"It is always the unmanned hate in the place ... The result is not so killing this ..." After returning to the false ring of his familiar, I saw that the body was almost the same as the ten blade tooth. NO_13 Ai Dorad Ricen is disdainful to his mouth.

"What I wait for the front ... I have no enemy ... I really laugh at the dead ..."

The cruel and indifferent blue dyeing, in the past, in the past, in the process of virtual night villain, it is very strict and cruel for the breakfast of his hand.

Don't mention the broken faces outside of these ordinary tenles, once the paper drain faces them, there is only death and harsh punishment.

Moreover, it is more excited by a dead god lead, in fact, in addition to some of the blue staining madness of Zombari Lu Lu, which is like NO.7 ten blade, it is almost obedient. Under the leadership of a dead god.

Death and virtual, it is the extreme of two natural opposes.

If it is not a blue dress with absolute overwhelming power and mirror flowers, it is believed that the ten blade and breaking faces of these character do not have fun.


"Don't say Ricini ...," The breakdown of Zombari Lu Lu is not right, and the N0.11 of the side is not right, and the N0.11 of the side is rushed to him. O'Nice makes it

Both children around!!

However, everything is too late.

The air suddenly flashed a series of phantom, and only the appearance of the appearance is like the seventie-blade of the black, Sagari Lu Lu, showed a powerful root.


The blood column was sprayed in the air, and a 010 huge knife scar appeared in the ENSI Month.

"You ... seems to have lost all the strength on his body instantly, and the burly body of the Ricanes is directly on the ground.

"Although the blue dyeing is defeated"

After the chopped sword, the sword was cut in the O'Nice, the seventie-blade Sagari Lu Lu is like a blind, the general white eyes are staring at the Rioisia in the boring of the ground.

"But it is not the object you can export."

After the seventieth blade, Sagari Lu Lu, after cutting in O'Nice, suddenly, all the broken legmas were present, and there was a unclear.

"Hey ... Lu Lu ..." Seeing the seventh-blade Sagari Lu Lu, seeing his eyes, "The sixty-blade, the sixty-blade, the sixty-blade, one next to him. The face is up to show a brutal smile.

"Blue Dye guy, I have already seen it, I have already seen it ... Since you worship him ...

"It's better to send you to you !!!"

After Greemjo's voice, suddenly entered the shape of the blade, incarnation, became a white cheetah, a running of Zomba Lu Lu.

Chapter 224 Welcome home (ask for reward and automatic)


A crisp metal cries sound.

Seeing Gremjo and Sagari Lu Lu two ten blades to break out.

I saw a thin shadow "suddenly appeared between them between two ten blade, and the chop in his hand blocked Sagari Lu Lu's chief, and another arm was directly grasped. Greemjo's claws.

"Ulciola ?!"

After seeing, I suddenly appeared in the middle of my two people blocked, Sagari Lu Lu stunned.

"Ulci Ola! You let go!"

I saw that Ulciola suddenly blocked the claws in their hands, Germaton was anxious, "This is something between two people!"

After seeing Ulci Ola shot intervention, this time, the original turmoil is imperative, and suddenly it gradually and gradually.

"Although the blue dyes have been killed, it is true ..." Deadly resistant to the attack of Germyo and Sagari Lu Lu, the face of Urchiola, the same Dead and calm, "But after his constraint ... we have broken down and struggle with each other.

"What is the difference between this brutal experience that is swallowed with each other when we have sex?"

Ulci Ola is calm, passing into every ten blade and broken ear, and some people who have gradually put down their hands in their hands.

"Is there anything ... Waiting for us to go back to the virtual night palace, then discuss what to do ..." The eyes of the darkness glanced at all the broken faces included in the field, including the ten blade, Urchiorad traveler moved toward the virtual The night horn gradually went.


"Although I don't want to admit ... But Urchiola's guy said that there is no reason ... knife" ... "

Unlike all ten blades in the field and the breakfast.

He and Hellberie have seen the powerful power of Ulci Ola two paragraphs in the lava space of the moment. This kind of hidden companion said, there is still a lot of components in his heart. .

"We are also let it ..." "Go back to virtual night palace to say ..." Seeing Ulci Ola and Glemjo couple a few ten blade breaks all left to the virtual night palace in front of him. All the broken legs in the field hesitated, and then went to the puller.

(You need to add friends of Jun L Yang, open the buckle l to search for the rigid jade system can be found)

Virtual night palace.

Solitary, in the virtuous desert, a mighty white building palace.

"Come back ...,"

"This bored ghost place"

Follow Ulchiola and Gremjo in front of them.

All of the fakeders wore a long-lived corridor in the virtual night, came to the hall of their conference.

I looked at the white virtual night palace who was always empty forever, and I couldn't help but appear in my heart in all the broken hearts.

"But now blue dyed the guy dead ..."

"No one can restrict us ... this feeling is still good ...

The conference palace that will gradually be arrived before, I remembered that the blue dye has been dying since the depression, and all the broken legs will not be loose.

After at least the blue dyeleman is so long, they can get true freedom from now on.

"All are all in it."

"Welcome home ... Everything is broken ...

At this time, in front of the conference hall of the original empty, no one, suddenly came from a stranger and like a voice.


I heard this sound from the whole day, suddenly shocked all the broken eyes.