Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 644, Chapter 644

The member of the twenty-six invisible Empire Cross Knights is headed by tens of thousands of Impangible Empire Military Army.

The Intangible Empire implements a stringent military or system, and the twenty-six strength exceeds the death of the Star Cross Knights of the Death Leader, even the tens of thousands of ordinary holy soldiers have unlimited approaching. Safeguan's level.

Undoubtedly, this is a troops that are terrible to beer.

"His Majesty."

I saw a thin young youth, but the teacher wearing a snow-white destroy, with golden long hair and blue eyes, the five senses were fine but the eyes were indifferent, and there was no extra expression on the face.

He is standing in front of all the star cross knights, and he is in the palace in front of the palace in front of the palace.

He is the "Half-length" and close-fitting guards of the Rain Gulan Haswart, the Queen of Empire, but is the highest level in the Star Cross Knight.

The status is equivalent to the Empire in the invisible Empire, and the status is only under the friend, Habach, the invisible empire, the text code "B '.

However, at this moment.

In addition to the remaining twenty-five star cross knights, tens of thousands of invisible empire, but all the eyes of the Eyebus appeared in the palace in front of the ice, that is high.

There is the only god in the invisible empire, and all the beliefs of the martial art are killed by Wang Youhabach.


"All sets ..."

Dark and old voice sounded.

The end sitting on the Ice Palace The throne is a black long hair and beard, with deep and fierce looks, the red double pupil collar has three silver medals, a man with a deep red cloak.

It seems to have a force that is destroyed and unknown. He is the son of Lingwang, the king of the teacher, Wang You, Habach, the only emperor and belief of the entire Intangible Empire.

"We hide in the world of shadows, the savings have been a thousand years ... now ..." Friends habage opened their own bloody eyes, looked at the front of the ice palace outside the palace, tens of thousands of desiration I gradually stood up from the royal family. "You are willing to follow me ... Last to the soul ... Do you take the whole world that belongs to us ?!"

"Take back the world!"

"Take back the world!"

I heard the voice of friends, and tens of thousands of desirables in the whole silver frame. The tsuna has exploded the sound of the mountain.

Before the thousand years ago, the martial arts destroyed in the war and the death of the dead.

After the death of the death of the gods, they did not expect to return to the world that they were really belonging to the shadow of the death of the gods.

Yeah. ...

I heard the enthusiastic response of all the martyrs in front of myself, and the friend hubkch in the Ice Palace nodded.

The eyes of the highest level of Rain, Golan, Haswart, which was the highest level of the Ecedera Cross Knights, which is his most trustworthy, "soldiers divided into two ways ...

"Haswart ... You led the San Qi" D "e''f''h" n '"o" S' seven star cross knights to the corpse touches ... all Ling Ting full ...

"Basu Jie ... You and Minina also have Jiali, the Holy Bing of 10,000 Impangible Empire. Picking up the break of excellent killing ability to enrich our force,

Waiting for the millennium blood battle ...

Time I want to open?

"Yes! Your Majesty!"

I heard the command of the Friends of the Evergreen Palace, the command of the Kazakh Knights headed by Rain Gran Haswand, immediately sonned.

"But Your Majesty ..."

When all members are ready to make a move, they are preparing to follow the rain Glanks to the signs of the corpse, listen to Quanlu Jie and Minina them must hold the task of 727 to attack the virtual ring.

But suddenly, a hesitated look, "According to the message from 17 months ... The current virtual ring has been occupied by the five major specials of fighting.

"In the moment ..." I saw the friends in the palace in the ice palace, and the mouth was gently figured with the name. "Blue staining is back to die. It has been killed by him ... now five specials Among this ... "" "Barzby ... you reminded ... I am too negligent," Friends of Habach Blood Red Double Pupi, the most deep mystery, calm The tone does not reject, "This ... then add Nian So Huasai ... You are all of you lead 10,000 holy soldiers to win the virtue ..."

"Add Nome So Huasai ... But ..."

I heard a member of the friend Haubach and a member of Nianso Huaso, a star cross-Knight group. Barzi's hesitation is not scattered, and it is ignorant, but the body is hot. broken.

"Close your mouth Biece!"

I saw the saint code "T ''s Cariti Cartiephuma's face is frightening.

Chapter 233 17 months (seeking rewards and automatic)

As a member of the Military Empire Star Cross Knights, a cruel system.

Obviously the body and her character are the same, the behavior of Bazibi as a question of the ability to perform the ability. "You still worry about yourself! Don't die in the corpse!"


When you see the Caruts in front of you, the sorrow, Bayzby touched his nose helplessly.

It is only a strong uneasiness in the heart of Bazibi. It couldn't help but appear about 10 years ago.

Although I have been instantly using a finger to cut off the smashing arm, I have already recovered the technical recovery of the invisible empire.

But at that time, the power of the four invisible empire Cross Knights, but deeply in his mind.

If it is the man's words ...

Cariti, their moves to the virtual circle this time ...

May go to the corpse world to be more serious ...

In the palace of Ice, Friendabah looked at the members of the Front Knights to led the Holy Bing to leave the action, black long hair and beard flicked in the cold wind of the invisible empire.

"Ling Wang" "My father ... very fast ... I can see you, I can kill you.". ... swallow you ... then get the whole world "... '"

Ambiguous ring.

Since , it has become the Lord of the new virtual ring.

Originally, the virtual night villate has been tied to a big expansion, doubled than the original large scale.

In addition to the broken soldiers around the countless patrol, the entire virtual night palace is very strange, only one is sitting in a white virtual night. The golden boy is sitting quietly in the hall.

The '17 months have arrived. ... "

"Today, they should be almost the time ..." I saw this blond teenager looked at the handheld game machine in his hand, and it was the intensive person's teenager in the world. It was also brought into a virtual ring in the moment and joined the virtual night palace.

And in the game space of Xuexu.

Time has quietly passed nearly twenty-eight years, which is undoubtedly a horror number.