Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 641

The relationship between the two people is really not so simple ...

Quietly, I watched the bee in front of the rest of the thing, the thirteen of the scene, all the gossip of the thirteen teams, all over the gossip, have a bitter smile.

", 'But ... the team leader ... _."

However, this time, the seat of the four team leaders, he had been quiet and elegant, but suddenly opened this time. "The big ghost is really the biggest war in this empty battle _. ... He revealed the plot of blue dye and defeated him.

"I think there is anything ... still wait for him to come back, then let it controversy ..." As one of the oldest captains qualified by the corpse, he suddenly attracted all the people in all the people in the heart. Nodded. .

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"Small shredded bee ... eight thousand streams ...

"It seems that I am not waiting ... You both support me ...

However, just at this time.

A familiar voice suddenly passed from behind, all of the people in all the people.

"The big ghost is long ?!"


All everyone turned back, and I saw that I was with a weave Ji and Longgui and a girl who became a girl's Royal Sister.

"I'm going to have this babies ... I have seen it. After I finally appeared, I saw that the broken hive was proud of the monsley, but it was a joy in my heart.

This woman ...

Watt Toder level is broken ...

The eyes of the bee are completely paying attention to the moment, and all the other dead gods at the moment, seeing the body to show the body, wearing a good neolith with a good sheep helmet, and all of them are all vigilant.

Chapter 229 Message (ask for reward and automatic)

After all, in this very period.

I just stared at the battle between the world and the end of the ten blade, I suddenly saw the breakfast of a Wattond's level, no one would be nervous and vigilant.

"Over the face ?!"

After seeing the appearance of Niuli in front of him, some of the death of some of the guards of the guards were directly pulled out of their hands, and made the gesture of fighting alert.

"At the moment of big ghost ... where you have disappeared ..."

Seeing that the moment had disappeared several days since the empty seat, until now, the captain of all the captains appeared inquiry.

"At the moment ... There are many team members of the 13th team of Tian Huandong to see you after killing the blue dye."

Obviously than other problems, the team leader Yamamoto Liu Zhai is more concerned about the problem of collapse, after all, in danger, the hand is like a different page timing bomb.

I saw that the Shan Billin Liu Zhai, the deep eyes of the country, the sudden hook, "to collapse jade? Where is it?

After the Shan Benliu Liu Zhai's question, after the export, 060 suddenly became the headquarters hall of the entire Tiancha 13th.

A more downtable person, at this moment, the atmosphere of the eyes is somewhat unsatisfactory, and suddenly watching the moment, the moment, the head of the Captain, and the Caiguka.

"These days ..." In the face of the question of Yamamoto Liu Zhai, the question of the crowd, there is a little bit of fun, "I go to the virtual ring."

Duo ring?!

When I heard the mouth, I suddenly stunned in the field. What did he go to the virtual circle during this sensitive period ?!

"You go to the virtual ring ?!"

Wen Yoshan, Liu Zhai, the deep eyes of Liu Zhai, showed a look at Nina, "What does it mean?! Isn't you colluding with those breakfast ?!"


I heard that I was so blindly said that I went to a virtual ring, and all the dead gods were unbelieited. I watched him, "I'm ghost you?! Is it a guy with blue? same?!"

"What is the colluding ... If you don't say it, you don't want to say it. All the death of all the dead gods is brushing to bet. The vigilance of yourself is, the mouth of the moment is inexplicable." Correctly ... I took the virtual ring. All breakfasts and ethics ... In other words ... "I am now the only king!


I arouse a thousand waves.

At the moment, the gang L is just out, and suddenly the whole headquarters headquarters, all the dead gods have pulled out the chops in their hands.

"The moment you?"

The bungle is unbelievable, and the moment is watching the moment in front of him. It has a hundred years ago, the four maple garden is a rebel escape world.

"Don't be sad over the bee ..."

I hope that the broken bee in front of you is a little sad, killing, guessing her thought carefully, suddenly extended his arm to him, "

I won't do this like a night ... Are you willing to leave the corpse world with me ... "" I ... "

When I heard the moment, the broken bee originally bleak suddenly became bright, and I was going to speak.

At this time, there were countless faces when I was suddenly turned on.

I saw the flash of the bee in front of you, I saw that there were countless of the death of countless pilot thirteen teams, there was a moment between the two.

"At the moment, the big ghost ... Why do you want this?

"I saw the two captains of Jingle Chunshui and the daygirl winter boadorant, and the dead blocked in the middle of the moment and the broken bee, and some could not understand the moment.

"I didn't answer your questions this time ..." Before the countless death and two captains in front of you, the eyes were still quietly looked at the broken bees behind them, and they showed all of them. Dang as air.

"In addition to bringing away the bee and the Synchon ... I am in the way to inform you a message ..." message?

I saw the moment in front of the moment, I didn't put myself in the eyes, Jingle Spring Water and the Supreme Facial Valley Winter Lang frowned their own brows.

'' Is approximately 17 months ... "" Wang You, Wang You, Habi, will lead the invisible empire ... The purpose and blue dressing ... "

The sharp eyes is like the swords. It is generally scraped on all the cheeks in front of you. It seems that this important news will not be revealed to them. "Attack the corpse of the body ... Seize the whole world "


This time, it is not only the other dead gods, and even the deep team leader Yama Liu Zhai is also shocked.

Friends Habo will be more clear than those who participate in seal friends, Habach, which is more clear, and what does this name mean?

"Mind in our colleagues in the past ..."

"I am in the way, I will remind it in the seat ... Intangible Empire has a total of twenty-six star cross knights, Chengbei ..." It seems that the news that yourself brought is not shocking, the moment is watching the taste of the eyes, and the death of all the dead. And the captain, "

Each of the members of each of the star crosswords exceeds the ordinary captain of Jingjing Ting ... so.

... "Benefits ..." Twenty-six strength exceeded the captain level?

At this time, the news brought by this Hai u killed LJ was undoubtedly like a deep water bomb, and he bombarded the soul of all of them. I saw that every death in the scene included all of the captains all shocked.

You Habo and Intangible Empire in secretly accumulated energy in this thousand years, far beyond their imagination.

"So ... let me go ... Branetage ..."