Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the Capabar System Chapter 636

"Blue dyeing ?!"

Closely pay close attention to all the people in the battlefield in the battlefield and the ultimate battle in the battlefield, and witnessed the scene of the blue dye being completely crushed by the blue dye.

"The blue dyeing adult is killed ?!"

Seeing the blue staining and a scene, all the breakfasts on the battlefield, all of the air seats were suddenly vibrated, and the feet were chaotic.

"Blue dye is dead!"

Seeing the blue staining and killed in the moment, all the death of the thirteen teams in the field, the death of the death, and the mouth was shocked. "Everyone took all the breaks all the Internet!"

not good…

After seeing the blue dye was killed, all the death of all the death of the 13th of the courtyard was large, and the ten blade in the top of the army was immediately reacted.

"Don't panic!"

"First withdraw the virtual ring and then makes it! The anti-membrane is already ready!"

I saw the Thunder's spear in Ulci Ora hand directly killing all the opponents in front of him, and the exploration circuit that can hear it can be notified to all the broken faces and ten blade in the field with the probability of the world.


Without any nonsense, seeing blue stains after being killed.

I saw Ulciola notified the empty seat on the battlefield, and immediately reached out and opened a black chamber in the air in the air next to him.

This is exactly the way to break the space to freely move between the world and the virtual ring.


"let's go!"

Urchiola's body did not enter the black chamber, and the dentities with the battle with the battlefield were separated from the battlefield.

After seeing Ulciola leaving the battlefield, all the very broken faces on the battlefield were also as imitated, and the black cavity left empty seats directly.

"Does the ten blade retreat ?!"

Seeing all the blank breaks on the battlefield, all of the battlefields were evacuated, and all the deaths and the captain were shocked. "Can't let them leave here !!" 5.9

Reverse film!!

But it is clear that all of them have reacted and have already chased it.

I saw that the sky was suddenly torn, and there were countless gaps, showing a shocking big virtual base, and the mask, which suddenly emitted countless dicing beams.

It is like a nor number of campaigns, and all the remaining broken legs on the battlefield will be covered in it.

"Is the anti-film ?!"

"Is this quantity ?!"

Seeing the anti-via the anti-film in front of the battlefield.

All the dead gods in the scene suddenly opened their own eyes, which was obviously a good start.

Chapter 223, civil chaos (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Head Blade and Breaking Legion ..." All withdrew anything ...

On the battlefield of the whole empty seat, the first spotted with the evacuation of the ten blade and the broken army, and the eyes of the blue blood and the eyes were inexplicably raised.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

Thinking, I saw that the blue dye has been solved by myself, and the instant is the moment, I will disappear directly, and no one knows the orientation.

"In the moment ... I left ..." The empty seat gained the center of the battlefield, the most popular Kurosaki, the first one of the people, the first spotted of the moment.

"There is also a mortuary ... they all haven't seen it ..." Waiting around, Kurosaki, I found that Si Fengyuan Night and Niuli also Hellber, all of them disappeared with the moment, and faint heart A disadvantage is produced.

"Crash ... '"

"I was taken away ..."

The unaware of the moment, apparent that Pudao is more concerned about the go of collapse. Just now everyone has seen it in the body of the blue dye.

Blue dye is killed in a flash.

The ten blade and the broken army were evacuated back to the virtual ring.

At first glance, this empty battle is a comprehensive victory in this helper.

All the dead gods in the battlefield of the ruins of the ruins are immersed in the atmosphere of the victory of the war, and they are all gods who are busy in the courtyard of the gods.


Look at the battlefield celebration and busy.

Jingle Chunshui, Poopcher 14th Lang, Yamamoto Yuan Liu N, Japan Facial Valley Winter Lang, only how many dead gods have a sharp awareness of the moment.

"Where did he go?"

Yamamoto Yuan Liu A. Hong Kong's old eyes have once again deeply, and the heart has a strong uneasiness.

Not only in the moment, as the well comes to the well, there is Ze Longgui, Nina is still Titak, all of which disappeared with the battlefield of this empty seat with the moment.

"The collapse is also taken away by him ..."

In this empty battle, I broke out a strong killing ability.

I have been paying attention to the moment, I saw that he took Niul and Zhiji after disappearing, and the eyes were soft and light, "he wanted to do what ... is it ..." Looking at the front of the eye At the battlefield, I went to the 13th team of Tian Huanda, a inexplicable guess, and the heart of the fungus.

Ambiguous ring.

It is still a ridiculous white desert.

The dark sunlight is always on the land of this lonely.

On the white desert that is not far from the virtual night palace, it suddenly opened another black cavity in the original dry air. "This death ..." Blue staining adults actually defeated ""

"Just kill the dead ..."

With noisy complaints and mutters, doping with disappointment and anger, one of the ten blades of the body and the body of the broken army gradually came out of the countless black chamber.

"I usually get myself like the world in the world ...