Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the Crash System Chapter 647

She found that this youth and even two of the Bitango more handsome, "Four Stars Cross Knights," The Knight of the Cross Knights. ... and the more than enough of you. ......

"It's more than ..."

The blue blood-red double

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

Among the eyes of all people, I saw the figure of the moment in an instant disappeared on the huge ice thrower in the front of the sky.

"What ?!" Seeing the figure of the moment disappeared, all of the people in all Intangible Empire were sensitive to their own nerves.

"There is a funny chick ...

When the magnetic and elegant sound of the flash sounds again.

Cariti was shocked to widely smashed his eyes, and only the face of the face of the moment was in front of her eyes.

A perfect and innocent junior is close to her cheeks, and a finger is a bit picking} Teasing gently picking her chin, and the careful end is in detail.

"Quiet ... Jingjing blood installed did not react completely ...

I saw an infinite approach to my face in front of my eyes, almost clearly felt the breath between the two, and Jiaiti glanced at his eyes.

Until this time, her Bai Zhe's flawless skin was faintly flicked to flash the mysterious blood vessels. It is desirable to implant the spirit into the blood vessel, and the body's defensive force is greatly improved. .


At this time, I've been a member of the three star cross knights next to them and the sacred soldiers around the invisible imperial empire finally responded. "What is this speed ...

Holy arity!!

Suddenly, there suddenly an endless endless Ling Lizi arrow in the air, directly flooded the position of the moment in front of the Cariti.

"Solve it……"

Dust is exhausted, base road Jie and Cariti, all of them are dead, and they are staring at the figures of the figure.

"Solve ... Are you talking about these toys ..."

The figure of the moment is finally exposed to the sun. I saw that his right hand was held at this moment. He is just all the spiritual arrows that have just been taken to him.

Chapter 236, fighting (seeking rewards and automatic)

Hey !!! On the boundless white desert of the virtual ring. Under the eyes of all the intangible imperial army, the moment is directly 1, and the countless spirit of the shackles in the hands. "Hundreds of people have been sacrificed ..." It was all crushed by him. How could this might ... see so shocking scene in front of him, all of the holy empire of all invisible empire put down the destruction in his hand? But cross, all of this has exceeded their awareness. "Is there such a strength?" Seeing the moment in front of him, the strength of the far becoming their imagination, the members of the three star cross knights of Jiali Silk and Jiaiti finally changed their face, only to see the base Push the circular frame "seven or three" on the rhinar. "It is no wonder that you will listen to the four star cross knights headed by the first less than five special books, only two tongues! The head is sluggish, like dumb Angso Huaso has been standing next to silence. "Oh ... It seems necessary to have a must and say solemnly, Quanlu Jie has a circulation and message you see in front of your eyes through yourself. The communication device of the box in the box sungling is transmitted to the invisible empire. "Update about your combat information _ a" really feelings for my thoughts ... "Good Bank Road ..." "Don't any With him nonsense ... _ This guy's strength is far beyond our expectation of the words of Bailijie, is directly interrupted by Jiali wearing a white army hat wearing a skirt white army. Clearance is just a moment of fighting and contact, this looks in front of it seems that the strength of Light Junxiu is far beyond her imagination, "I will take it!" "Good ... I forgive me more ..." When Jie's appearance suddenly became lifted, the double eyes under the round box ink, "" The eloquent is that the silver is a silence is gold one, let us talk to the weapons in your hand ... "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " "After crushing countless spiritual arrows in his hand, I have been silently listening to the moment of the front of the Qilujie who speaks, and suddenly laughs, smiles and pleasant. "Killing them ..." "A no left ..." Just in the moment, the intangible imperial army in front of him was slightly smiled, and there was a cold command in his mouth. "Follow!"

I heard the command of the moment. He has just cultivated the long time, the long-term power, the rose, which has been can't fight in his own heart, kills} the desired desire, the desire, the desire, the desire. Suddenly broke out the spiritual pressure on his body, and the transparency was turned in the air to make countless rush floods, and instantly shocked the incomplete imperial army in front of you. '"Note!", "All of them!" He looked at the blush and the horizontal shackles of the blush and the abundance of the shackles. I saw that the Queen Jutton was in the Queen, and the Holy Bing of the Ten Palace behind himself downhroughs. Bang !!! It seems that iron and blood are integrated. After some ten blades and the imperial imperial army in front of the imperial army, I saw the glory of the blood color when I saw the entire virtual ring white desert. The air is full of violent fur and the sacredness of the invisible Empire Holy Bing, the war between this broken and destroyed martial arts is coming to the land of this virtual ring. Although the strength of this 10,000 invoiced Empire, all the power is all, the strength of each destroy is reaching the top level of the corpse, and there is the best combat quality of the invisible empire. Although the ten blade of this moment is not completely dispatched, the quantity is far from the holy army of the Intangible Empire, but in the past 17 months, the cultivation of the night in the game space is flying, which is completely suppressed in the situation. The Holy Team of the Intangible Empire.

Thunder blasting !! At the moment of the desert battlefield ... The members of the four star cross knights of the IMU also launched a fierce offensive. I saw that the kart in Carut, but the cross was unconaddous, and the spirit of the Thunder was condensed, and the moment of the moment, the moment of the moment! It is the power of Thunderbolt, combined with the skills released by the sacredness, shooting electricity from the hands of the electricity up to 50 billion Joule, the target, the object being hit by the arrow, will be instantaneous Chemical ash. Flying feet !! At the same time, the other side of the body is suddenly torn in the air side. I saw the big breasts of the pink waves, and the flying feet of the company were immediately close to the body. Making your own holy text P, power (power) put the powder} of his hands to the ultimate, and Minina's body faintly flashed a mysterious blood vessel. It is precisely in the blood vessels directly to the blood vessel, and the combat skills that will greatly improve the flesh. It will kill the flash of the moment! " ... Do you want to be so happy? Looking at the thunder blasting of the side, Minina, Mi Nina, including the blood-shaped horror giant boxing 1.3, the moment is still not angry, "I am also a good thing to meet. ... "Sorry," Listening to the suddenness of the eyes, the pink curly giant milk beauty Minina's eyes flashed, but the fierce giant boxing did not have the soft hand and hesitated, " But ... you are the top of the five major guidelines for the trocation of the trocation ... Due to the god killing gun !! It is a moment to hit the two at the same time when you look at the two. Included horror knives instantly opened all the objects around, and turned into a bright beam suddenly passed on the body of the body!

Chapter 237 Returning To Random (ask for reward and automatic)

I only see this terrorist knife of the white light beam from a speed of 500 times the speed of 500 times from the pole.

At the same time, in the moment, the Carut Thunder blasting, directly from the moment of Mi Nina in the moment, "Is this?

Seeing that the battle in front of the eyes suddenly appeared such abrupt changes.

All of the people in the scene were shocked. I saw Minina, which was performed by this horror knife, as if she didn't believe it, had a big pair of myisles.

"It's so simple and rude to the two beautiful ladies ... It seems that it is expected to be general, in the face of the sudden changes in front of you, the moment is calm and stainful, there is no half-point change between the look,"

It doesn't seem to be very good ... silver ... "Sorry ..." Next time, you must pay attention ... The big man _ ... Sorry words came, but there is no sincere attitude.

06 The desert in the extremely far away, and he stood in a young man wearing a snow-white virtual night gardener, holding a relatively short championship in his hand.

Light purple short hair, face with a pair of completely covered blurring masks, Heli is the city of municipal pills that have been cultivated and collapsed.

City Pills, there is a lot of things around the city, and there is a lot of impact and cutting power when you kill the gun.

The telescopic speed is 500 times the speed, and the blade will turn ash in the stretching instant, and the inside of the knife can dissolve the cells.

When tingling the knife, it can make a part into a gray and residue in the opponent's body to dissolve the opponent cell, just like a deadly poisonous snake at any time.

"But ..." But this time, I saw the city's silver white blur mask in the far away desert, "the big people ... The lady does not seem to be hit by me" " boom!

The voice of the city's silver has just fallen.

The ground that was originally standing in an instant is a huge deep pit.

(Need to add a friend of Jun L Yang, open the buckle} buckle the collapse of the jade system can be found) "Is it hid?" Good terrible reaction nerves ... Look at your own killing, only Seeing Minina actually did not hurt in front of all the eyes of all people. It is a stupid Nyome Sohua.

"Is this guy's ability ...,"

The gods in the city of Mika, run through Minina's instant.

The wheel of the moment is clearly captured, and the city's silver's sinter is attacked to the edge of the Minina body. It has been twisted by a inexplicable power.

"My Holy Word is W, the symbolic ability is to move back to the twist (W1nd).


The eyes of the moment were in my own body. I saw a mess with a mess, and there were two tongues spitd outside, some of the mouthfuls of the young Nome Sarko, said: "

Any attack will be twisted by me ... Even if it is the attack of the knife, it is also the same.

A member of the star cross knight group of the Holy Words has their own strange skills. It is endless, and it is possible to prevent it. "It seems that if you don't solve your words first." Injury, "" Silver ... You still go to Gree Him Qiao, "After the mind is in the heart, the moment I glanced at the city of the city," I will soon solve it here. " "Okay ... The city's silver is soft, and the whole person instantly disappears in everyone's sight.

It's not difficult to imagine his white blur, it is necessary to ordered the expression of the hypocrisy. "Solving us quickly ..." Seeing the moment of the city's silver leaving, the baseway has quietly appeared in the top of the head. The slim face with a stern look, the destruction in the hand, was refined into a white spiritual army knife, and there was a junction arc composed of Libraries on the blade. There are countless spirits, "You are really dare to say" "Running eyes !!! However, in the countless scorpion arrow in the base, countless scorpion arrows hit the moment. It has a flash of the future of God, and the launch of the blink of an eye will appear in the air after half of the 730 Airfounded Road. There is no emotional color in the young Junxiu, and the moment is directly opened to the back of the back of the way. "Basi Road Jie! You will be behind!" Seeing the moment, it seems to be unknown to the general launch and counterattack. After instant appeared in the body of Qiaojie, Mi Nina and Cariti were suddenly shocked. In front of the ability of this instant shuttle space, anyone will feel very difficult. The 96th a knife cremation !!! But Minina and Cariti reminded obviously too late. With the ability of the Eternal Night Bible Nightmare, I saw the mad jump in the air, forming the halo of the rhythm.

Bang !!! The horror of the red blade flame suddenly illuminates the entire desert battlefield of the virtual ring. It seems like a hydrogen bomb explosion, only a huge sharp blade flame, suddenly slamming from the air in front of everyone. All the white deserts in front of everyone were destroyed in a moment, and the horror ghosts showed the exhibited in the moment as if a hlow of the shackles, directly put the Yudang Empire Star Cross Knights.

Chapter 238 Combat upgrade (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Base Road Jie!" Countless gravel in front of the desert seems to take out the bullets, tingled Minina and Jiaiti's delicate cheek and skin. Looking at the moment in front of it, I released the power of such a horrible ghost, the endless cryol of red flames drowned the base road, and they widened their eyes when they were suddenly opened. "This is ..." "The ghosts of the dead ..." Before the birth, the teaching plan and information in the invisible empire have been described in detail, and the capabilities of the death of the ghosts of the gods of the corpse are. But looking at the ghostless power of the moment, the power of the failed to release the horror is completely exceeded by their imagination. The two people in Miena and Jiati are stunned, "But this power ... The following describes it is not a concept. Ah ... "There is only the silence of Nyome Sohua, the black eyes are flickering, obviously being fully launched the ability of his saints W, roundabout to distort all attacks. "The ghost attack can also be distorted ... very powerful" and this time I look at the boundless red ghost flame released in my hand. Just touched that the body of Quanlujie was distorted by a inexplicable mysterious force, all bypassing his body, and suddenly the eyes were in the eyes. "But my ghost is not so easy to block ..." "" "Ah !!!" The sound of the moment has just fallen. I saw a dramatic stereo when I was drowned by the endless red ghost flame.

Although Nome Sau Hua So returned to the power to help him distorted the attack of all the body surface, but the flame released by this top-level rules still burned him. Due to the sacred body !! But very quickly, the sake of the rigging of Qiaojie suddenly stopped. At the moment, I saw that the air in front of the Yakirun Jie's eyes suddenly became a very speed of extremely concentrated! Base Road Jie didn't choose the glove of his hand in the standard star cross, and the final form of his own destruction was once. Boom !! It seems that the endless spirit of the endless spirit suddenly won the rush to the base of the moment, the violent spirit is turning out a strong wind, and fly around the entire desert all the gravel. "Minina! Cariti! Nano. Female!" After seeing the Bank Road, after entering the sacred body, he gathered all the spiritual power to the glove of the destroyed removal. Forming a top end for circular and short-cross-overlapping spirit-sensitive light cone surrounds yourself, the head is destroyed by the aperture, and the iris of the eyes becomes a multi-ring. The body covers the huge wings, shoulder straps, wristbands, and short boots, and the knives in the hand destroy cross-formed army and their arms, and they look strong to the extreme. But at this moment, he shares the face on the look, but a dignified, the eyes under the round frame, staring at the moment in front of the eyes, "Don't play! This guy is not so dealties!"

Holy !! The sound of Quanlujie has fallen. I saw that he suddenly raised his hands in his hands in his hands. The ability to "spirit" "Lei Ji" is increased to the limit, reaching the realm of Libo "absolutely affiliated". The environment and creatures formed around all spirits surrounded by the surrounding deserts, all of them were absorbed by the miller knife in the basement of the original spirit. After using the sacred absorption of a large number of spirits around, I saw that the arm of the base of the right hand was very unparalleled, the attack power and the power were in the extreme! "The absolute belongings of Libo ... look into the eyes After the master of the Holy Branch, the Bank of the Holy Master launched the sacrament of the sacred, and the moment was watching all the spirit of the absorption of absorption. The heart suddenly understood the principle of this ability. Round returning to Huangquan is good!!! But face the front of the way After strengthening to the ultimate, the huge arms went down to the army of their own, but they didn't hurry to launch the tempering of God's round. "What is this ?!", look at it, you have to be a sword. Among the air suddenly opened a mysterious space cave. At the moment, I didn't have any disappearance. All all people in the field showed a stunned look. Search for the fall of a flash. But after the body of Nyome Sohua, I quietly opened a dark space cave in an instant. "Sure enough, I still have to solve your trouble." I saw it quietly from Nau Sasuo. The sound appeared in the flash, in the hands of the magic, the magic is generally sleepless, and the Noy Solan, who is in front of him, a sword!

"Although I don't know how you have an obstacle to the attack, the flow blade in the hands of the moment is suddenly falling. But Nyou Sohua seems to have a general face, and there is still no change in the face. Instead, it seems that it seems easily whispering his hands, greeted the moment, "But all the attacks in the world are invalid". ... "move back to the twist !! I saw in Niano (Zhao Good) Huaso Hanwen W, the ability to twist the twists and turns. At the moment, some surprised finders who broke their body in front of Nome Sau Hua So, turned into a well-curved shape like a water flow, completely bypass his body! "It's amazing and comfortable ... I saw such a magical scene in front of my eyes, and I couldn't help but show out a lot of sigh. I saw a sputum. It seems that Friends Haber's power may still be expected to be on myself. I think. I didn't win the battle ... "I saw the base road next to this scene," Niano is especially especially ... His ability is very special ... In addition to the world No one can hurt him _. ... "

Chapter 239, breaking (seeking rewards and automatic (seeking rewards and automatic)

But the smile on the face of the side of the road is still less than one second. I suddenly completely solidified it on my face. "In addition to Friends Haubach." I heard the words next to Qiaojie, and there was a little mocking to raise his mouth. "No one can hurt him in this world ..." No one can describe the sharpness of this sword! In Nyome So Hua So, he felt that all things he saw in front of him became half, one point Troune two. I saw that the flow blade in the hands of the moment is fired, and the sword is coming out again, and the speed is fast as if it is in the surrounding time. Hey !!! A crisp sound sounded, and passed into the ear of every person present. I saw that with the hands of the dark waterfall in the eyes of the crowd. Suddenly, the voids and lights in front of me are like the curtain. It is generally shared by the curtain, and a dark Tianchen is presented on the desert of the entire virtual ring. "Hair ... what happened ... '' '' '' s somewhat dullness, there is a darkness in front of him, and the Bank Road is still still staying with the smile just now." "I saw Noy So Huasuo looked at her body," did not have a role ... Hundreds !!! In everyone horrified. I saw that Nome So Huasuo, the entire man was first divided into two halves, and the bright blood faint faint floating was scattered in the air, as if gave this white desert cage on a layer of bloody monster. "It's not your ability." Sniffing the bloody flavor of the passage of the eyes, the moment is calm, "but I cut you along with the void world" "Don't put it." No knowledge is interesting ... "I remembered the self-cultivation of the Sirovo, who took the transformed clothes directly using the transformed clothes, and suddenly looking at the corpse of Nyome Sohua. It is muttered, "" Even if I am outside the friend, AGBD) Bach ... "The world can crack your ability according to I know more than five ..." Niano !! "See Nian Sohuao is directly smashed by a sword to break the void. At this time, Kiji and Minina, there are also Caruts finally caught it, and they were shocked.

I'm trying to finish the Holy Body !! I can't take care of other things, I saw a member of the four invisible Empire Cross Knights in an instant. Next to Minina and Cariti have exploded their own destruction, but the three-dimensional height crazy cohesive concentrated cross-shaped light column suddenly appeared in front of the moment. After I entered the destroy, I had a five-angle lane marker, and the back of the slogan of Mi Nina had a multi-heart-shaped condolence, and the top of Jiali was arc. Line-like five-pin Star Libraries, behind a multifillive feather, the whole person looks like a sexy Thunder and Lightning. Flying feet !! I saw the three invisible imperial cross-knight members in front of her eyes, but they immediately disappeared in the desert in front of the desert in front of the desert in front of the desert in front of the other. Electric and extension !! First of all, Jiali. I saw her sexy hot body appeared on the top of the moment. Put the right hand five fingertips high, condense the powerful lightning and thunder. Then I saw that Cariti will form a hand knife in the form of a lightning thunder that attached to the right hand, and a drum is awkward. Bang !!! It seems a violent ! I saw the flash of lightning in the hands of Cariti, instantly formed a wide range of thunderstorms covering all the augments of all fightened. "Didn't use" in front of the sky, Jiali smashed the huge thunderstorm, directly lit up the blue blood of the blue blood.

I saw that I was slightly shake your head, and the frozen forces in the body was ready to go. "Solved the troubles of the two tongues of Okay, after I was in my eyes. There is no two "blood color !!!" After the moment, I broke out the vast freezing force in my body. The huge thunderstorms in front of me, Mi Nina, behind, the huge white army knife coming behind the base road, all of the surroundings seem to be frozen by flash. Between, in the white desert of the entire virtual ring where the white, everyone is located. It seems that I have ushered in a bloody dusk, and the surrounding time is gradually slow. "This ... is ... what ...?!" Cariti whispered his eyes. I received the impact of the freezing of the blood color, and the speech of her speech was unlimited, and the whole scene looked very ridiculous. But I looked at the huge thunderstorm that I released. I was very frozen at the bloody blood of the moment. The film was broken into a colorful blood, but Cariti couldn't laugh anyway. Hey !!! The crisp rupture sounds. All the huge thunder regions released before Cariti, fully cultivated a large bloody icicle, crushing, in the eyes of all people, the surrounding time seems to recover the normal flow rate. Hey !!! In a piece of colorful, beautiful blood, fridge. The figure of the moment is extremely rapid, and the speed of the thunder is not a feet. It is directly holding the neck of Cariti White Zhe. "Cariti !!" Just in Jialti's instant, the air next to the neck suddenly contracted, and only the Mi Nina after the outbreak is finished, and a horizontal in the air. The cyclone, a horrible aroma feet come to the head of the moment!

Chapter 240 The whole army is not covered (seeking rewards and automatic)

"It's different from you softly ..." A fierce wind strikes, and holds her aunt who will play her whole person. I was aware of the violent snack next to Minina, and I pulled my mouth.

Boom !!! If you are hit by Minina's horror, I believe that anything will be completely smashed. However, the moment is standing in the same place, and it does not move directly to her attack, and the white ice is splashing. "How can I" smash the powerful whip leg sniper "After the moment, Minina has opened his eyes, and I saw it was completely hit by her, and the body's part of the body suddenly A smashing ice cubes, if there is anything that is completely affected by Minina's attack. Naturally, the elements of demon fruits, it is suitable for this pure physical attack of Minina. !!! Shocked in the mistake, Minina was also attached to the powder} tender neck, two people with Cariti, were raised in the air. "It's evil ... I was inserted by the neck. My Minina struggled. But what kind of discovery of the Holy Word P is not able to zone, I am afraid of a finger," How can I "I am" round eye sealing printing At this time, I saw the inexplicable blood color of the gods in the right eye. I actually use the power of God's round to look back, and the source is constantly absorbing the spirit of Cariti and Minina two people. "The spirit is being taken away by him" Cariti and Min Na struggled to struggle to make a net brake, and the discovery of the frightened, the spiritual power on his body was underneath in an amazing speed. "What is the ability ?!" As the spiritual power is quickly sucked by the moment in front of the moment, the amplitude of the two people struggled with Min Nina gradually weakened, and a powerful feeling is not invalid. They both whole body. "Damn ... seeing Jats and Minina two, a blink of a blink of an eye is instantaneous. Can't watch the shock of your heart, I have swayed directly from the speed of the foot of the foot from the back of the foot, and the white army knife in his hand.

Lingzi prison !! Just saw that Quanlujie finally launched the power of his own saint J, Jail (prison). Bailu Jie handed out a white army knife on the knife tip of the white army. The sturdy spirits were placed in an instant. I was in the moment and Cariti Minnina. Immediately, the three of the three people formed a black cavity, and the strip seal formed by the foundation of the base launcher directly locked the entrance and exit of the two ends of the black chamber. The three people in the moment were firmly closed, and if it was not equally destroyed, it would be completely closed by Quanlu Jie in it. "This guy" should not be so simple to use the ability of the Holy writing to completely close the three people in the spiritual prison. The heavy completion of the base road is not half-point, after a short battle, instantly solve the three The strength of the Star Cross Knight Group of the IMU is far more than their standard., '{ ... "" "But it is unfortunately ..." Sure enough, the sound of the moment is once again from the base Behind the back. I saw Mina and Cariti, who have been almost absorbed, and was thrown on the ground on the left and right side. "Minnina ... Cariti _ second _ less quickly will turn around Qijie, just see the moment, the soft Minina and Cariti are lost on the left and right sides, round box sunglasses The pupil suddenly contracted, and the end of the day rose!!! His eyes only saw all the spirit of all the generos, turned into a large incomplete dragon, as if the Dragon of the end of the abyss. The whole body wrapped the black burning spirit of the dragon, and the moment that could not be described in front of the base road. When the black spirit, the dragon swallowed on the base At the time, the surrounding space even had a unnatural distortion. "Space ... It is distorted ?!" Of course, the idea of ​​the Bank Jie has just born, and the condition reflects after launching a static blood. The paint black spirits of the moment have been swallowed by him. It seems that he will shred his whole person into the residue. Boom !!! Static blood shred moment.

At the end of the moment, the end of the end of the dragon hit the drove, and the directization was directly used as a beam to shoot into the desert in the distance. "Seeing" Show the last day, the dragon strikes the base road, and didn't look at him again. The eyes were paid in the side of the desert, and the battle between the Crims and the Breaking Legion and the Intangible Imperial Holy Big army had already showed the end of the slaughter, "the cruto and breaking their battle with the invisible imperial sacred soldiers is almost the same." The curtains have been curtain, although the Holy Bing of 10,000 invisible empire is full of strength, but they are facing the new ten blade that is cultivated in the moment and the broken army, but they are at this time. It seems that there is a sudden observation, and I am afraid to go. "My life is to give it ..." Even if I want to fight, I will only see the desert in the distance, Quanlu Jie The whole body is broken and broken. There is only a bilateral skeleton left in the state, but it has created the silk thread formed by the spirit. It is like controlling the puppet to control his body, and the flame among the eyes is still unstruthd. "Take the talents ..." Seeing the full body of the whole body and the broken crush still supported him, the eyes of the moment suddenly made a descendant movement.

Chapter 241 full (seeking rewards and automatic)

The talents of the talents will bundle countless sutures into lines, let their unmoved parts, so that their unmoved body is mandatory to drive. This is because of aging or serious injury, it is not possible to flexibly oscillate the body but still want to fight until the end, in order to become the highest combat spirit that can be in front of the dust. Whether it is a broken muscle leg or a broken bone, it has become meaningless before this spell, which is destroyed to fight to the sternum of the sternum. "All the bones on the body have been broken by me ... look at the forcibly control of the martial arts in front of you can not move the body to die, and the broken body is like the puppet. Bounded by the "zero one three" at this moment, "zero one three", the battle flames in the eyes of the Yakun, and even the moment did not help but feel moving "but also struggled to fight to death ..." base road Jie ... you ... not only a moment, at this moment, even the Minina and Jiati silk on the desert floor, watching the use of a rocky sky, the base road to the moment, also deep Zhew. In the members of the Intangible Empire twenty-six star Cross Knights, the baseway is very loyal to the friends, and there is a war in the invisible empire, and it is the most embarrassing of the Star Cross Knights. One of the spirit of the military. "I can't think of the character's cruelty ... Friends of life under the perspective of the grasshasis," Looking at the vows to swear in front of the imperial empire, Haubah, the original road Jie, the thoughts suddenly remembered themselves Two parts and Mun Ma L 2 in the Nang Shadow World, so luck can have a part like you ... "Since this" converges all the emotions in his heart, the flash is back from the meeting in an instant When I arrived in front of my eyes, I was in front of the base of the rush to use the talents in front of him. "Then I will at least let you die, ..." For a combat belief and military spirit For the opponent, it will generally give the corresponding respect for respect ... Kill you for your hometown ... For the invisible empire ... Although even the sound belt is now destroyed in an instant. However, I saw that I used a rogue to support my own battle. It is still a tremble, and it is slow to raise the broken crush in my hands.

Diamond star dust !!! It is just the last sacredness of the base of the base. In his last eyes, the shock waves of a white light in the air shocked as snowflakes as the absolute zero-style freezing force instantly formed a stars that broke all frozen and smashed, completely drowning him. _. ... _ . I saw that Quanlujie was still in front of the view, and he was hand-held, but he was in a heroic attitude of fighting. It was completely frozen into a crystal clear eternal ice sculpture, and stayed in the endless desert of this virtual ring, for the world to visit. (Need to add aunt! The friend of the sheep, open the buckle} Deduction of the collapse of the jade system can be found) "Minina ... also Kati mousse ..." After solving the base road, the moment is shifted to the moment. Two beautiful women in the ground on the side are destroyed by teachers and Jiaiti. "I asked you ... this time you have an imperial friend of the Imperi Empire, Habach ..." The intangible imperial and friends who were in invading the corpse world in the mind were suddenly raised by their own swords. " Participated in this invasion of the corpse world ... "Kill us ..." We will not betray the invisible empire ... "In the face of the problem, I saw the soft and Minnie on the ground. Na's god genius raised his own chin. "Don't want to get any news from us" "Is it", I saw the two powerful imperial imperial destruction, but the teacher, the teacher, the beautiful, the moment, the moment It is not yet, "but even if you don't say it", you don't say that you will listen to all things!!! I saw my eyes suddenly closed my eyes, and the mysterious field opened in the mysterious field. For a moment, all the sounds in this world are all faint into the heart of the moment ... "" B, "D," E, "F," H, "N," O " , "S, ..." If you do your friends, Habo ... You have a total of nine of your invisible empire, but the invades of the corpse _. It seems that it accurately caught the idea of ​​Gariti and Minina in front of the earth. And memories, the moment is accurate in the mouth, this invisible empire is sent to the corpse world, "I am not wrong ... I'm going to export. At the front of the ground, the two people and Minina were all trembled, such as dumb.

"Why are you ?!" I saw that there is a great Jiali, a very popular carousel, and some can't believe it, look at the eyes, seemed to be omnipotent. 0.9. "Because my eyes can look through the past, now, and the future ... I don't pay attention to the unbelievable Cariti and Minina, I am looking forward to the merits," I don't know how to change the future "of the friends." Compared with it ... "At this time, there were no numbers on the side of the moment." The big people ... do not disgrace the mission "" The Implications of the Imperial Empire has been smashed ... See the ten blade headed by Starke, Huri Bell and Ulcheora, and the broken army has all come to the moment.

Chapter 242 Millennium Blood Warfare (ask for reward and automatic)

"All solved it ..." Yes "saw yourself with the ten blade of the blast, and the perfect imminent immortal imperial holy army invaded the imperative circle. Although these are all expected in the moment In the middle, it is still a sentence. With the return of the ten blade and the broken army, the Jiali and Minina in front of the moment are desperately discovered. A strong blood at the air is coming I saw that the original white desert was completely endless blood, and the four star cross knights came to the virtual circle, and it was completely ten blade and broken. The Legion is full of miles. The corpse is 10,000. "It is a big man ..." I saw the city's pill silver and gently won the white blurred mask on his face. He gradually came to the moment, smile, " So soon, I solved the destruction of the four Intangle Empire Cross Knights ... I didn't pay attention to the city's silver, I'm staring at the Jiati and Minnie 06 Na, where I was in front of myself. "They are two The captive of the invisible Empire Star Cross Knight ... "Two brought two back to virtual night palace ... Guanjin," I want to go to the corpse "..." tells the ten blade and the broken army Tiff and Minnina, after the vitality of the night, the deep eyes of the moment immediately fell in front of the void, "see if there is an invisible empire ... What kind of shocked ..." !!! The light car is ripe, in the eyes of all the eyes around everyone. The moment directly uses God's reincarnation, open a space channel to the corpse of the soul of the darkness. "That ... ... "Take a moment to step into the space channel leading to the corpse of the corpse. At this time, Hurberbur after the body suddenly twisted unnaturally, but the golden eyes were a firm color," Let me go to the corpse of the corpse together "" Amount ?! "Looking back at the gods behind him.

I saw her today's snow-white exposed virtual night gardener. Sexy hot to the extreme body was completely outlined, and she had never seen a calm and indifferent, she twisted today. "Okay !!" But I quickly turned over the gods, and Yan smiled with Huri Bell into the dark space channel in front of the paint. The corpse world. At this moment, the entire corpse city ushered in an unprecedented disaster that has never experienced existence. It is full of sore, and the earth is cracking. The whole corpse is immersed in a slight panic and disaster in just 7 minutes. A total of 2245 dead god members, 56 officials and a deputy captain were killed, and the value was in seconds. Although it has reminded everyone of the corpse of the corpse of the Empire, for 17 months ago. However, the imperial imperial crucity team is terrible, the fighting power is still completely exceeded by everyone. Even if you don't use it, you can take the ability of the Death Herring with the destruction of the Star Chart, the Cavigo's Star Cross Knight is still the whole corpse. "Goodbye after a thousand years" I can't think of this disaster-like scene ... Yamoto Zhongshi ... "Black long hair and beard, shaped a deep red cloak coat, deep cold look and sharp The red eyes seem to have this destroyed breath. When the mountains, Liu Zhai, the country, the body of the fire, finally succeeded in killing the campaign of the star cross knights of the friends, Habi, the twin knight, the twins, Luoidro After Id, the real friendabah, finally came to him, after a thousand years, the two finally met again "Friends ... Ha ... ... ..." Seeing the real friend Habo appeared in front of him. Yamamoto Yuan Liu Zhai, a deep-poor word, spit out of the name of the friend, Haubach. "It turned out ... Let your Majesty become a substitute ... Looking at himself on the ground, finally returned to him itself Brother Roydroid, Yamamoto, Liu Zhai, the country, finally understood. "Since I can't defeat in the enemy ..." Friends Habo deep eyes fell on Roydroid, which was dying next to him, "Then you don't have to survive again ... You have played your value. _ "" I gave it to your own ... It seems that I haven't cared all my life and death, I heard the friend Haubach said that I have already played a value, and the face of Roydroid turned out a smile. Boom !!!

I saw the 013 of the twin . The proud Habach directly wore the chest, did not enter the bottom of the corpse. Among the meditation, all the powers that have given out have returned to the body of the friend. "Drafter my ministry ... I looked at the friend Habo killing his own ministry. The sorrowful mountains of Yamamoto Liu Zhai is indifferent," It's a bad act. ... "" Bad ... "" "" harsh ... " "In the face of the midst of Hills, Yamamoto Liuzhai, the friend of the friend, there is no half-point volatility." It's weak ... Shandataism ... "You originally created the 13th team of the Yanding ... The killing group of the killing of the court, "Thought seems to return to the foundation of the Thirteen teams before the millennium, and the friend Habo is a bit of emotion, and the old Yamamoto Li Zhai," At that time, in order to win, I didn't hesitate to use any means to defeat the enemy's second ... and even the part was treated as dust. ... is a real "Sword of the Sword" ... is fearful. ... "" first for boring glory and justice ... ... became a group of weak people ... "

Chapter 243 Shocking Message (seeking rewards and automatic)

"So ... although the corpse is only starting to destroy from now ..." When it is calm and indifferent, the friend Habo took a cross star chapter from his own body, "But the truth is thirteen The team is in a millennium ... I have already died together !! "Star Chaist !! In the eyes of Yamamoto Liu Zhai, the heavy eyes of the country. I saw friends hubach used the Cross star chapter in their hands, and I took directly to the disease in front of Yamamoto Liuzhai, that is, the power of the fire too knife. "The fire is too knife ... disappeared" feels that his strength is dissipated with the horrible burst of horror in the surrounding air, and the mountains of Liu Zhai have some incredible look at themselves in their hands. The flow blade is fire. "As you can see ... Your framing is already taken away." The ability to use the star chartered to take the mountains, Liu Zhai, the heavy country, the fire is too knife, Friends Bach blood red twiller is suddenly issued a fierce murder. "So ... I will never have a heavy national sacredness !! After the voice falls, I only see friends in Habi, I am in my own vast pound. I saw it in the sky in my head. Put the huge white spirits, the power far exceeds the category of the sacred altering of any other destruction.

Boom !!! I saw this huge incomparable white generic bow arrow in the top sky. White huge arrows were directly treated with a white spirit of Langzi, which fell in the hands of friends. "Lij Ben !!!", the head of the mouth !! I only used the friend, Habach used the flying foot of the marty to use the ultimate of the god. In an instant, in front of Yamamoto Yuan, Liu Zhai, a sword, a sword, and two. "Captain !!!" At this time, a group of deaths next to himself, the bloody injury, and the captain just witnessed this scene, and all of them were all right. "Even if it is dead." ... ", I don't want to let go of the enemy to reveal the terrorist strength of the crushing all people, using a huge white spiritual sword, a sword, the sword of the Sulve Tint Tint The Captain Hills, Liu Zhai, the heavy country, is more than half. At this time, Friends Habach's feet were killed by the bodies of Yamada Li Zhai's heavy country half-length, and the fierce battle will deeply infected everyone in each person. "Then give me ..." The character and emotions are always like the dark, generally cold, brutal, hubh. There is no movement of the tenacious battle of Liu Zhai, the hometown of Yamamoto, Liu Zhai to the dead. I saw him indifferently toward the mountains in front of the ground, Liu Zhai, the country, gradually extended a finger, and condensed the endless white spirits, "With the disappearance of the whole corpse," multiple sacred Ground !! With the voice of Friends, Habach falls. I suddenly broke out the violent explosion and white rays of horror. I saw that friends Habach's fingertips released dozens of powerful small sacred sacred sacred sacred.

In an instant, the remains of Yamamoto Yuan Liuzhai were fry into ashes. The surface of the eyes only had a deep spotted giant pit, and the dust and ashes flying. The ancestors of the destroyed, known as the whole-minded friend Habach. The power is strong, and all the power is deeply shocked by all the death of the whole spirit. "Captain ... is killed ... All the dead gods coming next to it, all of them are unbelievable. The most strongest death since the corpse of the millennium, the head of the 13th team The pillar of the corpse, the mountains, Liu Zhai, such as the friend, Haber, ruthlessly killing. Invisible, all the death of all Yunling Tin is all clear, all clearly feels that each of his heart is broken. That is the belief in collapse. At this time, the blackazaki is also guarded. It is also the first of the Star Cross Knights of the invisible empire, and the Emperor of the Imperial Emperor, the rain Golan, Haswand, a sword. Drake the knife, the moon, it is easy to cut down in the blood of the blood. Fear, helplessness, despair, as if it is a strong gloomy and dead, the whole heart of the spirit of the spirit of the spirit. Just At this time. Only the friend, Haubach, suddenly the body is not easy to detect. Two mysterious power quietly returned to his body, he can clearly judge, it belongs to Niano Huaxo and Broad Jie Hao 's power. The power of Holy Wen W and J, all returned to his body, Friends Habak smashed the eyes of his eyes, ", one. "At this time, the golden long-haired face is handsome, the rain, Golan, Husky, seems to have also got the same message, quietly came over," The news of the first hunting force to the virtual circle occupied has passed. "Four Star Cross Knights members (good) and the invisible empire 10,000 holy army. "It seems that he will not believe in this news, I saw that he had an unusually stunned face at this moment, and the whole army was covered. "

A silent is not just a friend, Haubach and Rain Gran Haswart, heard that all the dead gods next to him also caught the same silence ... "Four star cross knight members and invisible empire 10,000 holy The soldiers were killed ... all were killed ... It seems that there is no reason to be unexpected, and there is no normal reason, I saw all the death and the captain of the captain, suddenly all It's reluctant. "No ... it is the guy ...

Chapter 244 appears (seeking rewards and automatic)

Although this homework is terrible ... but if it is faced with the guy ... There is no one in the mind that has emerged with independence, and all the people in the scene do not know why it seems to be suddenly Pulling a breath. "It turns out ..." You Huaabach, who came back, quickly resumed calm. There is no waves on the deep appearance of the shaft, and there is no unfortunately for the four star cross knights of the sacrifice and 10,000 holy soldiers. It mutters themselves in the mouth, "Five major specials" is the first ... It seems that I still underestimated his war ... "Whether the wax will seem to be strong than other wax ... It seems that there is no essential difference between Niña and Jia. Tiisia's two perceived the power of the saint P and Ding did not return to their own body. Friends Habak's eyes gradually got cold, "did not die ... should just be captured by the moment.". ... " "The invisible empire does not need to be captured by the soldiers ..." When the "St. Bik 'is ..." You only see friends in Haubach's tone, and the life 013 is completely cannon and useful. " I will do two of them ... "The rain, Glasses, who is still silent, and indifferent blue double dilute, who can't gather glory. However, just at this time. Seems I suddenly felt what, even the rain Galan. Haaswand has not reacted. Friends Habi suddenly turned around. "It's a gorgeous fireworks. ..." I immerse my eyes in front of the smoke and the fire. The body of the corpse, as well as the many sacredness of the friend, Haber, became a gorgeous fireworks. This familiar and outstanding voice suddenly passed into the ear of everyone in everyone. After hearing this voice, suddenly all All the death of the Sulve Tint is all shocked. The eyes of the bleak suddenly suddenly lit up the original glory. "But just think that the battle is lost," "It is necessary to kill the part ... this is not too cold, It's already ... "The light sound seems to be chatting after and ordinary friends.

Only in front of the people in front of the people, a dark space channel suddenly opened, and the faint approximately revealed the other side of the dead white-free desert. Two things wearing a new white virtual night garde, slowly got out of the black space channel in front of this void. Male silver white long hair is blue blood red and color double, according to everyone is familiar with the perfect face, but under the white virtual night uterine dress, the temperament looks strange and indifferent. The female golden long hair is bundled into three bouquets, brown skin body is very hot, and the color of the color is holding a snow white giant sword. "... ... " I saw a long-awaited blond big breast milk beauty Matsumoto. He found out how he also shouted the name of the original ghost, "... ..." Do not recover The appearance, the descendant of the imperial holy text code F (EAR) fear Esnot used the star monetization to capture the understanding. The whole person completely turned a bloody person, which was bombarded on the wall. He gradually lost his conscious eyes and died. The people who appeared in front of the eyes "moment!" Solved the battle in the hands. Huang Lie, looking at the moment in the distant void, suddenly shouted out.