Naruto's Jade Crash System

Nujie Crack System Chapter 645

Today, I still have to supervise the cult blade and the cultivation of the broken army in the game space of Xuexu as usual.

In addition to the moment and the Weavier Dragon expensive, Synchon's peachbrushes have several occasionally enter the game space.

All the remaining ten-blade and the members of the broken army are all in the game space in Xuexu in 17 months in the past.

Two paragraphs return!!!

At this moment, I only see the game space of Xuexu.

On the top of the trip, the top of the pole, formed a high-spirited light column of ten horror, crazy in the game space.

"All is all completed ..." "All ten blades of the blade"

Looking at the huge push-back column that is on the top ten roads, next to the empty ground.

At the moment, I wore a newly created white virtual night. The whole is like a nine-day Holy Spirit that I have to break into the dust, as if there is no smoke fire, I can't help but feel the world.

"This time ... hard you ..."

The blue blood red eyes looked at the new ten-blade that was in front of this past 17 months. He nodded at the moment, and he looked at Urchila with a new white virtual night. Body.

"Ulciola ..."

"This is what I should do……

I saw the progress of the new ten-blade strength before I saw the new ten-blade strength, and the Urchi Raise of the side owed it slightly.

Dark and silence is deep and dark, and it is clear that his strength is also a sharp step in this long time.

In this past 17 months, the moment is used to use the ability of the collapse, and then the pro-person of Ulchiola;

I finally succeeded Huri Bell, Stark, and Niuli's ability to completely control the two-section returned blade, all of whom's strength, completely transcended the original level.

The rest of the ordinary breakfast legion, under the influence of this long cultivation years and collapse, all the strengths have reached the level of the original death of ordinary captains.

With the strength of the collapse, there is also the effect of snowcloth financing game space, and it will undoubtedly create a new strength of the extremely horrible ten blade and the broken legion.


"Fast, we have not fallen!"

At this time, four delicate sound came.

I will look back in the moment, I only see Wiwi Ji and Longgui and the bee and the scorpion of the Synno peach.

Among them, the weakest Santian Pembao, the weaker, and completely reached the captain level, the strength of the woven and Longgui and the strength of the bee is more sharp.

"Good ...,

"Everyone's cultivation is over here ..."

I saw the strength of the four girls and the brushes of her four girls have reached this point, and they nodded at the moment.

"After all the night is trimming ... Next" (Zhao Zhao) "Let us meet the arrival of the invisible empire"

After that, the moment took the lead in bringing the woven horses, and four girls left to leave the game space of the snow.

"Intangible Empire ...

"Shout" ... that gang ""

I saw that the four girls in the moment were leaving.

I only saw that the strength of the strength, the strength of the strength, the strength of the strength, with a brutal smile, "If there is in front of me ... My Leopard King's claw can take them to tear them Crush

"Gremjo ...

Differently, Gremjo, which is a sighfulness, and a little uneasy and dignified, "Be careful ... These destructions of the invisible empire are not as good as it is as good ...

Chapter 234 Invading the ancestors (seeking rewards and automatic)

Virtual night palace.

Originally only the empty hall of the blonde teenager.

At this moment, another white virtual night garden dress is in another one in another one.


'F out ... appeared ... "

Looking at a huge push-up from the full-scale game space, the blonde teenager Xuexu can't help but be a fart! Shares have sitting on the floor of the hall.

I looked at the horror of the big one and the broken army and the broken army, and Xuexu couldn't help but smoke my blue double.

"Finally came out

"It's been waiting for so long ... I am just about exploding ...

Finally, after seeing the familiar virtual night palace in front of him, Dental sent a complain, there was no day and night in the game space of Xuexu, and he couldn't let him only know the stupid big one who knows the battle. .

'L Dental ...

"In front of the big people ... pay attention to your words ...

I heard the mood in the teeth, and the 727 golden eyes next to Herly Belle suddenly made a fierce, and she glared at her.


"Sorry, I am sorry, I'm, I am gone, _ ..."

After being smashed by the strength of Hurgie, the huge dental suddenly retracted his neck, and I was laughing.

However, just at this time.


In the hall of the virtual night, suddenly ran in an investigation, came to the moment and all the blasts and the broken army.

''what's up?!"

I saw this broken look and walked in, and I raised my swordstered eyebrows, my heart and faintness have a premonition.

"There has been a lot of big spiritual reactions in the virtual ring!"

I saw the break of this investigation into the main hall, and I reported a single knee in front of the moment.

Since the opening of the virtual ring from 17 months ago, the virtual night palace is not only the combat staff of the door, and a large number of research detection personnel have been established in the moment.