Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 642 of Hueding Crack System

I didn't pay attention to all the shocking lives in front of you, and the shredded bee hooks your fingers.

Chapter 230 and I am an enemy (ask for reward and automatic)

"There is also eight thousand streams ..." On the side of the flash, the eyes turned to the 9th of the four teams next to the four teams, "You will go with me". ...,

"In the moment ... I -" In front of people, what is her quiet and elegant , the other side, she is the evil spirits.

But at this moment, I was in front of my eyes, but the flowers of Huilu were, but they were stunned, and they were in the same place.

On the one hand, here she has lived from birth for more than a thousand years from birth. On the other hand, she will never forget that the moment of opening makes her a woman's night.

"Friends Habo and Impangible Empire ... It is really shocked ..." After all, it is the strongest death of the corpse in thousands of years, and is the Yamata of the Thirteen Cards of the Yanding Thirteen. In the country, it's calm down, and the deep eyes flashed in the extremely essential.

"But ..."

Yamamoto Yuan Liu Zhai's voice has just fallen.

There were no number of knives and swords around them around.

I saw Jingle Spring Water and Polecales 14th Lang as headed, and the oldest death captain and the surroundings of several vice captains and Safers, all of the hands in the hands she raised their body, dead blocking All the space around his body.

But soon, all of them have done, and only a dazzling orange rays in front of the air.

Four-day anti-shield!!

I saw that the well on the moment, directly opened a triangular tapered orange shield, and directly put themselves and the moment, but all of Niul is all over, finished over the entire exterior All attacks.

After two months of the two months in the game space of Xuexu, although not the ability of pure attack types, the strength of weaving has completely reached this level of the captain.


"This human girl ?!"

I didn't need to shoot at all in front of my eyes. The sidelines next to it will use the immigrant ability. Zhang opened the shield card. They block all of them, and Jing Lao Shuchui and Poisheron's 14th Lang they all stunned.

"As a human eye, the eye movement can quickly capture your movements ..." The whole body shrouded in the four-day anti-shield of the weaving, and only saw the moment of shook and shook his head. "A thousand years of comfort Life has made the whole Sulve Spirit all slack ... If not me ... you can't even be flattened, "

"This kind of you ... do you have anything to face the invisible empire and friend Habach after 17 months?"

At the moment, the rhythm of the bones, directly stabbed all the dead red ear.

I saw the blonde giant breasts in the hands of the blond big breasts in front of the hand, and there were some kind of junior that I couldn't believe in the eyes of the eye. So call you ...

"Why do you do this ?!"

Perhaps at this moment, in the heart of the chrysanthemum, there is no one with a blue dye, and the hard feeling in the heart is collapsed, and the eyes have incomparable disappointment and desolate.

Blue dye is like this,

Silver is like this ...

Why do you even like you?

"Don't look at me with such eyes ... Miss, lady

I feel the vibration in the heart of the syrup, I can't shoot my shoulder, my sincere invitation, "and the blue dyed ... We are not an enemy ... I am interested, you welcome you to go to the virtual circle"


"Don't let the river again!"

Seeing that there is an almost god of death in the moment, I saw Yamamoto Yuan Liuzhai heavy Buddhist turns.

The wooden sticks in the hands are flying, and one hand slowly according to the fire, "Today, where you can't get it! There is no hell and the central 46th room is what you really want to go!"


A crisp sound spread throughout every corner of the Headquarters of the Headquarters Headquarters.

At all the dead gods, I opened my eyes in an instant. I saw that I didn't know when the figure had appeared in front of the Captain Hills, the head of Liu Zhai, the country.

"Yama old man ..."

In Yamamoto, Liu Zhai, the country, suddenly smashed in his eyes.

I only saw the use of the shuttle space in front of him. When he took his hand, he pulled back, and held his body.

"In this friend, Habach is likely to lead the autumn of the invisible empire strike ... Do you have to be an enemy?"

Although there is a light written between the words, it is more painful than the world's most cold winter, but what he said is that everyone has to think about the component of his sentence.


Wen Yan Yama Liu Zhai is a flashing, and finally, it is a cold, and it is fired.

He understood that there is no mistake. If you stand in this autumn, you will have a horrible enemy, which will undoubtedly push the whole corpse to the abyss.


"Good ... a terrible look ... I saw the atmosphere of the sword in front of the sword suddenly released. I saw a Safe official of the 13th team of Zhang Yutong. I saw it on the ground. It seems that I have a good breath. Some Muttered.

Like the Safari around, the momentum of unintentionally coming in the moment is shocked by the dead players.

I saw that I was in front of the moment and the team leader did not fight, and I was too soft. "This is the moment of the big ghost," I feel that I just seem to have killed a hundred times "" wise choice ... "

When you see the mountains in front of you, Liu Zhai, the heavy country, finally served the soft cooperation, there is no need to care about other people next to him, directly to the flushing and , "Let me go with me. ... Bashed ... Eight thousand streams"

Chapter 231 Done Hell (seeking rewards and automatic)

Slim court.

The 13th Fan Headquarters of the Yanding.

All dead gods stared their breath, and the eyes were dead and stared at the broken bees and GPs in front of them. I thought about how they would answer them.

"A sent a non-rope!"

"The Captain Captain is the captain of the 13th team of the Yutong and the head of the secret commander and the head of the sentence! How can I go with you !?"

I saw a silence of the surrounding atmosphere, I saw the second team of the two teams, and the head of the family was blocked in front of the grass, rushing to the moment.

"Step aside……

Big Maota

I know that this time, the Taoda Xi-thousand generation came from the quiet voice.