Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 650 of Hueding Crack System

Cheng Cheng ...

The four-story palace in the Lingwang Dadway.

As the air in the air, the white figure is faster than the light, and there are countless spiritual guards around them.

Because the speed of the moment is too fast, even the opportunities of these Lingwang Palace guards the gods, there is no chance to react, and all the clothes are all lost forever.


"I finally saw you"

Cross the foot of the squad, the body of the squid guard

3.4 At the moment, I finally saw the main hall in front of the temple. If you show a huge oval, a huge oval-shaped transparent mystery I Po.

In this huge mysterious L, it is faintly about an incomplete figure in it. It does not move as if there is no life.

"No arm ... no leg, feet ... no ear?"

Approaching around, the moment is finally seen in front of the mysterious crystal glass to seal the spirit of the king.

Black hair, no ear, no arm, there is no leg, there is only a pair of blacks like the common eyes, as if everything in the three rings "," Sure enough, you are like a friend, you said ... You are an increasing god. what…… "

Chapter 262 Millennium Blood Wars (seeking rewards and automatic)

Paint black ask.

The middle pupil is a white four-pointed star, as if there is no fluctuation of life.

In the case of quiet, there is no feeling of watching the eyes of the eyes, as if wearing a soul of the moment, it seems to see throughout the world's operation and rules.

I have never seen such eyes in an instance.

Although it will not speak, it will not move, but there is no doubt that this seal is frozen in the mysterious crystal swear.

It has been completely ultra-personal, and the life form of human, dead, and destroyed, became the hub of the world, the virtual ring, the corpse soul, is the world's highest gland

"It's really trouble ...

"You can't absorb ..." You can't destroy ... "" How to deal with you ... Ling Wang ... "

Quietly talked about his eyes, as if it was in another eternal life form, and it was a bit of a bitter frown.

Attempting to make 07 to use God to reincarn into the spirit of the spirit of the spirit, the result is that there is no movement, as if the spiritual force is equally equally two energy architectures.

And if you kill the king, the Lingwang is the key of this world. If the king is dead, the corpse is dead, the ancestral, the present, all everything will crash, this is not what is willing to see.

After all, it is not the top secondary yuan of the world's anti-origin. It does not move the extreme idea of ​​destroying the world, the experience and dominance of this world is the true purpose of the moment.


"Ling Wang ... Today my arrival ... have you foreseen?

Simply use the gods to construct a throne from the virtual unity, and the moment is sitting next to the Lingwang. It seems to be self-speaking, as if it seems to ask about the neutrality of the nephew, "then ... What is the future of this world in your eyes? "

Ling Wang, of course, I can't answer the problem.

It is still in the mysterious crystal king.

A pair of black and white opposite Xingmang eyes, quietly watching the world of the eyes, as if it is like a lofty god who will only dedication will not ask.

Heavenly day.

The ground is over the year.

Although the gap between the Songwang Palace and the signs of the corpse does not meet such an exaggerated point.

But after all the time is still sneaked in the gap of the fingertips.

Just prepared for all the dead gods in the world.

In the blink of an eye, the time came to nine days, this seemingly ordinary afternoon.

Field of shadows build spiritual space !!

Sike, a dark shadow seems to have life and spirituality, the general suddenly climbed the whole symbol of the whole Sulve, and then as if it is like the plague.


"It is the destruction of the invisible empire!"

At this time, the spirit of the Libin instrument detected the spirit of the immigrants destroyed.

There were countless wearing precision spirit of the 12th Qi and the Technology Development Bureau, and the death of the precision spirit is sudden, reminding all the death of the A Ling Pean already in the invisible empire, but the teacher invaded to the spirit of the spirit.

But obviously, even if the Death of the A Ling Tong pays attention to the invasion of the invisible empire, it has stopped anything.

I saw it as if it is like a plague, and in the friendly manipulation of the friend, Habach, a wide range of unrequited white spirits spread in the entire Silk Tint.

"What is that?!"

"Why is the Sudling Spirit suddenly become this?

All the dead gods in the entire Sulve Tink are shocked to their eyes, and it is constantly being staged in front of this incredible scene.

I saw the building and streets of the whole D Ling Ting's original all the people who were familiar with the entire D Ling Ting, which became a white European building in front of the building and streets that were familiar with the entire D Ling Ting.

That is the construction of the invisible empire, friend Haubach actually uses the ability to build a spirit of spirit, and directly move the entire intangible empire to the corpse!

"It seems that you seem to be surprised."

It seems that all the shocks of death in front of you.

A snow-white destruction, the blonde, the cold, the rain, Golan, Haswart, who has never quietly appeared in the shadow of the Silies, and the shadow of the Silies.

"How did they invade Xia Ling Tin ?!"

I saw the emergence of an invisible empire, and all the dead gods were all reacted.

"No" This time, he has already served as the head of the head of the 13th team of Guandu, he has seen a Ni Ni, "said that it is not very accurate." ... "They should be in the spirit In

"It is a new commander 280 ..." J

I saw the Beijing-Le Spring water, I have guess their invasion, the amount of the browing of the micro-sluggish browse, the saint, and the Yasjin Nakroval, "Yes ... we invisible The empire has always existed in the shadow of Seiling Ting ... "" "As an extinguishing teacher who combats the spirit ...

Standing in a member of the Star Cross Knight Group of the Iydon Empire, Yaskin Nacravar has spread its own hands. "In this, there is an infinite spirit of the corpse density ... no one can Come over! "

"No one can overcome you?" At this time, a arrogant voice came from the distance, "I don't want it ...