Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 638 of Hueding Crash System

"This sound ... is it ..." After hearing this voice, the two blanks of Ulciiola and Glim Joh suddenly broke, and the eyes were shrinking the pinhole.

All the broken eyes in the field looked up.

I saw that there is a somewhat dark empty conference hall in front of the light.

The high white stone throne of the original blue is sitting on the high white stone throne, and a mysterious man is sitting at the positive terminal.

The big black and suits, a silver-white noble long hair is like the Galaxy, the blue blood red mysterious double is shining in the darkness and vast glory.

Perfect, like a sculpture, the mouth is slightly smiling, one hand is gently throwing a crystal mysterious sphere, and it is a complete collapse.

" It's you?!"

The first is Ulciola and Greemjo, followed by the remaining ten blade and breaking.

In front of this appearance seems to have a young youth, they will forget his look.

Because it is this youth, today on the battlefield of empty seats, the battle of the world, and finally killed the blue dye to take the collapse.

How can this terrible guy appear in the virtual night?!

Suddenly all of the broken leggings on the face of the bombing, there is no reason for those who have the power of the earth, they don't feel afraid.


I saw the sudden appearance of the virtual night palace. I saw the seventie-blade Sagari Lu Lu's face suddenly showed the look of hatred fear. "The death of the corpse is even chasing the night so soon. Is there anything in the palace ... '"

For him, he worships blue dyeing, in front of this youth who kills blue dye, his heart can't say hate or fear.

"No, no ...

I heard the seventie-blade Sagari Lu Lu, who was in front of the eyes, asked all the hearts of all the broken eyes, in everyone's vigilance, and only saw the moment, smiled and shakes his head, "I miss you." I misunderstood ... The god of death in the body of the corpse is not chasing into the virtual ring ... "

Chapter 225 occupying the virtual ring (ask for reward and automatic)

At the moment, I was talking about this with the blade and the broken army in front of you.

On the well, there is a Zeonggui, Nina, Hurgel, and Takark, gradually came out later from the white throne sitting on the moment.

"Huri Bell ?!"

After seeing Huri Bell, the blade of the stone stepped under the stacked stone steps suddenly sent a excitement.

Ulchiola ... Greemjo

After being saved in the hands of the empty space, I was re-brought back to the virtual night palace, Huri Bell looked at Urchiola under the front of the stone steps, and the eyes became complicated.

"All right……

"I don't have much to say nonsense ..."

At the moment, I watched myself a big sleeve, and I interrupt the old name between ten blade.

The high-long figure slowly stood up from the white throne, and the sharp eyes glanced at all ten blade and breaks the scene under the stone step.

"Since the blue dye has been killed by me ... From today I am a new master ... From now on, I will have a handshak you of your ten blade and all broken legmas ...


I heard the moment to open the door, I didn't say that I came to the virtual night palace. All the blasts in the main hall of the vitality Palace and the broken heart suddenly suddenly shock.

"It turns out that you are this purpose"

A pair of blind people gathered at the beginning of the stone in front of the stone.

The 90nd-edged Aronynllio Eruluyerry is difficult to cover the emotions of the "unlimited evolution" power, "the blue dye is dead ... we have been free ... how can it be Accept your commander ?! "

Suddenly, Sudell, Alonoli River, suddenly caused all ten blade and broken heart.

Free this thing, can't see it.

Each of them is the most free of freedom of virtual circles. Since the blue dye is coming to the virtual ring, it has changed.

Although successfully achieved a more powerful force after the ability of the collapse of jade, it is more valuable to be more expensive than the free.

Especially after blue dying, they just got a moment of freedom, and immediately accepted a new round of commanders and slavery, which made them to accept the breakfast of these character cruel Liang ?

"The same thing ... I don't want to repeat the second time"

The top-level view is domineering and accurate, he listens to all the ten blade of the vitality in front of the night. The shackles of the shackles of the temple, the flash of the blue blood, "Either accept this fact ... either I will take you All buried in this virtual night temple ...

Pressure · !!!

Bang !!!

With the sound of the moment, all the broken faces were only heard in front of the air, and all people were in a temporary deafness.

I saw that the endless black horror in the instant sprayed out, the real spiritual pressure is like a thick wolf smoke, and it is accompanied by an invisible overweight domain.

In the moment, using his endless terrorism combined with the substantive momentum broke out in the territory of the tyrant. In the stone steps, all the broken eyes were directly smashed, as if the tornado, like the destroyed tornado, watched countless ash. And dust.

A group of broken faces that were close to the moment were directly flying out, and those who were unsuccessful, all of which were all dead, they were dead.

And in all the eyes of all ten blade and broken, the air around the body is even in the air, and the spiritual pressure of the Sight, "It's a terrible spiritual pressure and momentum ..."

Reaching out of the dust, it hurts the color of all the eyes of all the eyes in the eyes of each other.

Although I have seen this horrible youth to kill blue-stained terrorist power, I can't see the feelings of such a close feeling at this moment.

"Ulciola ... Ge Limo ..." The whole person is immersed in a horrible spirit and field, and the long hair of the silver white white is not windy. It is condensed into a substantive look like a good thing. The sword is generally bundled. "The face of Ulciola and Gemjo.

"You should be clear ... Even if you have all the blade and break, there is no struggle. There,"


Looking at the moment, the force is horrible to the extent to which you have an effort, it is not only Ulciola, even if you have a cheetah, Gremjo, which is untrophone, and can't help but silence.

"Don't listen to him to open the river!"

At this time, I became a crazy struggle in the face of Aronolo Eruluyerelli, which turned to Zhibo Haiyan, and loudly and broke all the blade and breaks.

"He and the blue dress are the dead god of the corpse ... Do you forget the fear that we used to be dominated by blue ?!"

"But he ... don't we run?" Yaronolio Alu Yei said, while the sudden turnover directly disappeared in the eyes of everyone, "the virtual ring is so big ... ... as long as we leave the virtual night, we all are free !! "Seeing Yaronolio Eruluye fled the virtual night palace, and all of them were all reacted, and they immediately showed the four sides. Escape and go.

"Bored struggle

God's reincarnation has been foreseen to escape, and there is no sound of rocking in Erronolujerry.