Rumble !!! The entire Lingwang Palace shines on a blue white light. I saw the flying dragon whiskers released by the moment, the thunder was crushed and the soldiers were kilometers behind the heavens. It turned out to be Yu Wei, and the "true name called the monk" soldiers, the soldiers of the soldiers, slammed. The three roads "Iron wind kill" !! In the face of the flying dragon whiskers in front of the Thunder Electric, the sky is hitting the thunder. The spiritual power of the "true famous call monk" soldiers, the spiritual power in the soldiers, suddenly condensed, I saw him for a deep breath, as if a bite took all the spirits in front of the air. Immediately, I saw the "true name called the monk" soldiers, the army arm of the soldiers, the arm suddenly expanded, and the above faintness seems to have a pound of ram in the body. Hey !!! When the "true name called the monk" soldiers, the spiritual power in the army army pulse suddenly agglomerated to a limit. I saw him only see him, and the flying thief released in front of him. The 07 dragon thief shocked the Tianleng. The condensed spirit released a huge faucet from the palm. I saw this huge faucet spit out of the powerful and fierce climbing. I crushed the flying thief that was released in front of myself. I bombarded the moment of the moment! "" "" "" "" The hidden road in the middle ... "Looking at the huge faucet and violent climbing wind in front of him, the flash of blue blood is flashing. Different from the rules, the concept of the rules is above the cross.

It is not to say that power is better than all breaks, but the existence of the rules is equivalent to the existence of the zero team, and in accordance with the blind eye of the moment, the military main department of the soldiers The concept should be the intensive spiritual force in the body, then the body is brought out. "Instant Yin" and the "instantaneous" in the night of the Foufa Prefecture, the situation of the ghost and the white play is similar, but also in the province, while singing, it can also directly show it. "I have no work to accompany you to play ..." I will solve you ... "I flash countless ideas in my mind. When the leading faucet in front of him and the way, the eyes of the blue blood red eyes were finally completely cooled. The flash of Wang Xixu !!! With the sound of the moment. I saw the flash of the right hand slowly extended his right hand, and he was firmly aligned with the "True National History" soldier. All concentrations of concentrations in the air, the spirit of the enemy, in this moment, it seems that all the viscous water flows, all crazy cohesive hit to the hands of the moment. A huge light column with silk blood in a black, suddenly blooms in the flashlight! This huge black red light column has appeared, even the glory of the sky is unable to cover its darkness! This is completely destroyed The birth of the birth seems to be like an unstopable catastrophe. Especially in the rumble of rumbling, there is a numerous thing in the light column in the fracture. Hear this giant ring. There is an illusion in all people in the field. It seems to see the scene of countless stars in the sky. Suddenly cracking in front of them. Mountain river discoloration, earth disintegration. "Truedom call monk" soldiers, the soldiers, the soldiers, who released the ghosts, released the smoke.

All all things and sights around them are like being drawn, hidden from their own traces, and the eternal architecture of the Synneu Palace is constantly being shaken. "Ah, ah !!!" "Black! One text !!!" Facing the flash of the king deficiency in front of the earth. The soldiers, the soldiers, a soldier, the deep red eyes were blocked, and they directly liberated the words of the appearance of their hands like a huge brush. !!! I only saw a huge brush in the guard of the soldiers, and the front end of the front end turned into this world's most sharp blade, and the horror of the black and red, the horror column is directly smashed! The thing is emerging from a text of the soldiers, and the ability of " " directly cuts half of the flash of the flash of the king deficiency. Bang!!!! But the black red light release released in the moment is still in an instant to flood his body, and directly through the land of the entire Lingwang Palace and the distance from the distance.

"The main department of the soldiers !!!" I saw the flash of the king deficiency of the soldiers who were destroyed in the sky, and the Qilin Temple under the foot and the two homes were surprised. . Cheng "The two sharp blades of the air broke the sound barrier. I saw the Kirin Temple in the ground white medical hot springs and the two houses Wang Yue had already appeared in an instant. One is Jin Guang's four shot Jinxin welcomes, one is the world's most sharp squash, and one left and right directly forms the homogenesis of the hiking. "The car is car" in the face of the left and right sides The Qilin Temple Tianzhi Lang and the Two Housewang Yue. At the moment, a glimpse, suddenly surrounded by the air temperature suddenly dropped to an ultimate ice point. "Ice ... knot ... ring !!!" I saw I spit out three words from the mouth of the icy. The air surrounded by the surrounding air is completely solidified. The overwhelmed snoring of frozen snoring. In the face of the Qilin Temple of the left and right sides Two housing Wang Yue, I saw it in the moment. The vast vast ice cosmic frozen force suddenly broke out. I fired a cold and cold white light, and the speed of light was condensed into a huge incapacity in the air. The ring of ice, suddenly spread to the four-sided eight-party "this is ?!", watching the huge ice rings that suddenly bloom in front of him, the Qilin Temple Tianzhi Lang and the two house Wang Yue two pupils, the face is a madness " Oops!!"

Chapter 258 is not a meat (ask for reward and automatic)

"It's too late ... No one knows what kind of scene is foreseen in the future of the God of the left eye. But the moment is to wear the idea that the Qilin Temple Tianzhi Lang and the two houses want to get out. And motivation, in the face of the ethlown of the evil, showing the general smile. It seems that the entire time and space is falling. In the unicorn Temple, the two homes, the two houses, the two homes, the two of the two people. They are two It is said that all things have stopped moving, as if all things have been stopped, as if they are going to stop. The unicorn Temple Tianzhi Lang and the two homes are Yue, but it is frightened. Don't open your own legs. Together with the spirits among the air, the figure of the Qilin Temple Tianzhi Lang and the two houses is completely frozen. "After today," "You have The team will not exist ... "Looking at the Qilin Temple of the Qilin Temple, which is completely frozen in his own ice ring, and the two homes, Wang Yue, the eyes of the blue blood, the eyes of the blue blood seems to be affordable I made a red hot flame.

Sorrowful fire is too knife !!! In the incredible gaze of the unbelievable eyes of the Qilin Temple Tian Lang and the Two House Wang Yue. I saw that the whole body shockped in an instant, she bombarded the red and endless terrorism. It seems that a round of eternal big days in the instant is blooming in front of them, and one thousand five million degrees of destroying flames, instantly taking all the moisture in the Lingwang Palace. "Is this?!" I feel the horror temperatures in front of myself, the Qilin Temple Tianzhi Lang and the two houses Wang Yue have done, "Yamamoto's resulted fire is too knife ?!" "Don't talk ... "After the fire is launched, the whole person is wrapped in the boundless destroyed burst, as the big day of the sky is coming," Just like this quietly, it is not very good ... "The fire is too knife Heaven and earth ashes !!! The sound of the moment is falling. The arm of the right hand moved to the Qilin Temple in front of the Qilin Temple, and the two homes were suddenly cleared. In an instant, the thinking of the two homework is stagnant, and the fire red ultra-long knife that is purely symbolizing the destroyed fire is, from the moment of the moment, as if Changhong is generally waved. It seems that this is from the destruction of the wilderness. It seems that this seems to believe in the sword, the knife is a flying ash annihilation. Qilin Temple Tianzhi Lang and the two houses did not have a second color between the whole world, and the eyes were only in the eyes, and there was no end of the knife.

Boom !!! A sound from the original squeezing. I saw that this is the same as the name of this trick, as if the whole world of the trick is ash. The huge flaming, the knife swept the entire Sumang Palace, and the entire huge city of the sky was directly being attached to this sword. The fall was subjected to the endless cloud sea void. The Qilin Temple Tianzhi Lang and the two house Wang Yue two strengths and high-quality zero teams, even the opportunities of the tragic screaming did not send, and directly made a dark ashes powder floating in the air. Hey !!! The two homework is completely ash. In the air, a sharp blank voice sounded, and only a sharp, a sharp, a sharp, a sharp, and the moment was directly grabbed. It is the "knife God", the two homes, the world's most sharp squad, the world. "Nice Corner" has grasped the sheath falling in front of the air. The deep eyes of the moment were quietly turned quietly on the sheath and sharp blade, and found that this sharpness of the knife simply reached an incredible level, almost could not find a sword sheath that can accommodate it. "I didn't have the fire of the fire." Wang Zhimongbao !!! Tiandi's golden light-eye light shines, a piece of invisible portal is quietly opened. Anyway, the moment is still choosing to take the wort to income the king's treasure, after all, Wang Zhi's treasure is the 62 hundred steps !! Just at this time. At the moment, I have just solved the members of the Qilin Temple Temple Lang and the Two House Wang Yue. At this time, there was a sudden appearance of countless luminous spirit, and the whole pixel was locked in an instant, and the whole person was firmly fixed in half air.

Is this ?! "Seeing the sudden changes in front of me, the deep eyes of the moment suddenly looked at it." Black! One text! "I saw a thick voice. A huge brush pen has formed a The sharp thick blade suddenly smashed into the body. "Do not name meat ..." Heli is a soldier owner that appeared in the sky. I saw him with a thick text in his hand. After that, the wound wound did not appear, but the black ink suddenly appeared above the white-white virtual gardens. When there is a moment, the moment is only deprived, only residual Half of power. "The power of the fire is full of fire. When I saw my hand, I was completely thrown by the soldiers, and I had a fire, I have completely feel that it is hot, I can't help but Jianbei The whole, "It is completely sealed" "" "Lost name ... It means losing strength. A reappearing soldier, one soldier, seeing the moment in front of you seemed a little surprised, talking between the words of the words "The physical strength is halved." ... "speed halving ... was hit by the characteristics of the non-smashing meat !!! The text of the soldiers soldier guards, instantly, a dark ink appeared in an instant At the body

Chapter 259 does not turn too to kill Mausoleum (seeking rewards and automatic)

"You see ..." "Dragon Rufang" only has "Drama" ... _ "Left only" "... The word in the hands of the meat is black and black, The soldier main department, a soldier, who took the huge brush blade, "Your name is along with all your strength ... all have only half ..." " Focus on the explanation of a soldier guardian. The whole body is painted in black ink, I really feel that I have lost half of my body, I can't help but feel the strength of the soldiers and guards. It is worthy of the guy who once crucified friends in the original. A thousand miles of heaven !! After using a text, it is black. "The real name called the monk" soldiers, the main department of the soldiers directly use a thousand miles of heaven, condensed a huge incapacity in the sky, and suddenly stabbed. Boom !!! It was directly smoked in the sky in the sky, and it was directly in the earth's earth, and the dust was filled between the earth. "It's a wolf ..." Among the dusty smoke, the movement of the moment gradually stood from the deep pit. "I know all things in the soul ... and" true famous call monk "naming is different from the" true name "of the soldiers ... I saw the moment from the ground in the deep pit. It is not used by the ultra-velocity and regeneration after the ultimate deficiency, and after the heavy blow, there is no more scar, and there is no shortage.

"But if your attack is only such a degree ... I will be very disappointed. One" After a text is black, I will gradually get out of the moment, if you don't have something to get out of the ground, you will gradually get out of the moment. The look of the soldiers in the soldiers of the big monk finally looked up. "It's still able to directly resist my thousands of miles away from the palm of the palm." It's a monster "" For a long time, you don't see it ... ", After walking from the ground of the soldiers, after the land of the soldiers, it has finally greeted this big monk in front of him. "The last time we met ... or ten years ago When you invite me to join the zero team ... "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" The soldiers of the soldiers were unparalleled, "I can't think of ... we will see you again ..." The flash of my proudness has been completely hit. You are all right. " The soldier main department sold deep eyes, and the moment is quietly talked to him. In his mind, the flash of his whispered fantasy has completely bombarded him. "How did you escape?" "Name ..." There is no smashing, the soldier main department first answered questions, "The name is my strength ... Even if my body is completely destroyed, I can call my name through others ... so borrow it. The power of the call is resurrected "" It turned out ... "I heard the answer of the soldiers, and suddenly nodded. Suddenly remembered the Qilin Temple Tianzhi Lang and the two homes Wang Yue Dahao Master The scene of the soldier name. "Many said no longer." "" Everything is already unreasonable ... I have been dyed in a text, you have lost your name "Look at the spirit of the Lingwang Palace that is completely destroyed in front of him, and there is also three huge floating in the sky. The city is zero to the temple. One of the soldiers of the soldiers, a soldier, the deep red glasses passed, and the huge brush knife blade in his hand turned in his hand. "He left here to bear the condemns !!!" I really made a white text !! After the soldiers of the soldiers, the voice of the soldiers fell. Suddenly launched a true truth, which is the understanding.

It's really the old saying that the corpse is the oldest statement, it is the development of the current in the world, and the evolution of the evolution. Do not turn too to kill !! Entering the tricks of the knife is also the way, the soldier main department, a soldier, a soldier, to show his ultimate killings in front of the moment. "Dusk, dark night, trouble, come to drink a bowl, I will drink this bowl of soul, I fly, I fly, there is a lot of flowers, blooming with a good food, dyed with dark Eight pieces, the black flames, smoked to black, enjoy a meal. After a full meal, the white bones are tired, the tomb of the tomb, and the horses are sad. His Shatt, it is difficult to resume. Want to become a sacrifice, no possibility "Only see the space around the two people around the brake and the soldiers, suddenly sounded the deep-critical spell of the soldiers who sang. "Is this?!" Seeing the soldiers of the singer, the leaders of the soldiers, the left-eyed God of the left eye foreseeds the future after a second, and the pupil suddenly turned suddenly. !!! I saw that all all things around him were all blackened by him, and the soldiers were guarded, and the soldiers were able to drink extra ink in their hands. While continued to sing the spell, the soldiers were drawn on the ground, and the surrounded mausoleum, and there were a black deep mausoleum and the tombstone, which revealed that a Chinese horrible breath. "L into the dark hell, one moment - one" Don't turn too kill !!! "After singing all the spells, I saw the big and Shang soldiers soldiers and soldiers.

Hey !!! Suddenly all of all the paint-ink flooded things. Also included in the black moment, the black part of the body was absorbed, and all the flesaded bones were even the dark and completely disintegration. (Death, recently ended in these two days, caught up without departure).

Chapter 260 INDUSTRO (seeking rewards and automatic)

"everything is over……"

Shipping does not turn too much to kill, and all all the black things around you are absorbed.

I saw the two hands and ten soldiers who were standing in a smash black ink, and the mouth was deep and thick and lost.


Truth or famous

The soldier main department defeated everything that has been known.

As a result, the scene that happened, but he made him unbelievable and widened his red eyes.


One of the air in the air passed into his ears, followed by he saw an incredible scene in front of his eyes.

I saw the space where I was originally absorbed by him without turning too much. It was like a time, which was like a time.

There is a piece of black gas in the air as if there is an invisible big hand manipulation.

All things around them are completely absorbed by him without turning too much, all of which are generally gradually becoming the initial look.

A white figure, I have never reappeared in front of him.

Silver White is like a waterfall, a long hair, handsome and evil face, and a blue-blue scorpion, just after being completely absorbed by him without turning too much.


The soldiers, the soldiers, the soldiers guarded some eyes, and all this happened in front of him ago.

"In the end what happened?

Looking at the moment before, there is a good moment, the soldiers who cannot be confident in the mouth of the soldiers.

"did you see it……"

"My left eye ..."

Looking at the soldiers who were unbelievable in front of him, the flashlight stretched the hand and referred to his deep left eye. "It not only sees the future power, there is also the power to change the past."

See the future?

Change the past?

The sound of the moment is not big, but the words are like a sharp, unsatisfied, and inserted into the heart of the soldiers.

How can someone have this kind of power in the world ... "I only saw that the main department of the soldiers was still imagined. He looked at the moment in front of him. I know ... I only see the future of the future. "

"Change the past"

The main department of the soldiers defeated himself, "

How can this possible ... I really can have this kind of thing ... "

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Racating collapse system "

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Just when the soldiers defended himself.

At the moment, I slammed the ground on the ground on the ground. Then the left eye blusted eyes and blue electric light, and immediately recovered the smashing brick rubble on the ground.

"See it ..." So, whether you are you ... or anyone else ... I look at the soldiers who have been shocked in front of you, the moment, the face of the beautiful, and the face is like a devil, "

No matter how many times kill me _ I can re-restore yourself from the long river from the past ... "

Turn back to the eye must be able to!

I took advantage of the forefoot soldiers, the soul of the soul, was shocked by himself.

In the air of the air, the lacquer burning spiritual giant is hidden. It is a huge demon god of great demon gods that have been opened directly to some of the huge demon gods that have a huge magic god of the soldiers. "What is this ?!" The Ming of the Ming of the Military Soldier. Just back from the midst of ignorance, I saw the huge things that I was summoned after my eyes, as if I can crush the whole zero. When the soldier main department, he was very shocked. The moment of the feet seems to be like a light stone fire. When you move your entire man in another orientation.

! !!! But obviously the moment is partially aimed to be able to think of the movement speed is far more than his imagination. It seems that there is no practical quality in general, and the top of the great devil's hands must be odded in reality and illusions. Directly grabbed the leadership of the soldiers. "Now ..." "Don't be imagined behind the best, you must grasp the soldiers of the army. After watching the military, the soldiers who have been struggling, and the corner of the moment. The smile is enough to make this world all enemies, "The whole song should never call your name again, let you resurrect," Your Peng !!! God's round, the bloody, the blood, the blood color, the moment The most active must be protruded to the arm, and the soldiers in front of each of each of them were sacred. In the bloody rain of the sky, the huge blacks were extremely important after the sky. Zo can gradually dissipate. The white virtual night gougone is not stained, the whole person is like the gods of the fall, beautiful, powerful, can't overcome. "Ling Wang," deep monster, look quiet Seiyuo, like a Lingwang, a graceful, high-level, tower building. In the case of a faint approach, it seems to have seen the seal frozen in the transparent mysterious cookie. Good star The eyes of Mang can see everything in the three worlds, but the limbs are incomplete, and they can't help but mutter. "Let me see ... You control the three-in-law of the three borders ... What exactly what is like? .

Chapter 261 Lingwang (seeking rewards and automatic)

Lingwang Palace.

The original suspended huge Lingwang Palace gauge, and there are three huge urban zero departure from the three, which have long been fully fallen in the battle.

At this moment, in the middle of the Lingwang and the remaining two zero swearing the sky, a white figure is flying at a speed, and it is the moment of all members of the Lingwang Palace.


"It is the big nectari of the spirit of the Ling Wang.

Looking at the huge and closer, the huge collapse of the huge tower of the sky is floating in the sky, and the eyes of the moment suddenly falls on the two huge city palaces that are floating at the foot.


Looking at the huge city of the quiet floating in the sky, the eyes of the moment, the eyes of "two or seven zero" suddenly flashed, "That is the" Knife "two house Wang Yue's Phoenix Temple ...

"The two houses Wang Yue is" knife "" "knife" ... "

I remembered that I have only a few weapons in my king's treasure, I have an idea when I have an idea.

Renovation of eyes · God !!!

IL? Read and this, the moment directly launched the moment to move into the huge suspended city under the feet.

"Among the imagination ..."

After finally falling on the ground, the huge city you were in the moment, I found that the temple is far more than I imagined, "it is even bigger ...

"I don't know: the housing Wang Yue guy ..."

After entering the phoenix temple of the two homings in front of the two homes, the moment is fully explored, and the vision of the whole city is wearing the whole city.

Using God's transfusion eye covers the neutrality of the entire two houses Wang Yue, and the moment is finally found in a similar forging room.

"A lot of"

After entering the main hall of the two homeways.

At the moment, I watched everywhere, all of which were all overwritten, and suddenly the eyes were bright. "I have collected such a large-scale knife ... It is worthless to create a corpse world "...

I saw the entrance of the flash, and I was full of all-in-laws in front of the whole hall, and there were even some unfinished unfair to build a shallow knife.

The moment is a rough one, and there is tens of thousands of church knife collections.

When the two housing Wang Yue is still alive, these sings of the knife usually become his country's guards and the residents of the whole city.

But now the two houses Wang Yue has been killed, all of which are returned to the knife, and quiet is placed in this hall.

Wang Zhifa !!!

Seeing so many cars in front of you.

At the moment, the heart of the heart moved, and suddenly opened the king of the king.

A golden glare in the surrounding space shines, and one invisible portal in the air was opened.

Round looks · Vientiane Tianxiang !!!

I saw the beginning of the flash of the right eye and the blood color was flashing.

In the air, it suddenly extends an invisible pound gravitational force, and suddenly a piece of dangly sounds, and countless sings in front of them are all attracted by the gravitation.

It is like a long whale to absorb the water, and only tens of thousands of knives are in the half-air, as if they are in the air, they are all in the moment, all of which are completely incomplete. Wang Zhi's treasure.

"nailed it"

After all the squids of the two homes of the "knife" in front of the eyes, all the collections of all the collections of the Hyien were all absorbed into their Wang Zhi's treasure, and they were looking forward to muttering. "I don't know if I can use the collapse system in the future. All of these are all liberated ... "

If you can follow the moment it is expected in the moment, the power of the jade system has successfully liberated these all the eliminates.

When I face the enemy, I just need to open the king's treasure, there is countless in the endless voids, and there is countless, the sorrow of the liberation form is crazy, the same picture is not too beautiful ..., ...

After absorbing all the war knife created by the two homes of "knife God".

It took directly to the sky, and flew to the spirit of the Slee Ling of the Top of the Sky.

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A total of four floors is divided into four layers, the place where the King's sleep is located at the top floor of the whole spirit.

Reincarnation · God is going to be!!!