Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 640 of Hueding Cracks

"Even Gremjo guys also also ?!"

Seeing that even the character of the personality in the ten-blade, Ge Lemjo, who is the most beautiful, is also low, and this suddenly can't stand all over the scene.

"The forty-fold Blade Ulciola Western Law ... Willing to obey you a new king of the entire virtual ring ... Accept your commander ...

"At this time, Ioliora is also elegant and indeed, I am obeying that I am unsatisfactory after all breaking, and all the broken faces are sitting all in the scene.

"We have broken the army to take advantage of the big people from the moment ..." Follow the moment's commander of the whole virtual ring ...

I saw the main hall of the entire virtual night palace in front of you, and all the broken legmas were all busy, and they would like to obey the unique collar.


In the virtual ring ...

Only fists is the best language ...

Looking at all your eyes, all the blades and broken faces, there is no half-way faces on the calm face, all of which have no half a difference in his expectations. I looked at all the blade and the breakfast all of them were obedient in my own, and I took the collapse of my hands. When I was in my hands, "I started today ... I am a virtual night palace and The entire virtual ring new owner " ..." See all the blade and breakfast of the entire virtual night palace, all are being taken well. At this time, the wells behind the body, and there are some hesitated people who have a little longer, "Why do you want to occupy a virtual ring ... take these ten blades and break ... Do they not be the enemy of the corpse and the world ..."

After all, Diffene, Diki, Ji and Longgui are the top world.

Looking at the uniforms of these and the enemy of the world and the opposite of the corpse, all the eyes of their own marty, their two natural hearts have worry.

"Because these ten blade and breakfast are a powerful war ...

I saw the concern of the two people and the Dragon and Dragon and Dragon, and the moment was laughed with two explanations. Go to a good effect ... "

"And ..." said, while the eyes were gradually floating, as if they showed that they fell in the world, "in my constraints ... These breaks and ethics do not have to invade the soul of the world. ...... Is this not the most perfect ending ... "

After the moment, the weaving and Longgui suddenly silently silently, and it was not as good as the soul of the people who were going to swallow the human beings, it is better to let them ruin them.

of course……

In the moment, I took these ten blades and breaks, and I really had my own purpose. In the face of the incomplete empire immediately hit, I can't do anything, I still need a legion that really belongs to myself.

Moreover, these broken faces have their own special capabilities, and they are widely wrapped in the virtual circle. There are still similar to the Tacott of Tith, which is like Ulciola, and Shick.

If you can use the collapse jade to strengthen their strength again, and you can spread the ability of Urcheola two paragraphs, it is definitely a force that exceeds the thirteen of the corpse.

Since it comes to this world, I have to complete the task of dominating the current world, but I want to dominate the world of death, the only way is to become the corpse world, a virtual ring. Buildings don't have a granule; the female border is unfortunately

The corpse is inadequate in the eyes of the moment, and there is a concern that the egg summons and the brushes are really worthy of moment. It is the mysterious mysterious mysterious king palace behind the corpse.

Nowadays, I have already occupied the virtual ring. Next, I need to face the Impangible Empire and Friends, who hit it after a long time, dominate the enemy, the world, the world, and the virtual circle, when the moment is a veritable Three people.

"Intangible Empire", in the heart, I think of the invisible empire, the brain of the moment, there is a shadow of Baby Empire Tita and Mita, the two female knights in the invisible Empire Star Cross Knights, "I don't know Do you still remember me? "" Hurgie ... Stark ... Ulci Ola ...

After reasoning that I followed all the clues, I opened it when I was suddenly opened. "Next, rectify the virtual night palace ... Re-develop the ten blade and the work, I will give you three ...

"Do not let me down……

"There is also weaving, Longgui, Niul, let's go to the corpse world together."

As I said, I still have Niuli with a weaving and Dragon Gui, and I opened the black cavity directly using my own ability to use it.

"If you can, all the Thursday and the Bracker are all ...

Chapter 228 Dispute (ask for reward and automatic)

The body of the corpse, Jingling Ting.

Originally, the twelve team of the 13th team of the Yutan used the transfer junction to the empty seat tower t that had disappeared outside the drainage street.

After the whole, I was launched back to the land of the world, and the residents of the city were awakened after the residents of the city, as if everything didn't happen.

In the world, still is still the world, the empty seat is staring, still is still bustling.

At the moment, all the members of the Tong Ting of the Tong Tong, are immersed in the joy of the ten blade and the broken army to defend the virtual circle.

Blue dye wants to do the right, ten blade and broken legion, it seems that the enemy that is not overwhelming, and the enemy is finally lost, which makes them not excited.

Only the captain of the 13th team of the Thirteen teams in the scene, all the moods are covered in a heavy strange atmosphere.

Headquarters headquarters headquarters.

"About this empty battle ... What do you want to say in the seat ..."

Captain Mountain, Liu Zhai, Heavy National White, the depth, deep eyes glanced at all the captains present.

"To be honest ... this battle ... The strength of the ten blade and the broken army is indeed in all overhead of us ..." As one of the four qualifications of the Thirteen Questions, Beijing Lech-spring water is a heavy piece.

No matter the blue dye, the strength of the ten blade and the broken army in the battle of the governance is indeed completely surpassing the thirteen teams.

Especially like Ulcheora, Huri Bell's top ten blade, strength, completely surpassing their ordinary captain level.

'L This time, if it is not a big ghost, long shot, killing blue dye - one

The body is still hurt, and although it has been hurt by him, it is still not helpful at this moment: "I am afraid that the result of this war will not be like this now ..."

I heard that the village was suddenly mentioned, all of all the people in the field were silent.

Before the arrival of the arrogance, the ultimate battle of the earth and blue dyeing the world, simply like a shocking myth, which is generally lingering.

"Stating this ..." After the silence is half-awaited, after the Shan Billou Liu Zhai's heavy country, after a deep eyes, the deep eyes showed the floats of the 13th team captain, "the empty seat watched the battle until the end of the battle Is it now ... still there is no moment? "

I heard the question of Shan Bailian Liu Zhai, I saw that the floating bamboo 14 lang closed his eyes and shook his head. "After killing blue dye ... he left ... No one knows where he is going."

"It is also possible to find his spiritual and trace ..."

On the other hand, the tone of Poisher's 14th Lang suddenly gradually gradually gradually, "he took the collapse ..." collapsed?!

I suddenly mentioned that the Poisher's 14th Lang mentioned this sensitive thing, and all the people in the field were sharp.

"Footzer captain!"

I heard the Poisher's 14th Lang said that she took the collapse of jade. At this time, I saw the broken bee on the two team captains and couldn't help but stand up. "What do you mean by this?"

It is the case of all the people who are filled with indignation, and all the people are not present if all the captains are present, and she has already come up with the floaders' four lang.

"The broken bee captain ... I don't mean this ..."

I saw a pair of broken bees. I had to make my duel. I saw that Poizen's 14th Langton took a smile and put her own hands. "But there is indeed someone in the battlefield to see the big ghost to kill blue dye ... Take the collapse jade ... "

"You ?!" I saw that the Poisher's 14th Lang took the bite that it was a moment to take the collapse jade, and the broken beaker suddenly became an urgent, and I wrestled again.

"Cough and cough ..." When you see the broken bee, you will have to float. At this time, the Shan Billou, the leader of the captain, Liu Zhai, soar a long cough, I broke her, "The Captain Captain Captain ... Please let the Poles leader After saying ... "I heard the team leader, and the bee had to went back to his seat. It was just a pair of apricot apricot.

It seems that she is brushed ...