Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 643 of Hueding Crack System

Qiao Sworda Captain, you ?! "" "727" Br />

If you hear the broken bee, the head of the field is a whole person, and it is not incredible to look at her. "Are you crazy ?! You are the captain of the two teams !!"

'' Solving big guards ... "When you walked towards the moment, a broken bee is full of unfolding, I'm looking at the big guards and all the team members," But I really hate it. " Feel ... The feeling of being lost ... "

At this moment, the first time in the brain of the bee thinks is that when the four maple garden is a rebellion, the feeling of being discarded, no matter what, she doesn't want to Experience the feeling.

Skillful to the bee captain ?! You ?! "

The Captain Mountain, Liu Zhai, the country is also facing, if the broken bee leaves, then it means that the corpse sector will reduce a captain level.

"Sorry, the team leader ..." "" But ... I can't do it ... "I saw the neighborhood of the Corps, and the broken beach took a gift, and then firmly walked towards the moment. "9 flower captain ... you"

When I saw the hive, I chose to follow the chronicle. At this time, the four team leader Tigers tirably tighten the sleeves of Huilu, which seems to be afraid that she will leave.

"Sorry Bill ..."

Just when the bee went to an instance, the other side of the Huilu apologized, a pair of black eyes were in autumn water, "I will give me some time ... I can't be in the corpse I need to leave when I need me ... "Obviously than the labele of the little girl's proudly character, the Hui Liang is more like her four team captain, but this does not mean she is not willing to leave with the moment, this is Realistic choice.

"Is this?"

After listening to the Huilun's answer, the moment is gently, and there is no disappointment like her unexpected, but it is gentle and laughing: "It doesn't matter ... I respect your choice ... There will always be one day you will return. My side ...

"At the moment ... I ..." Seeing the moment didn't blame yourself, I didn't choose to leave with him, and I will warm my heart.

"Let's go ... Baby"

After the voice falls, the flash is broken, Nina, Weavi and Longgui, will leave in the eyes of the entire Yutong thirteen teams.


"If you live up to Synchon! I will never spare you !!"

Looking at the back of the moment and the bee, I saw the daygirl, Wumo, and finally couldn't help but clen down the sword holders in her book, shouted towards the back of the moment.

"Old man"

"Just let him leave the broken bee captain ..." Seeing the moment with the straw away, Jingle Spring Water on the side couldn't help but have a little hesitation to the Shan Binyuan Liuzhai.

"Even if I face him alone ..."

"We have no more than a lot of people here ... and" "

I don't know if the mountains of Liu Zhai, the country, the country, also quietly released the flow blade in his hand, and the palm of his hand couldn't help but heated.

Looking at the direction of the moment and the broken bee leave, Yamamoto Liuzhai's eyes gradually deep, "Friends Habi ... Intangible Empire ... It seems that this thing must contact the five guys of the zero team _ ... '"

"This is alarmed to the Lingwang Palace?"

Listening to his own teacher, the mountains of Liu Zhai are heavy, Jingle Spring Water can not help but mutter.

(Need to add a friend of the Jun L Yang, open the buckle} button to search for the collapse of the jade system can be found)

The true bureau is prison ...

The most underlying eighth floor hell "is in hell '.

It is the prisoner of imprisonment here, all is the proliferation of criminal evils in the history of the spirit.

I saw a golden seat, the city's silver is firmly sealed in the black cloth, all of the full body is all seal, and any power cannot be used.

Since the blue dye wants to have the right to defeat, all the blasts and the broken legmas are all open to the black cavity retreat back to the virtual ring.

Only he did not have any chances of excuses, and was directly awkward in the battlefield, after 9,000, after 9,000, after 9,000, after 9,000, after 9,000, after 9,000 years, it was preserved here.

Flip-flops ... "

In this dark and quiet hell, a series of open footsteps suddenly sounded.

"At this time ... appeared in hell

"Who is it ...

It will never have a person in hell for hundreds of years, and there are so many footsteps today.

The city's silver is somewhat curious to open his own eyes outside the seal, revealing the pupil like the snake.

"long time no see

"Cityballs and silver ...

In the silent paint black, there is a slender figure in the shadow gradually got out, the silver is full of long hair, the blue blood, the mouth, if there is no smile.


I saw this originally unable to appear here, and the city's pellets have opened their eyes.

"Blue dye is dead ..."

"Now I occupy the entire virtual ring ... The collapse is also in my hand ..."

From the shadow, look at the city of silver, the murder of the sea, and the smile on the face is gradually spread. "You are intended to continue to be closed here ...

"Is it intended to return to me to work for me ...

Chapter 232 Empire (seeking rewards and automatic)

Light died water.

The corpse, the world, the virtual ring.

The three borders have been in a seemingly calm, and it has spent 17 months in the time of the Bao Xunxiao.

In this 17 months, all the signs of the entire corpse are strictly prepared to be highly prepared.

On the Kurosaki, the Tiger, the tea, who is going to continue to perform the work of the agency death in the world, and the Sichuan page will make a virtualization and finishing practice.

And when this seems calm.

There is a shadow in the outstanding spiritual court.

In the depths of the unknown shadow, there is another singular and huge space and the world.

This is built by Wang You, Wang You, Wang You, who is destroyed, completely consisting of spiritual world, and its scale is large and ultra-owned.

And in this strange world in the shadow of Turin, Ice is snowy, snowy. 06

On one of the flat highlands, there is a silver Emperor of the Millennium Empire of the Millennium Empire.