Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 648 of Hueding Cracks

"Thousands of streams!" The distance from the extreme distance, the moment is accurate to capture the voice of Huili, the blue blood red eyes (AGAJ) is watching, and the two have been deeply eye-catching. I understand the meaning of the opposite God. "Yama's old man has been killed ..." The eyes are back to the fierce battlefield in front of you. The moment is aware that there will be no mountains in the country, and the heart is sudden, "" ... really unfortunately ... ... "" But the read is on the same part of our colleagues ... "The life of God is around, and all the casualties of the whole Silk Tong everywhere, all of them have been included in their own eyes, and the mouth is inexplicably raised." I saw you made this: my wife seepage ... I am really a bit of heart. _. ... "" So ... while talking, I saw it from the void. After standing on the ground I suddenly became a great sacred glorious, and I suddenly pressed my palm on the ground. The array of gods !!! In everyone, the eyes of the eyes are very popular. I only see the whole bright court. Between the heavens and the earth. Suddenly a pound of the sacred golden shroud. It seems that there is a mysterious rune that is unable to see, and the wounds on almost all the wounds in the wounds in the whole wounding. Although the speed is not The appearance of the show, but the range of the shroud is huge, and the cure effect is far from the ruins of the flowers. "Wound ..." "is recovering ..." Among the spirit of the spirit, all the wounded after the battle All of them look at the wounds that are rapidly recovering.

"Is this ?!" I saw the sacred gold glory of the entire Sulve Spirit, and the face of Rain Gula Lan Haswart was strangely raised. "Why is the huge scale" ... How fast healing ". All the wounded people who have not intended to be a quick cure in the moment, and Friends, Habii, but sighful look at this." You ... The moment _ ... "The eyes are looking at the moment, slowly standing from the sacred golden glorious huge array, and the friend Habach is revealed in the eyes. Hear friends Habach The sound, this time, it seems that I finally pays attention to the friends next to my friends, finally turned through the body, "I met the first time ... Friends Habach ..."

Chapter 245 Confundment (seeking rewards and automatic)

And Wang You, Wang You, Habo, has finally met. Although the two did not speak, but between the two eyes, the surrounding space seems to be completely turned into cement, which has proven that the two have been in an invisible confrontation. The two guys in a horrible ... Although the friends in front of the friends did not speak, suddenly all people felt that they were soaked in a high-pressure deep sea, even breathing became a piece. Extreme extravagant things. At this time, Friends have been surprised, no matter how much amazing momentum is used. At the moment in front of you, this seems to have a young man who looks like a darkness, but it seems that the dark hole in the same way is general, completely ignoring all the momentum of himself. "Have to admit ... Your strength is completely exceeded ..." But Friends Habach deeply mixed, but the eyes are still in front of the moment, it is like looking at themselves. Like the child, "as the first of the five specials, what is the first thing of the fight ... How about joining my marty ..." Friends Habach said, suddenly, all everyone appeared, all everyone immediately slammed their breath, All eyes are waiting for him to answer.

"Ha ha ha ha ..." The odd moment suddenly laughed, as if he heard the best laugh in the world, laughing even his waist couldn't help it, in this silent atmosphere That's awkward. "Have you heard that the king is joining such a joke?" After the laughter finally gradually saved, the moment of the friends before the eyes, and the mouth checked a little smile. Too Just ... Not only friends, Haubach and Rain Gran Haswart, at this moment, even the people who are siltted next to the spirit will not help but have passed this idea. "Let me sanarly this arrogant guy ..." Rain Gran Haswart suddenly felt that this guy was arrogant, and he only saw him gently bending his waist. . Friends Habio's eyes were suddenly stunned, did not make any objection gestures, and he had never seen anyone in front of him, and there was no one in front of him. The sword of the Libra !! After getting the acquischable of Friends Habo. I only see the Handsome Handsome and Handsome Wine, Glanghass Wart, I will disappear with my friend's hubach. When his figure appeared again, he had already cut out his own cross-shaped spirits in the face of the moment.

Light from this unbelievable disruptible power, the rain Golan Haswart is obviously more than one member of the star cross knight group of the IMU. Just now, with such a sword, Rain Gran Haswart directly cut off the sterling of the hand in the hands of Shosaki, and cut him in the blood. However, in front of the rain, Gula Lan Haswand is a strong sword. At the moment, there was no lifting of the eyelids, and the whole body was not moving. If it is not surrounding everyone knows his horrible strength, almost everyone is scared to have no response in place. The reason why ignoring rain, Gula Lan, Haswand, is because of the moment of the blind eye, and it can inspect everything in the next five seconds. Three-mist !! It is unfirgive, and only a white mood next to the moment is flashing. A high-pressure haze of the air child suddenly broke out after the snow white sword, and it was a smashing of Huri Belle to death. Original this should be an impact that needs to enter the return. However, through the complete cultural surgery in the past 17 months, Hurget, which has completed the second paragraph of the self-contained strength, and directly enabled the sword of the Libra who blocked the rain. "Don't be too self-righteous ..." The snow white giant sword was dead, and she raised her words in front of the rain. Herly Bell's green eyes issued a light color of the indifferent pole. "You are not eligible to play hands with the moment ..." It is possible to block the sword of Haasvad's Libra _ ... "see Hellberg in front of you. Blocking directly in the invisible empire is second only to his own rain, Golan Haswart, the sword of the Libra, and the friend of the friend, I can't help but just the color, "I can't think of the broken surface of the virtual circle." There is still such a presence ... "" I said ... Friends Habi ... "Friends in front of you seemed to have never put the power of these broken things in the eyes, suddenly rising tall My own chin, the middle of the doubles in the high, I sent a loss of different spirits. "You are too much to be a matter ..." Reincarnation !!!

The sound of the moment also remains in the air in front of the air but the sound of the moment has quietly sounded after the friend, after the friends, the flow blade, if the fire is full of swords, towards Friends Habi Suddenly sword. Boom !!! The horror is extremely angry. I saw that the entire earth in front of everyone was completely smashed. In the hustle and bustle, the moment seems to be a little surprised to open their own eyes. I saw that Friends in front of him didn't know when to turn around, and the white spirit of the hand was killed and killed. "In front of my God ... people who can react accurately." Feel the pounds of the tide of the tide in his hand, in the face of Wang You, Wang You, who is in front of his eyes, the martyr, and the moment is finally Some excitement raises their mouths, "You are a few a few" sinar knife ... and also have ** existence "The floor is completely fried, and the dead resistance is under the moment. , Friends Habo is a little surprised to open their own , "Good special death ...

Chapter 246 Trial (seeking rewards and automatic)

The corpse world. The entire Sulve Spirit has been completely watched by the war. All the dead gods around them stared at the front of the two people, and even the atmosphere did not dare to take a bite. "You are not good," ... "Seeing that the friends under his body have completely resisting their violent sick. Feel the huge power in the friend, the huge power in the huh, and the blue blood red scorpion suddenly looked. Get up, "But if the king of the legend of the legend is only such a bit of power ..." Don't say that the world will be retained in 9 days ... Even you should be ready to be buoyant !!! " Four white thunder !!! After the sound of the sounds. I saw another hand of the flash gently extended your left hand's index finger. A ghostless junction that almost present, through the chapter of the never nightmare, but suddenly puts the horror power that transcends everyone's imagination. Suddenly, a very strong Tongtian ram is sprayed from the forefinger of the left hand, as if a sharp destroyed Thunder is generally rushed toward the friends before his eyes. "Ghosts ..." When you see the moment in front of you and your own violent fight, you will sing the ghosts of such a fast violence, and the friend Habhton is coming. Small sacredness !!! Take Friends Habak does not need to use destruction but cross around countless spirits directly in the fingertips. Instantly, I released a huge cross-star shadow arrow with my fingers and gave it straight to the bottom of the eyes. Just now Idiki Roydrojod in the invisible Empire Cross Knights was killed in the use of this tricks by Friends. Boom !!! All the people around the people feel clear about the earth under their feet. After all, there is a horror increase in the Night Night Bible Nightmare. In the eyes of Friends, the white Tongtian thunder column that blooms directly in the hands, even directly destroyed the small sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred! White Thunder Electric Light in the air. Rao is a fast response speed of friends, still in the abundant thunder, and the arm.

Jingshi !! Take Friends Haber's body surface faintly about about a mysterious blood vessel ripple, and instantly launched the ability to defend the defense technique of destruction. "Good powerful defense ... It is worthy of the king of destroying, and the moment is looking at the front of the Friends of Friends. Dao Taipei. Although both parties are only a trial sexual hand, it is still a touch of emotion, "It seems that even the increase in the Bible of the Night Bible is not enough to cause hurt you." ...... It is also an original, even if you are integrated with death, destroy the teacher, the blue, and complete the four-strength, the protagonist of the protagonist, the protagonist of the Sikikasaki, also completely rolled the BOSS. And this should be only only You Habo showed the strength of the Iceberg. When I was born, Friends would not listen, the ear can't listen, can't sound, even can't move, but Friends, Haber, have "soul bonards" when they were born. When someone touches himself, a part of the soul is divided into the gap of the touchr's soul, so that the touchr will gradually heal, but all people touching friends, Habach, Long, and because of the death of the contact, the soul of Friend Haubach will return to her body, and then heal your body, so that the baby's friend Habo gradually resumes visual, hearing and other capabilities. Body heales The post-friend Habo found that he had been assigned by the treatment of the treasurer as the god of beliefs, and they respect themselves "Friends Habach '. So, he put the name of "Friends Habih 'in his heart" as his name. Even he and the three-pride super-height is high, and there is a mysterious moral relationship. It is the "Ling King '" in the midth ... and the two-six strong star cross knights in the invisible empire, it is the way he uses the soul to divide the text of the text, let them drink their own blood. Wine is on their soul to have the ability to have the ability to have the ability to create, the army created. "No ..." In the face of the moment, Friendabah saw 7 eyes that faintly faintly squatted, frankly said that he was successfully traumatic, "You have successfully broken the defense of my blood ... "Although this is just a slight little scar.

However, in an instant, after a short trial player, it is indeed bombarding his blood-sheated defense, leaving traces in his body. "This is your ability to solve the knife shape ..." The red eyes quietly stared at the chapter of the nightmare that incited wings in front of the moment, and the friend Habahton understood, "put the strength and range of ghosts. Increased to an incredible height ... "Unfortunately my star chapter has just absorbed the understanding of Shandataism ... Event ... gently touch the cross star chapter in his arms, Friendabah Thoughts thought.

"I heard that your holy writing ability is A. Symbolic ability is Almighty, with a strong power to see the future of the cave." Looking at the exterior of the eyes, the deep Yama Habi, I feel that the other party may be this world. The most powerful power, I have some interested and strong raises my mouth. "How ... Use it to let me see it, while I am still looking at the friends in front of my eyes. Your own fingers, the corner of the mouth, a provocative smile, the eyes of all the people next to each other are shocking.

Chapter 247 Trinity All (seeking rewards and automatic)

"The guy of the moment ..." is still as arrogant. "Hey, the moment of the moment is so unscrupulous, there is a dazzling day, and the rustic Winter Langmon is taking the way. I can't help my mouth. I want to know ... This guy faces the king of destroying the teacher, I remembered that Ji Youhabach immediately killed the team leader Yama Liuzhai, with several star cross knights in the invisible empire 7 minutes to attack the corpse Rolling power, all of the people did not help but poke a while. "But if it is the guy of this guy, I think of the peerless and unwanted power of the moment, clear the soul of the corpse, kill the blue dye, all the dead gods of Jingling Ting I can't help but appear a brilliant brilliance in my eyes. "It should be able to fight the friend, Habach." At this time, Friends Habach seems to be aware of the fluctuations of the death of the death of the death and the rehearsal of the eyes, "Since the appearance of the moment ... 06, "I found out that" hope "has appeared again in your eyes ..." "People can embrace hope ... it is because they can't see death. ..." as if they are determined to kill All the hopes of all the people of the whole corpse, the friend Habo is deeply over the eye, "It's good ... I will let you know what is desperate ..." Sheng Sheng Shengfang After the voice fell, I saw that the friends in front of the moment suddenly stepped on the ground. Suddenly surrounded the whole space suddenly white rays were full of shining, only friends from the hubby itself and surrounded by huge white light walls.

This is a great defense curse that destroys the offensive and defense. Once the enemy stepped into the area, he will be caused by endless sacredness. "Is it a sacredness?" Friends in front of you launched the Sheng Shengfang. In the moment, I only felt that I was in this white huge spirit of the law, and I formed an endless powerful spiritual slaughter arrow in the air. It seems that the tide is usually eager to have! And these endless sacred Yan, seems to have a generality of spiritual wisdom, firmly locked the position of the moment, and there is a unnecessary momentum. "You call the despair ..." Although the eight parties in front of themselves are amazing, this level of attack is still in the eyes of the moment, "only is this level ... ... "Rounded Eyes Huangquan Piece !!! In the moment of unfullment, I saw it from the door of the gods, I saw the moment of the god of the right eye, and the blood of the red monsters were flashing between the blood, and he immediately opened a paint black. The mysterious space cave suddenly adsorbs him throughout the person. Boom !!! The deafening roar sounded into a piece. After losing the trace of the moment, Friends Habo Chug Shengdo Praise the holy Court. Laughing ?! "The keen captures the disappearance of the moment, the face of the friend Habo deeply sinking," Hidden your own body ... "" No use ... As long as you are still My holy singer is praise ... "The sharp bloody scorpion is around, the friend Haubach seems to be talking about the air in front of him," will be infinite and endless sacred. Short kill ... until you confirm that you die ... Drake the empty !!! Just when you speak in front of the unmanned air, Wu. In his heart, he suddenly slammed the pole, and the feet under the foot of the feet were instantaneous. Generally, the whole person's body was moved to another place !!! The air suddenly splasted a piece of red Blood fog.

I saw that there was no sign of the same way as the ghost generally opened the dark mysterious space. If the flow blade in the hand, when the fire, he kills the sword of the world's void, a darkness suddenly presented in front of all everyone. Air, light, spiritual abrafaction, big land, even the space in front of everyone, all of which were suddenly torn out of the world's void. "Space ... is torn" No ... is not the _ ... is "the world 'is cleared _ ... use hammay feet in an instant to the other side, the shamh, the left-handed sleeves are constantly red blood Slim, but his eyes died, there was a shocking wound in front of the world. There is also a passion on the ground, which is just the palm of the moment. Although it will not care about this degree of pain and trauma, Friend Haubach still has some unbelievable staring at 017 to appear in front of the moment. "Unbelieving ... What is the power ..." "" I feel incredible ... should It isn't that I am right. "I didn't choose to answer the question of my friends, I looked at the friend Habach who was broken by myself in front of him. I was a little frowned." I just clearly, I am in place. The void world smashed into it ... How did you avoid it ... Do you say ... Friends jumped out of the world and void in a moment of just now? This is not too likely ... just at this time, moment The blue blood of the blue blood is suddenly one. He keenly observed the eyes of his friends, the buddhism, which seems to be faintly about about the countless mysterious pupil. Although it is very fast, it is still clear, but the impermanence of the is still clearly captured, this subtle detail. That is ... The power of all the best? Stay at the Friends of the Friends before the eyes, suddenly flashing a lot of looks in the eyes of the moment.

Chapter 248 Nine days (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Just now ..." "Is your so-called all-round power ..." Looking at the countless mysterious pupils of the front of the Friends, the front of the friend, the big mysterious pupil, and the moment of interested mouth. Self-given "body '!!! However, Friends Haber did not choose to answer the problem. I have a strong mysterious embarrassment of a strong mysterious embarrassment, I saw him, I was originally attached. The palm of your hand, suddenly retransmined. It is a force that he uses the king of destroying the teacher, relying on his new body. !!! Just at this time. A burst of metal mating sound I saw a sword next to the rain, Glasses, a sword, avoided the Hurberg in front of him. When the foot offered the sky, he immediately returned to the friends of the friend, homes, "Your Majesty, time." "" So fast. ... Time is it. ... "Between the two, Friends Habo saw a black shadow that gradually spread at his feet, and the faintly revealed war is difficult to dissipate, some Regrettably looked at the moment in front of the eyes. "It seems that we can only make a next time," "The maintenance limit of the shadow has arrived ... The Intangible Empire has a major meeting to wait for me to convene ... 'look At the foot, it seems that the black tide is generally increasingly obvious shadow. Friends Habo is deeply looked up and looked up at the heart of the corpse. "The five guys of the emphasia team also It is necessary to assemble _ ... there is still a nine-day time ... "When you meet ... The next time you face it, you will be all the strength of the entire Intangible Empire !!!" (Need to add Jun, Sheep friends, open the buckle I buckle search The collapse system can be found) "Time ... '" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" The god of God seems to have seen the spirit of the spirit of the high space.

The heart is inexplicably thoughts flashing, and the moment is watching the eyes of the shadow, and the Shabach and Rain, which are spread. I will wait for you in the Lingwang Palace ... What ?! The body has been almost completely black shadow covered friends Haubach. Suddenly heard the words of the moment, the whole person suddenly opened his blood, as if Electromal is in general. Why do he know that I want to absorb the power of Xiang Wang, when I want to open a clear, at this time, the field of shadow is completely swallowed, Habach and Rain Gran Haswart. Two of them completely pulled into the shadow of the feet, disappeared in invisible. One of the fields of the shadow is the destruction of the invisible empire to use the black shadow to move someone or something into another space. But there is another The space is limited, and the time to black shadows will cover people or things that use black shadows, forcibly returning to the original space technology. Friends Habo and Impangible Empire's star cross knights use this ability, success directly Avoid the soul film of the corpse, invading the spirit of the defensive and strict spirit. "Covered ..." When this time, the god of the god of the Xia Ling Tin, looked at the friends who disappeared in front of us. Lankas Ward, Zhang Da has a big mouth. At the same time, the entire area of ​​the entire Jingling Ting, each of the women of the invisible empire, also appeared in the field of the same shadow, all of them Forced to pull back the space of the invisible Empire. Between it. All the spiritual pressure of all the immortal empire, all disappeared in the spirit of the spirit. Only the corpse of the ruins in front of the fire is not Instead reminding all the dead gods present, all disasters are not dreams.

Moreover, the death of the Thirteen Cards of the Yanding Thirteen team, the death of Liu Zhai, this undoubtedly brought a heavy blow to all the death of the whole corpse. "Don't cry like this ..." Looking at all the sorrows around you, all the hearts of the spirit of the spirit are immersed in fear, Jingle Chunshui has to force his spirit, and the face of the vicissitudes is strong. "If the old man is still there .... If you don't care, we will fight." "And there is no accident. ... See the whole Sulve Tint is a gloomy look, the wounds are gradually recovered, the floats 14 Standing out, "Lingwang Palace Zero team's adults will come quickly ..." "" Yes ... we still have nine days ... "I heard Jingle Spring Water and Float 14 When Lang, this time, the Matsumoto is also coming out. "Be sure to use this time to cheer up ... Guard the body of the corpse ... Guard the body of the corpse ... With our strength ... can I do it? I think that Friends of Haobach and Intangible Empire Star Cross Knights are like a lot of power.

Not only the gods of all the Xia Ling Ting, who is in the bloody, and can't help but feel a deep weakness. "!" "You this bastard!" Just at this time, suddenly he had a furious delicate. "Ni?" After seeing Friends, Habi and Rain Gran Haswart left, the heart was full of heart, I saw a fascinating figure, I only saw a mood, a hot figure, made a dark vain, instant appearance In front of the moment, I bombarded it on the cheek of Bai Zhe. "What are you doing! Night!" Seeing people who have suddenly attacked themselves in front of them. It is a four-yield night, which is not seen in 17 months, and it is depressed in her own red cheeks. "Why don't you tell me ..." The golden cat stared at the moment in front of him, and the night was simply unable to forgive the things made. "Just leaving the corpse of the corpse to the virtual ring. ?! "

Chapter 249 Eternal Gun (ask for reward and automatic)

"About this question, in front of the night, I flexed my back," I will naturally understand after nine days "" But she said that she can revenue for a hundred years ago to throw her behavior ... "But I think of it when I left the corpse of the corpse, the straw showed the freshly exciting look, killing the evil smile," I still feel quite excited ... "I am evil ..." I have a smile that I hate on my face, and the night gold cat is almost spurting out of the angry flame. "That ..." I saw the night in front of myself, I quickly transferred the topic, and I paid my eyes behind her, and the boy who was as golden cat in the night. "Is your brother" "" Sister ... "He is what you said to me? ..." It seems that he heard that the Bashed himself, I saw the golden red 020 after night, I immediately ran up, a pair of nights The golden double-pupil flashes flashed high feet. In fact, in the heart of the south of the corpse, the four Maple Tsing Lang, who is the current corpse of the big aristocratic four maple hospital, of course, has earned. "Unexpected young and handsome ..." I saw that the young four mangari, Silang, staring at the shadow of the appearance in front of her eyes, reached out, the two people were huge, the golden eyes were full of different "". "Cough ..." Seeing the evening of the face of the face, the night, the night, there is a bit helpless, "You are now a four-maple home ... pay attention Your own image ... Xilang ... "" Xi Lang ... "Looking at himself to make the hard-moving feet and looked up and talked into his evening, it seems like a bit of eyes like a rare treasure, letting the moment can't help Some embarrassing twitching my mouth. "The character is really the opposite of you." Si Ma Yongnan Night and Si Feng Tuan Sheng Lang, these two sisters are reluctant to take off like being faulty and soul .

As a sister's night, there is no harmful wilderness, and as the brother's Xilang has a weak love crying like a weakness, it is really a wonderful world. When I was talking to the night of the night, I suddenly had no sign of the system in my mind suddenly. "Hey! The system has detected the king of the host, it has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to win the eternal gun." After reading the content of the collapse jade system, killing the whole person. Wang Zhimongbao so quickly reached the bottleneck breaking the boundaries?! Eternal gun ?! Feel the treasure of the treasure king of the treasure king in another space, with a mysterious weapon, and the moment is smart. Your eyes. The eternal gun is also known as the "Declaration of God" is the weapon held by the main gods of the Nordic mythology. This is quite simple and powerful, that is, "I will be able to hit the target", it is the fire of the hundred and middle, you can break anything in it, then automatically return to the master. Myths Legend When the Lord God threw this gun, it would send out the airplania, and the people on the ground called "lightning", and some people call it "meteor", and the power is infinite to resist. "Eternal gun ..." After the mind, the mind flashed a series of information about the arms of the eternal gun, and the moment of thoughtful nodded, "It seems that Wang Zhi's treasure has become more and more ... "" What happened? "I was talking about it. I saw a sudden reaction, and the night was not solved. I didn't understand my head" Nothing ... "I was confused by the night's night. I just smiled. After, "I just got a powerful weapon ..." "Jingle Spring Water ... '" and the night, four sisters, Di Lang, after a while.

The sight of the moment falls on the south of the tissue, and the god of the gods of the gods. "Yes. ..." I saw the moment I came to myself, I lost a right-eyed Jingle Spring Water, "The old man was played before the battle ... I have already enjoys the next Yutong 10. Three team leader is less. "Although you are no longer the ghost road of the corpse ..." Take a left eye, the eyes are somewhat complicated to look at the whole body and the whole body is not fat, there is no combat At this moment, the Jingle Spring is revealed a bitter smile. "But no matter what ... Thank you, you just stopped from the friend Habach." If you just don't appear in an instance ... No one can expect Haabii to kill how many people, causing more disasters ... " ... There is no match of the eyes of Jingle Spring Water, and the moment is calm and light, "I also heard the friend Habach said ..." Today, the corpse soul is only a friend Habach and eight stars. The Cross Knight is destroyed ... I glanced at the side of the Songben, and I was blunt. "After nine days, you will face all the war ..." All war of the Intangible Empire Is the force ... "Listening to what I said, all of the death of all the spirit of the spirit is, even the captain is also an eye, the face is barter. Today is just that the Eight Star Cross Knights of the invisible empire has caused such a terrible destructive power, almost completely destroyed the entire Sulk. If nine days later, Friends Habo led all the war of the Intangible Empire, and would it be a terrible scene?

Chapter 25, Booming Lingwang Palace (seeking rewards and automatic)

"So ... J '" There is now a chance to put in front of you.


When I heard the moment, I said that all the dead gods were lit up when all of the death.

For this moment, this seems to be inefficient, they can't help but emerge, it seems like a drowning person finally seized a floating wooden.

"I created a new blade and broken legion in the virtual ring ..."

In the eyes of everyone, the moment said: "If you join you to deal with the Star Cross Knights of the Intangible Empire, you should be more than ... Friends Habo is handed over to me ..."


Sure enough, the moment is just exported, and the day of the day of the day, the winter, the winter, I can't help but "break the face?

How can we cooperate with them?

After all, it was 17 months ago.

All the dead gods in the scene also had a special battle at the House of Holders and the Breakfast Legion.

At this moment, everyone will have such a reaction and are also unexpected in the moment.


All the fierce responses before the eyes have incorporated their eyes, and the moment is swayed. "You will not understand this simple truth ..."


I saw the Matsumoto chaos next to them up, and they were in the front of Jingle Spring water.

"I agree.

The right eye has been published by Iraqi. The Hi Lao Shuishu, who has directly sonned, agreed to the proposal of the moment.

"Jingle captain?


All the dead gods are surprised to look at Jingle Chunshui, as if not know this person at all.

"If you die, you can't save the corpse, I saw Jingle Chunshui shook his head." Even if you are, you have to "No matter what ... we have no choice now ..."

After the heavy responsibilities of the head of the 13th team of the corpse Method ... "

Listening to the heavy words of Jingle Spring Water, all the deaths around suddenly were silent.

Indeed, in the face of the Horses of the Horror of the Horror, the Hubbach and the invisible Empire True Cross Knights, except for cooperation with the brake, 'I people have a good way ... It seems that you don't grow up. less……"

Seeing all the people who have said their own proposal, I'm looking at the Yangle Shuishui noddlings in front of it, "I have already a team leader."

"Huri Bell"

Immediately, I turned to Hurgel, who turned back to him, said: "Now you go back to the virtual ring to order all the blade and the broken army assembly ... After nine days, the war is full of the invisible empire"


"Yes, the moment.

In the face of the instructions of the moment, I saw that Huri Bell did not have slightly and pause.


Huri Bell turned directly to open a black chamber like mosaic, and the whole person did not enter it.

Since the time of the brakes, she has already belongs to a moment in the moment of the blue dyeing.

Adult. "Look at the Hurberg leaving in the moment, Jingle Spring water turned to go,", JLL page allowed them to take the Kurosaki to cultivate. "" Notifying the zero team ... "If you know this time, the moment suddenly opened them," There is not that necessary. ... "What ?! Wen Sheng Yue Chunshui turned. And there is all of the dead. Among the same shock, I saw a sudden burst of the hill whisper suddenly broke out.

Ultimately fumet !!! There is no sign, suddenly explosing the flexible form. The horror of itself, the white pond, and then mixed after the ultimate inflation. The black and white distinctive super-spiritual pressure directly forms a pound of unparalleled light column, flying around all everyone, constantly spending whistling, rushing straight, bolding the nine sky of the corpse world. "At the moment ?!", next to the nearest night and the dead, the dead stretched the dust, the dust, and shocked his eyes, "What do you want?" "Since Friends Ha Bach's goal is to absorb the genus ... After entering the imaginaryization, there is a huge virtual hole in the center of the chest. Silver white long hair is like the Galaxy waterfall, and the blue blood red scorpion is deep. The monster, "Then I will directly bomb my hometown ..." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " "You don't know what you are saying ..." "" Look. "" "Don't need Tianzhu," The eyes among the eyes.

After entering the ultimate inflation, the horrible large black and white push-back column directly runs through the sky of the head. It has been released around all the clouds, as if not entered a mysterious mysterious sub-space. Wang Zhifu !!! This suddenly becomes a golden rays between the heavens and the earth in front of them. Just when everyone couldn't open their eyes, it seems that an invisible portal is now quietly opened. The air suddenly emerged, a mysterious ripple, a gun, a gun, like a sorcerer, all of the weapons built by a sacred shining until the magical metal gradually appeared in the hands of the moment. The eternal gun, this seems not a weapon in the world, which is only in the ancient myths and the legend, but now is in the hands of the real master.

Chapter 251 breaks through the sky (seeking rewards and automatic)

Report an error recommend this book bookshelf return to join the fastest search page update this novel canopy breakdown of Chapter 251: A Yang Yu Ling Ting. The named Friends Habak and the invisible empire completely smashed the ruins. At this moment, the horrible huge push-pressure column between a black and white is rishes from the Qing Dynasty, and I didn't enter the corpse sky mysteriously unpredictable alien space paper. "What is it ?!" "What he wants to do?" "" At this time, almost all dead gods in the Ling Ting, all the eyes did not turn his eyes stared at the mysterious mysterious weapons in front of the moment. It is like a gun, it seems that there is a god army that is like the king of the gods in the midst of the gods. Eternal gun !!! Holding this Bar Gang just got the eternal gun. Drop the sky of the head of the world, in the "seven-nine-three" eyes of everyone, I saw it directly, I was directly struggling to throw out the eternal gun in my hand !!! It seems to be fried in the air. A and Thunder shocked all the souls around the dead. I saw the eternal gun, which shrewd out the gun of the fate of the hundred in the hands of the fate. Directization made a violent lightning and Thunder, and it was like a bright meteor. I didn't enter the sky in the sky in the world.

Hey!!! Everyone who has heard a sound of the whole body seems to be like a glass that is broken by a stone. In the whole dead god, all the dead gods were shocked. I saw the eternal gun throwing out, and I took directly to the sky of the top of everyone on the top of the world. "The sky ... was taken away" All corpse The death of the dead, all clearly saw the sky of the sky, the eternal guns of the head, and they can't believe their eyes. With the end of the corpse, the eternal guns of the corpse were broken, which killed the gun of the gods of the God of the God of the Gods, and the flashlight returned to the hands of the flash. I saw a huge paint black hole, suddenly appeared in the original calm girl of the corpse, revealing a mysterious sub-space. "That is ??" saw the mysterious space of the end of the end of the sky, the eternal shootout, and all the dead gods were suddenly contracted. "Lingwang Palace !!" All people have recognized the mysterious space of the open to open the open exposed, which is the legend of the legend, the legend of the legend. "At this moment ?! Are you crazy ?!" The four maple garden next to it, and the twist is unbelievable to see him, as if the man is in front of this man. Originally, "King" and "Tianzhu" can be used to open into the Lingwang Palace, at this moment, it is actually opened to use pure power violence. "Eternal gun ... Wang Ao's arms of the gods did not pay attention to the question of the night, and the surrounding everyone was shocked, and the moment is quietly played with his own mysterious mysterious weapon. The eternal gun," Everything is unimagin "" The nightmare "who knows that the eternal gun has returned the throne of the king. It is like a favor. It usually reached out to gently touch the night's head, and the hair of her dark purple," stay here, etc. I ... nine days later, I became the Lord of the Three Realms ... "I have just been hurt by the body next to him, and the trembling of the black Shot, after his involvement, this world has been complete There is no need to hang the boy. Boom !!! I haven't waited for a reaction. In the surrounding Jingling Ting, all the eyes can't be self-suited. I only see the moment of imaginary formation, directly bombing The surrounding ground burst out of an unatrisurable huge push. When you get rid of the sky, you will go straight toward the top of the sky. The mysterious sub-space that is wearing himself. The target directly refers to the highest space among the world. .

Intangible Empire. Millennium Snowy Snow City. The invisible imperial military conference is in the palace of the ice. "Today ... In the face of all the Stars Cross Knights members ... On the throne of the Ice Palace, the friend, the buddhism, the buddhism, no dare to touch the essence," In addition to executing the members of the two battle failures in this destruction of the corpse, I still have an important thing to announce ... "Wonder everyone is a silence. Everyone knows the shadow of the invisible empire. There is a strict military rule in the Knights. Anyone who cannot complete the task or in the battle, will be in the death penalty, no one can exceed the exception. "Said friends, Habio's eyes fell in the shadow next to it. Suddenly, the members of the star cross knight group were all focused. I saw it in the shadow and went out of a body shape, black hair A pair of unfrair-free glasses is the stone rain dragon who has had contact with it. "Shi Tian Yulong, destroyed the last blood. "Friends Haber's words are concise, and they directly announced that one of the important contents of this meeting." I announced that he will become my heir. "What?! A stone aroused thousand lay waves. You Habo has announced that all the Star Cross Knights of the Star Cross, and all the members of the star crossing." If you have this village?! "" "" "" "" " I can't help but the first one, the man who really has a chance to become the most powerful but the teacher should be that he is from a small partner Rain Gulan Haswart.

At this time, a arm stopped him dead. It is Rain, Glasses, and I only see his handsome and indifferent faces do not have a short expression. It seems that it is not moving in front of this amazing news. "We can't ask any objection." " But ?! "Bazibi is an incredible look at Rain Gula Lan Haswart, as if not knowing this from a small partner at all.

Chapter 252 Invading the Linghuang Palace (seeking rewards and automatic)

Because almost all people of the entire invisible empire know. It has always been a "half body" and personal guards of Wang You, the Emperor Emperor of the invisible empire. It is the highest level in the star cross knight, which is equivalent to the Empire in the invisible empire, and the status is only above the friends, almost everyone has identified him. . I didn't expect that today, I suddenly got a hearing that I have heard it heard, I didn't heach, this is how they can accept it? "Don't question any decisions under your majesty." The impulsive behavior, the eyes of the rain Glasses Haswart, contain only his own glory. "Originally planned this time to directly attack the devil ..." After the announcement of Shi Tian Yulong became his successor, the friend Habak did not care about all the star crosswords in the heart of the star Crown, but deep. Low, "I didn't think of suddenly killing a moment _ I admitted that I was smashing his power." "It seems that the five specials of the fighting power ... It is indeed enough to summarize his strength" On the tall throne, Friends Habak gently careped with their forehead, and the eyes appeared. "He is an unknown ... this action thing is that I am wrongly estimated his strength ... but ..." but After nine days, "As the Niki Empire is coming, the voice of Friends is even more and more, as if I have to sleep," I will use the construction of spirit space to change the whole corpse to our invisible Empire ... we want to "win the whole world." Forces exchange !! With Friends, Haobi is falling into sleep. In the "half-length" of the "half body", the strength of the Hakochvad is exchanged. Gradually opened your eyes, the eyes of the original dark blue, this moment has become a friend, Habach, all the unique mysterious pupils.

"Let's go." "Entering night, Your Majesty has already entered sleep." The rain after Habach power exchanged the rain, Gula Lan Huswand, reminded everyone of all the star cross knights, only next to Shi Tian Weilong shocked Look at him at the moment of the same appearance silently. "Shi Tian Rain Dragon is ..." Some of the strange eyes of Shi Tian Yulong. Rain, Galanvad, handsome, in the face of a pair, countless mysterious pupils in the eyes seem to have a hole in his soul. "Whatever you came to the invisible Empire for what ... Just look for what is the purpose ... I will use this pair of eyes to look at you!" It is night. Everyone in the invisible empire is all my heart, and it has no words overnight. Lingwang Palace. Here is the independent space of Lingwang and the royal family. It has always been guarded by the royal family of the king, and there is a 72nd bargain between the Lingwang Palace and Jing Ling Ting. It is necessary to enter the Lingwang Palace. The Lingwang Palace is roughly from the Lingwang Palace Street, the Lingwang Palace ginseng, Zero Dou Hall, the Lingwang Dadway, these parts of the big, the huge huge is unimaginable. "Here ..." "It is standing on the corpse soul, a virtual ring, the difference between the world," However, today, there has been no outsiders in the Shu Wang Palace who have been in the world for thousands of years, and I have come in a special new guest. . "It's really bigger than I imagined, I used the huge pole-in-law, and the 72nd barrier between the entire corpse and the spirit of the King Palace was shaken. Then throw the eternal shooter and wear the sky. At the moment, I finally stepped into the highest mysterious ministerial space among the Three Kings of the Lingwang Palace.

Looking at the front of the pavilion, six huge buildings float the zero to the sky and the Lingwang Datun, the moment, the place where the Lingwang Palace is much better than you think. "The Librade Density here ..." After a foot walk into the widespread Lingwang Palace table, the sharp spotting here is completely different from the air of the corpse. The concentration of the spirit of the Lingwang Palace is very high. The original is high to the deputy team leader, and when the death of the leadership, it is not breathed, and the curling is not allowed to move, and there is still a kind of activity in the water after IT. a feeling of. "It's a supreme space in the world ..." "There should be the Lingwang in the spirit of the spirits ... soon adapt to the air here, the moment is lifted. Look at the sky in the sky The huge luxury tower building is quietly suspended, and it seems that there is a pair of mysterious eyes to exploit themselves at a very far distance. "Shout ... I have to look at the highest in the triple The presence of this mysterious king "feels this different mysterious eyes in reviewing yourself, inexplicably ignorant your mouth, deep eyes gradually condense," What is it looks like ... "It's going to be on the moment. Former advancement. There are countless black shadows in front of the air, and the fan-shaped Lingwang Palace in front of them will be on the top, suddenly, there are hundreds of black charcoats, the whole body is covered with the death of the knife, death Death stopping the way. It is the god soldier of the Guardian. "The Guardian guards of the Lingwang Palace ..." Seeing that many Lingwang Palace, who saw such a lot of Lingwang Palace stopped his way, flashing, " I will notice my invade so soon ... "How many years" "I have never been able to invade the Suma Palace" is at this time. A demon} burned! The charming voice passed into the ears of the moment. I saw that there were countless black gods, a black long hair wearing a golden puzzle jewelry, and the skin was pale, and the elegant woman with six kindlable arms gradually came out. "Young people ... tell the body" How did you come here?

Chapter 253 Cultivated Luo Thousand Pills (ask for rewards and automatic)

Duo Luo thousand hand pulse ... saw that this face of the face appeared in front of this face, and he recognized her identity. The identity is one of the members of the Singer "Wang family", the title "big weave" is the creator of death. The existing warning system of the corpse industry "Model Duo Level" is taken from her last name. "Electric Duo Luo" is only you come out, "Looking at the zero team in front of the eyes, the Qian Luo thousands of hand pills, the moment is turned, and the remaining four of the quiet floating in the distance of the sky. Zero left the hall, "" Truedom call monk "soldiers, the main department of the soldier, the soldiers, the soldiers, they watched them ..." Well? ", He welcomes the thorns of Luo Qi, who is a little surprised, and the eyes are re-examined. This is a young man who is abrupt into the Lingwang Palace, "Young people ... It seems that you know about our Lingwang Palace and the zero team ..." "No ..." "Your body is empty ..." Sudden, Feeling this mysterious invasion youth is a horrible pyroement, and the repair of Duo Roof can't help but frown, the line of sight falls in the middle of the bottom of the chest, "virtual hole" ? "It turned out ...: a piece of face suddenly, the eyes of the repair of Duoyu, a lot of wings, and the strength of the Lingwang Palace," The power of contaminated the deficiency ... The existence of the fall ... " ... The voice of the repair of Duo Luo, has just fallen. Received the order of repairing the pluggable of the hand, hundreds of Lingwang Palace Black Soldiers appeared in front of the original place. Hundreds of spirits around Under the cover of the King Palace Black Soldier, I saw that the repair of the lotion in front of the moment also disappeared in the original place, the speed is incredible.

"Don't you do it, do you start it ... ~ ..." Seeing the repair of the lotion in front of you disappeared in the black goddess. I saw the blind eye of the left eye of the moment, the eye of the eye, the right eye was reversed, the eye was black and the jade was rotated. Capturing the figure around him, countless speed and flicker, the moment, softly opened his mouth, "How to say that you have invited me to join the zero team", go to the eye to go!!! The round of God is firmly locked in all the flickering of all the flicker. The left-eyed gods are infinite, and there is no restrictions in an instant, and the shuttle shuttle is disappeared in the original place. "This is ..." The repair of the lotus romantic pulling in the air suddenly lost the goal. I saw her unbacardly smashed her own dark double, in her eyes, it seems that it reflects the figure in front of the space in front of the space. Hey !!! It is clear that there is hundreds of thousands of sniper, but it has been connected in a very short time. This kind of repair of the surrounding the moon, the surrottles around the Month, which is like a stifling, and a few words, a few want to spit a blood. I saw that there were countless spiritual king palace Black Soldiers only in a blink of an eye, and they were suddenly smashed into a crumble. Everyone's body seems to be fixed, stopped in the original .

"It's a must not have a guy ..." A pair of dark eyes with a little color, repairing Duo Luoyi Pills were forced to have their own figure, but the original calm elegant face became unusually denied, and then There is no previous calibration. "All the Soldiers" were all killed in a moment. "Hey ... I saw the moment I returned to the place where he was standing. The sound of countless gods fell into the ground. Among the bloody eyes, the harmonious face of the repair of the plunger, only the power of this mysterious intruder, which seems to be in the years of the years in the past thousand years, and repairing the Duo Rob It has been placed flatly all human emotions. "It's a little bit of watching you" standing in countless bodies, and the six NMI arms after repairing the Duo thousands of NMIs slowly flipped, and it seems to be faintly about about about. Masterings countless mysterious needles and lines, "This degree of intruder ... already worthy of our zero team!" "The ultimate clothes !! The voice of the repair of Duo, the sound of the plunge, just dropped. At the moment, the blue blood of the blue blood, only felt that the white virtual garde in the whole body suddenly contracted, and it was almost difficult to breathe.

"I can't detect when I could n'tmit it ... Then quickly reflects my clothes ..." I feel the white virtual night garde in my body has become a weapon in front of the army, and I can't help but surprised. I raised my own sword eyebrows, "I don't make sense ... Your action is impossible to escape my God's back, the god of the left eye, the god of the left eye can be seen in the next five seconds, and it is taken in front of him. There are countless sharp spikes in the multi-hand pills, but the appearance of the beautiful scenery is still no change in the face, quietly staring at the repair of the lotion in front of you seems to seek one. Answer. "Your eyes are really amazing ... but ..." In the eyes of it's a little unexpected, it is in the end of the hand, and the six WA arm behind the plungers seems to be involved in countless naked eyes. The thread saw, in front of the white virtual night. "Just starting at the moment you stepped into the Lingwang Palace ... I have begun to build your clothes ... Hundred !!! Numerous crisp body penetrated sounds. I saw that the repair of Duo Luo, who suddenly pulled back the six skeletons 1 arm in his hand. Suddenly, the white virtual night gardened clothes passed in front of the eyes, and the countless sharp spikes were penetrated in an instant, directly penetrating the body of the body.

Chapter 254, Dai Fan Collection (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Solved" to show the ultimate clothes to successfully penetrate the body into countless fatal wounds. The repair of Duo Luo Wei muttered, "Lingwang Palace did not have an intruder for so long," "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" The hand pulling suddenly was stiff, and a dangerous until the extremely warnared suddenly broke out. The four white thunder!!! However, turning is too late. I saw a tenth day of the air in the air. Directly roared, penetrated her body in an instant, with a shining white electric light, gradually dissipated in the air. "How can it be ?!", after the glitch of the moment, the whole body is weak, the whole body is on the ground. The repair of Duo Luo's bracelet tightened his face, and the brow fried deeply. God unexpectedly looked at the moment before he gradually came, "Why didn't you die ?!" Among the original, repair Dove Thousand Pills is the use of the ultimate clothes, and the holy writing of the Impangible Empire Star Ten 807 Word Knights. But weird is that the eyes are also pulled by her ultimate clothes, but there is no blood flowing out, but if there is nothing, she gradually came.

"It seems that in the spiritual life of thousands of years ... I have made you completely forgot the rules of fighting ..." Looking at the repair of the lotion of the neutral pills in front of him, the moment is gradually walking, entering After the imaginaryization, the face of the beautiful evil is revealed, "If there is still the next chance," I remember that I have to confirm that the enemy is completely killed and then puts my back to the enemy. "" White thunder has penetrated your heart ... "Directly crossing the repair of the lotion on the ground, and the moment of the moment is looking at the huge spirit of the sky in front of the sky. One white The virtual night garre is dry, and the vast and spacious table of the Lingwang Palace is getting farther away. You are quiet to lying here ... Looking at the Lingwang Palace to die ... The huge transcendence of the Lingwang Palace. After about more than ten minutes on the huge sector, the huge fan-shaped Lingwang Palace was a moment. At the moment, the five huge cities hanging in the sky in front of the sky were all in front of the temple. "Well ?!" Go to the Lingwang Palace At the end of the table, the time came to the five zero-left halls. At the moment, suddenly the sword eyebrows, the left eye, the blind eye, I predicted an abnormal picture, suddenly the shape suddenly violently retreat. Pattern !! But Obviously it is too late. I saw the ground in the moment, in the air, on the ground, suddenly crazy, gave birth to countless huge rattan ruins, and the whole person was firmly facing.

"Is this ?!" I saw this huge branches in front of this huge branches, they lived around themselves. At the moment, I couldn't help but pat my brow, because he clearly felt that the branches of the branches were crazy and absorbed by themselves. "I just felt the spirit of repairing the lotus thousands of pills weakened sharply ... "Seeing the moment is completely surrounded by the huge branches rattan cage. At this time, three three shadows quietly appeared in front of the moment," It seems not an illusion ... I really invade the Lingwang Palace. One The purple hair is combed into a traditional hair (AHEB) type, wearing a booth-like hair accessories, cheeks have a whirlpool, painted in black lip gloss, ladied by two belts, and a body-based whisper. One face is thin, stay Holding a plane head, put a straw in the mouth, wearing a long-sleeved short-shaped feather, no middle-aged man wearing a mid-to-open blouse. There is also a black Ponk roll hair, next to the short hair Light green, wearing a wide frame of sunglasses, a pair of headphones hanging on the neck, wearing a grass green shirt and slippers, a strange man weaving an alternative Shu Zi Tongheng, "Spring Tang Guan" Qilin Temple Tianzhi Lang and "Knife God" two homes Wang Yue. Since the creation of the soul of the corpse society, creating a corpse medical technology, and creating a corpse society The three main people of the knife. "Hey! Who are you ?!" I saw the "knife God" two housing princes looked at the moment of being hidden in front of the group, and the mouth was unparalleled. "I turned into the Lingwang Palace ... I also knocked down to repairing the Duoyi thousand handles ..." Only all of you are "," I face the two homes in front of the two homes, the eyes are around four times, I didn't see the strongest figure in the zero team. "" Truedom calls the monk "the main department of the soldiers ..." "" Is that guy ... "Seeing the moment in front of himself is completely Stressed but still talk, the shape of the appearance obesity is laughing, "I think you are still worried about yourself ... My bedding can absorb any spiritual form of attack as a nutrient ... in you It is not coming before the breath of drying ... "Pattern This is the seed of dragging boat and uses his body to create trees, so that the seeds absorb their own spiritual pressure, so that it quickly grows into a proliferative tree. .

The growth of the trees after the growing tree can absorb the attack as a nutrient, and it can also extend the branches, even after the attack is destroyed. Tooling boat Tong Sheng described this trick as "life fence". "You are sure" seeing the three Lingwang Palace of the Tangwang Palace in front of you seemed to be a little smhettic, and the face of the unhabited face is unteran. "If you laugh, you can trap me. What is it ... "The seventy-eighth heroes of the rules !!! The sound of the sound of the sound of the sound. Suddenly suddenly waited his palm, the strength of the nest of the nest of the night was in an instant, the power of the ghost road was increased to an incredible height.

Chapter 255 Guild Route (ask for reward and automatic)

Suddenly there is a sharp-eyed sharp edge in front of the space. It seems that a cold light has passed through the entire Lingwang Palace table, but it quickly disappeared, as if something didn't happen. Hey !!! In front of the three spirits, the squad squadron is very large. I saw the huge patch of the temple in front of my eyes, along with the entire fan of the feet, gangled, all crashed together. Smooth cutting is like a mirror, huge patchwork and the entire Lingwang palace table at the foot, and it has been cut down by the powerful ghost blade! Bang !!! Bang a loud noise, spread throughout the space of the entire Lingwang Palace . Until, I watched the entire Lingwang Palace in front of the Lingwang Palace, and the hook fell to the cloud sea, the two housing Wang Yue, the members of the three zero teams were more reactive. . Among the countless years of the Lingwang Palace, they have never been such a significant damage today. "A ordinary seventy-eight ghost. One" in his hand can release such a power to see the moment, so easy to break the bock of boats and the patch of attacks to absorb any spiritual form All the members of the three zero teams in the field have replaced the solemn look. "Not an ordinary opponent ... shot ..." Leng Xiaoqo !! I saw the "Knife" two housing Wang Yue from his belt with the frozen liquid's carry-on box, slow Unplug a seemingly flat-rayful chopper.

"In the past few thousand years ... I personally create a countless cutting knife." After pulling a sheath from the belly of the frozen liquid, the two homes Wang Yue originally a sharp look, "But only this is a failure _" "Because sheaths have extremely high sharpness and slip, no matter how to swear, it will not be damaged, and the blood can also be contaminated." As created The concept of "Knife", the "Knife" of the December, the two homes, his own swordsman, obviously ranked the top of the whole corpse, only seeing special sickles in his Playing with the gods in the hands. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" [" "Cheng !! The voice of the two homings said in the mouth also fluttering in the air. I saw that the whole person has completely disappeared in the original place, and the speed is coming to an incredible point. More incredible Yes, this is called "Washawove", but not only instantly cut the air between the two people, even even the sound of his own mouth is as if he is cut by him. "Good sharp knife ..." "The long hair of several silver-white waterfalls in the air was blocked. The right eye of the right eye is firmly located in front of the sheath that he has arrived in front of himself, and it can't help but start in the heart. Sharise, there is no other attribute, and the only feature of the special chip knife is the ultimate characteristic of the sharp, even if there is no sword in the world to install this. "But the entire Lingwang Palace suddenly except that the big monk, the eyes of the blue blood, suddenly made a fierce and uncomfortable electricity," I will not see yourself enough ... Hey !!! A dull ** The collision sounds sound. No one can see the movements of the moment, and only the body of the moment takes an incredible angle, and the sheath in front of the two houses in front of the two housing.

The hard-casting giant force directly bombards the two housing Wang Yue, directly putting his entire man's shells in a huge standing Tianzhu. After entering the imaginary form, what kind of strength has achieved a force on his body, and it will not be imagined. "Wang Yue !!" I saw that I was in the mainstay of the zero team. The two housing in the forefront was blocked. When the post-victorious dragon boat Tong suddenly sent a excitement, the obese body flexiblely disappeared in the air. If you don't see it, I can't imagine how obese the body is to show such agile transients. "Shining, Jin Kun Welcome." At this time, he attacked the unicorn temple of the moment from another angle, and then directly liberated the long handle knife in his hand, the blade shines out of the glamorous golden light. Kirin Temple, known as "the first official of the zero team", is refined with medical skills and is agile, and the release of the instantaneous speed is not aware that even the broken bee is not. But at this moment, he couldn't confuse his eyes, because a simple sleek knife, has entered his chest. "How can it be. One with the moment of his sword in front of him, the strength of Qilin Temple is beginning to gradually lose, but at this moment, his face is still unbelievable." My left eye can see the next five seconds. The world of the world "If the fire is inserted into the chest of the Qilin Temple, the expression is calmly explained." No matter which angle you, what kind of moving attack, I will be seen by me In the eyes. "Black virtual flashes !!! In the pupil of Qilin Temple, I saw the endless black pond in the air! Concentrated in crazy, formed a whirlpool like a black hole, constantly distorting the surrounding space.

"You are also the same ..." "" Your move is seen in the eyes "" With the black virtual concentration of black flakes, it seems to verify what the words said. I saw that the boat is born, and I just appeared on the moment of being attacking, and I suddenly found that the ethical index of the black virtual flash is aimed at her head.

Chapter 256, killing (seeking rewards and automatic)

Lingwang Palace. The huge sector was won half of the spiritual palace table. At this moment, the four soldiers of the zero team, and the repair of Duo Luo, who had already fallen in the first half of the first half of the Lingwang Palace. The two housing Wang Yue was in an instant, and the Qilin Temple Tianzhilang was inserted into the chest if the fire is inserted into the chest. And boasing, at this time, I am widely glared in my eyes, and I caught the cold sweat slipped from her head. Because the black flakes on the eye finger finger in front of the eye pointer have been condensed to the ultimate, the surrounding space is unnatural twisted. Byebye ... The silent spit out of this two words ... The surrounding "7 three zero" seems to be solidified. I saw the flash of the finger fingertips to condense the horror black flakes, suddenly like a nuclear bomb. I have heard any violent sound in everyone's ear, I saw the black horror deflash twisted in front of the whole space. After the black horror deflash ultrackhand off the sound barrier, everything around it is all hidden. Go, there is only the endless huge black virtual flash column in front of the world!

Boom !!! I saw the horrible black flakes released in the hands of the moment, and I directly wore the entire Lingwang Palace at the foot of everyone, revealing the following endless void and cloud sea. In the black virtual flash hit in the spatial range of almost zero-distance, the sound of the boat is not sent to the sound of the boat. The whole person directly creates the most small particles in this world, completely disappearing in the air. With the release of the ghost and a black deficiency, I saw a huge fan-shaped Lingwang Palace table, and I was finally overwhelmed, and I started to fall. I saw that the Lingwang Palace floated on the endless void Yunhai, and completely made a huge drop of a block, completely pulverized. The huge battle movement here, finally caught the attention of all the spirit of the Lingwang Palace. After all, in the past few years, the high-income of the Lingwang Palace has never been so unprecedented. "Tong live !!, flying dust and fog spread. Feel the bovan life full of complete disappearances in the Lingwang Palace. Insert a sword inserted into the chest, Qilin Temple, and next to Tianzhu When the two homes who got up, Wang Yue suddenly broke out. Bone bone hell !! There is a little stunned from his own sword eyebrows. I saw a large piece of Qilin Temple in front of him. The strange hot springs, from the air, I flooded the three remaining three people in the air. As being purely formed by the Qilin Temple Shenglang, I saw the Qilin Temple Tianzhi Lang and the Two Houses. Wang Yue's injury is being recovered quickly. "I have made so many medical hot springs with my own spiritual press?" I'm quietly fooled in half air, watching the white medical hot springs that I poured at my feet. I can't help but pull my mouth, "I really have such a thing in the world" "This guy ..." "In the Lingwang Palace, it can be flying ..." Seeing the moment in front of the moment, it is relaxed to float. In the spiritual spirit of the atmosphere, the Summit of the Soul Soul, soak the Qilin Temple in the White Medical Hot Springs in the foot and the two homes were shocked.

"One strike solves you ..." Looking at the two hoodeds of the two homes, the two homes of the Qilin Temple, the two homes, the two homes, the two homes, the two homes. The Eighty-eight Dragon thieves shot Tianlei !! I saw that the black and white metaphysical book around the body is surrounded by the Bible, and it is like a evil degeneration. And the spirit in the air started the crazy riots, under the increase in the increase in the chapter of the Eternal Night Bible Nightmare, a natural level of ghosts suddenly formed in the palm of the hand! "Well ?!" At this time, I want to explode, I have a strong ghost, the Qilin Temple, the injured Qilin Temple, and the two homes, and suddenly turned. "Finally, I'm gotting out ... The big monk ... Thousands of miles of palm !! Like the picture foreseen of the blink of the left eye of the left eye. ...... I only see the distance from the extreme distance, all the spirits in front of the air suddenly dropped away from the distance. Zero from the distance In the moment, I suddenly broke out a huge bad palm, and I took a destructive power of all dead gods. Suddenly crushed all obstacles and air in front, and stringing a pound pressure directly shot. At the moment. The leader of the zero team "Truedom call monk" soldiers, the main department of the soldiers, the main part of the soldiers, if it is not a flash of the cave, it is estimated that he can't react to the original. The friend of the Royal Palace is the direct whole person who is directly from the army of the soldiers. It can be seen that the powerful powerful bang!!! The spirit of the elderly and quiet empty spirits seems to be suddenly A hydrogen bomb is put into bombs. The light of the light is directly illuminated that the Lingwang Palace is originally bright space, and the devastating 4.1 airflow directly flew all the buildings around the surroundings.

I saw that in the palm of the flash of the hand, I went straight out a blue-white picture shocking pounds. Just like a star missile from self-sufficiency, it is directly in charge of a thousand miles of the guards of the guards of the soldiers, and all things around them are generally broken as glazed. Under the power of the Eternal Night Bible, the ghosts released by the moment made the millennium heavenly guards, the millennium, the millennium, and restored to the most primary spirit of the Lingwang Palace. "Strong power ..." From the main part of the soldiers from the distant hall, he saw this scene to be shocked.

Chapter 257, Coicker (seeking rewards and automatic)