on the main road of Wanjie.

"I respect you is the most outstanding genius in the history of the corpse ..."

"Blue Dye ... I will send you a gorgeous funeral mouth ..."

Eliminate all the complex thoughts of your own heart, and the moment is staring at the endless blue dyeing of yourself.

A shameless looks in Zhan Blue Blood Red Double, and if the silver river waterfall general silver is not into the void behind, the moment suddenly launched the power of odds in their own body.

Chapter 222 evacuated (seeking rewards and automatic)

Frozen sky!!!

In the face of your eyes, even if you don't show up, you will be lost, and you will die.

At the moment, it is still out of the attitude of the cherished, directly launched the power of the vast cold of the ice, such as the ice river universe.

Directly in the moment, I looked up my arms. I was scattered on the whole body, and a burst of ice-cold chlorine was shining. I instantly penetrated every corner space around the entire abyss battlefield.


The frozen frozen and brittle sound, spread throughout the god of the battle and breaking the hearts of the battlefield.

In the eyes of everyone shocked, I saw the whole sky in front of the people, as if suddenly cracking countless fine lines, it turned out to be freezed!

"What happened?" I saw that the sky is so spectacular on the top of my head. All the dead gods on the battlefield are shocked, and they look up at the sky, "The whole sky ... is ice Sealed……"

'' The whole sky is frozen ... "

Looking at the ice of frozen frozen in front of him, Jingle Spring Water and Poisher's 14th Lang have stopped the movements in his hand, and the eyes were filled with jealousy and happiness. opponent"

Through the war of this empty seat.

The power of the moment, not only the broken surface of the virtual circle, and even all the death of the whole corpse is fearful and panic.

If such strength is unable to control, the result is more terrible than the power of blue dyeing.

'' This is ... "As the blue dye is in front of the moment, step by step.

He has a little bit of his eyes, watching his body, the inch of the body is beginning to conflicting, but there is no point of pain. "This is because your body is too fast ...

Looking at myself gradually disintegrating the broken blue dye, looking at the eyes on the face, the moment is calm and whispering to explain, "Your feelings have not responded ..."

Finally, I look at the blue dyeing to the right, and I have gradually frozen in front of it, and I can't help but become a complicated on the moment.

It seems to be sorry, like a boring, and it seems to be ironic, and it is finally treated a firm tone, it is like a VanIne generally a shocking voice floating echoes every person in the battlefield of the whole empty seat.

"As the sky is dying ... blue dye ..." Bang !!!

The whole air seat stared on the battlefield of the frozen sky, as if he knew a boring boring.

With the words of a hammer sound, in the eyes of everyone shocking, the whole empty seat is staring over the sky, the frozen sky is suddenly snapped up!

"Day ... The sky is collapsed ..." This kind of public and allusions that only appear in mythical legend, at this moment, it actually happened in front of everyone.

The power of the moment has been completely exceeded the imagination limit of all of them, and the whole ice frozen and then collapsed the sky, shocking the XIN spirit of everyone present.

Blue dye.

At an instant of the fragrance of the frozen sky, the power of the extremely cold frozen reached an extreme.

The entire broken body is completely flying ash in front of the moment, completely dissipating in the air, has become the history and memories of past.