Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crack System Chapter 639

In advance, he directly launched Vientiane Tianji, and all of the Erronolujerly all of them were renewed together.

"Weaving Ji, Longgui, Nina ..." "Covering your own eyes ..." The sound of the whisper reminded him of the weaving of himself.

The moment is slowly opened to the nest of the nest of the night in his hand, and the eyes fall over a new chapter.

Chapter 226 Super Noah (seeking rewards and automatic loops.)

Mid the hall of the vitality.

The ninty blade of Arro, Alu, Ryri, with a few officials, and the rest of the rest of the remaining legions, and desperately transfected with four sides.

Nowadays, the blue dye is dead, as long as they escape from the virtual night palace, facing them is the vast virtual ring desert, since then, the sky is still birds, and the sea is wide.

"Was bad ..." "Iucuyer, idiography" saw the ninety-edged Arro Alu Ryri, the move in Ulciola and the moment of Huri Belton Gun.

Round looks · Vientiane Tianxiang !!!

Sure enough, Runlo Alu Yeli Cikang L took several officials and other breakfasts to play "zero three three" flew out.

It seems that there is nothing to know in general, only the moment on the stone steps directly reach a trick, God's round of the eye is the huge pounding gravitational gravity directly will directly take the ninety-blade Yaronolu Eulu, they are all smashed. Go together.

I saw the chapter of the world's surrounding never nightmares around him, and the letter opened the new chapter of the upper mysterious chapter, and the legacy of the Justice of the Justice, the Juan Ghost Road was included in the moment.

"Use this ..."

In the end, the eyes of the moment fell on one of the mysterious ghosts, and a mysterious power in the mysterious is directly infused into the moment.

"One hundred and five, super Noah !!!"

The sound of the moment of Elegant epic is voiced into the heart of every person present.

In the mortal desert, I only see that there is a inexplicable law in front of the emotion of the blind, it is in the case of the universe.

"What do he want to do ?!"

At this moment, even if the naked eyes were invisible, everyone in the field had also faintly felt that the world in front of the world seems to have a wonderful change.

In the first table and Zhiba Haiyan, the appearance of the appearance of the mask, the ninety-arched eyes of Aronolo Alujeri.

I saw the moment in front of the white huge throne, with a very far distance, heading towards all the broken faces around him.

When all, all the people in the scene were only felt that they would like to be in an annexious universe, and an incomparable star in front of him was evolving close to the end.

Bang !!!

Everyone seems to see this huge star evolution in front of me, finally reached the end.

The speech of human beings cannot describe such an explosion, and everyone has lost all the perceptual perception in a moment. Unstoppable light.

This explosion produced light than the brightness of the sun.

In addition to the weaving of our own eyes, it has lost their visual capabilities in all ten blairs and breakfast instantly in front of them.

"Just ... what happened ..."

Time I don't know how long it has, and the strongest Ulciola in the ten blade is finally caught in some partial visual.

If it is not the body structure and human beings that are broken.

At an instant of the ghost super new star just now, they have been injected into a permanent blindness in the unmetulent light generated by the stellar evolution explosion.

Super Noah, in the current name of the English. VA, the meaning of Latin is supernova.

Of course, this is not a supernova in the One Piece World, but a sharp explosion that the star is evolving in the end of the end, most of which can even even almost all substances can be high as one tenth speed. Disperse.

If you have an outstanding thing in the flash, you can compare the strongest super new star in the stellar evolution, and the brightness can reach the sun's brightness of 57.0 billion times.

This is also a ghost road recorded in the Bible of the Eternal Night, and it is also one of the most difficult to master.

After all, this ghost explosive is comparable to the star to evolve the light and heat of the super star. If it is not a moment to be surpassed, it is easy to get it in. "Airuyerry's spiritual pressure ..." "" All disappeared ...

Finally, after a part of the visual visual, Ulciola and Gemjo have a blurred look at the top of the temple in front of the temple in front of the temple.

I found the ninety-cut Arono. Errujeri and his sonies and other breaks, even a hair is not left.

"The Sky of Virtual Night Palace ..." "" It's completely dated ... "At this time, the rest of this time also returns to the visual capabilities of themselves.

The artificial sky "Tianbi 'completely disappeared in front of the nostalgia" Tianbi' "in front of him.

The top of the entire virtual night palace is just now, all of them have been released in the infinite light and hot melting of the moment, showing the sky of the original blind ring.

This guy……

More than blue is more strong "."

I saw the spooky that was so horrible to make this horrible, and I kill all the broken faces including the 90nd-edged Aronowl River and his subordinate officials.

Looking at the top of the native palace that disappeared in front of the eyes, all the blade and the breakfast were all rumored between all ten blade and breakfast.

"right now……

Is there any opinion to oppose or want to escape? "

A ghost kills killed the ninty blades of Arro Elujerli and all the officials of him.

At the front of the white tall throne of the virtual night palace, the deep eyes were quietly glanced at all the blade and breaks the plane.

"If you still do it ... this guy is more terrible than blue."

"I don't want to become like Alu Yeli ... even if there are no bones ..." I saw the eyes of my eyes like Tiantian usually rose my cheeks, and I suddenly broke down. Among the Legion, a bureaucrat is issued.

Obviously, I just had a good effect of killing chicken as a monkey.

Chapter 227 New Kings (ask for reward and automatic

"I ... 20th edible Yaya Herley Bell ... Willing to obey the people from the moment to become a nostalgia new owner"

All the broken legmas under the stone steps were talking about, and Hurberbur next to the moment was in the first time, and they went to the people to obey the moment.

"Huri Bell ?! You ?!" Seeing the ten-blade NO.2, I also chose to obey myself, and all the broken faces were all shaken.

"Shout ..." When all the surroundings were shaken, then Liang Wei, Germjo, also got out, staring at the moment on the front of the stone, "this guy is more blue." It is better to have more dyed ... Although I don't want to admit "

"But it is indeed that we all add it in a piece, but there is nothing wrong with his opponents from such a guy."

In the surrounding eyes around the blade and the broken eyes, I saw the proud Liang Humi's deep underground deep underground, "I.". ... Sixty Blade Greemjo Jiaka Jack is willing to obey you to become a nostalgia, a new owner ...