Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 651 of Hueding Crack System

"I want to know that you invader the imperiality of the invader ..."

In all the eyes of death and destroy, I saw a group of people wearing a white osteogenic mask on a white virtual night, gradually gotting over them.

He is the ten blade of the virtual night palace and the broken legion, I saw Greemjo station in the middle of the two people in Starke and Ulci, a face of the Impangled Imperial Cross. Knights.

"It's all we all have we done ..."

Chapter 263 confrontation (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Overweight? (Huedian Crack System 263)!"

Seeing the emergence of the ten blade and the broken army in front of him, all the immigrants in all Intangible empire were all stunned. "When is it started?"

Immediately, I saw a black man in a white hair, the invisible Empire saint text code X. Lijie Baro didn't worry about them. "The death of the corpse is actually collapsed with the broken surface of the virtual ring ... "

"no way.…

"Who lets you have the destruction of these Impangible Empire too,"

At this time, a cold and arrogant voice came.

I heard this some familiar voice, and all people in the field have come back.

116 Temple Captain! Thursday! There is also weaving! "

After seeing a few people's figure, I saw the blond giant breasts, and the face was suddenly commented on the face, "you ..."

It is a broken bee, and the Synno and Weiji have Dragon, I saw that they all wear a white-new virtual night gardener, which appeared to be horses and unable to violate.

Especially in the body, there is a burst of strength to the extreme pyramid fluctuations, and all people who have made people present are on their own.

"The spirit of your body ...

When I felt the brushes of my horses, the huge push of the face hit, Jingle Spring water could not help but be a glimpse.

"Although I am not the captain of the two teams ...

I saw all the shock expressions on the FF3i 'Ling Ting's dead face. I saw the broken bee. A proudly, the idiot of the arrogance, "But if I let me see all the imperial imperial But the teacher killed "· I can't do it.". ... "

I 's bee captain! You finally come back! "

I saw that the broken bee appeared, I saw the two teams who were most dependent on the bee, but often broken bee pain, and the heads of the Tian Xi thousand generations directly flew over the broken bee.


There is no doubt that I saw the big head of the big head of the past, and I was directly broken into the foot below the feet.

"Do you have no harmony ... Let's fight ...

After all of the death and breakfast were all set, I saw the eyes of Urcheola's death deeply glanced at the invisible empire of the eyes, "If the friend, Haubach destroyed the corpse The world ... so the virtual ring will disappear ... "

"So ... no matter what we don't all let you destroy the soul of the corpse ...

Seeing the atmosphere on the entire battlefield is stretched to the ultimate, the war is touched.


"Why didn't you see his figure." "At this time, the battlefield of Jingling Ting suddenly took a low low voice.

A high middle-aged middle-aged man who has made a beard in a black long, quietly stepped into this final battlefield with a deep red cloak coat.

"His Majesty!"

I saw the appearance of this man in front of him, and I saw the people of the Intangible Empire.


And the other side of the dead and broken, seeing this man's appearance, all have alert alert, "Your Majesty, did not see the trail of the moment."

Rain Galan Haswart went to the friend of Habach slightly, and the indifferent looks on the face never change.

"I said……"

"You are the boss of this group of monkeys."

At this time, I saw the ten blade and the broken army of the virtual night palace, and the personality that was the most beautiful, Gremjo, interrupted his friends, Habach and Rain Galan, Haswand. dialogue.

"I'm giving me a sentence before I left," I saw Ge Limjo, who immediately reached the friend's head of the world, "If you want to absorb the power of the spirit ... He will be Lingwang Palace waiting for you

Lingwang Palace ...

In the face of Gremjo's attitude, Friends Haber did not be angry, but after hearing the content in his words, dark red double di suddenly looked.

"Haswand ..."

I saw the friend Haubach asked himself to the rain. Haswart, "Take the" key "... You have a few together to enter the Lingwang Palace" "Yes."

Rain Gran Haswart nodded, took out his own cross spirit from his own cloak, and took the sword to the top of the Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Total Aggregation.


Between hours.

Swordsman showing the rustic sword in the hoe of the sword in the hoe of the sword.

When the Employee's feet were up, there was a white hexagon ram on the sky, and the radius straight to the entire corpse of the somewhere of the somewhere.

"Barrosha Lei Robert ... You do three to my demon palace with me

After seeing the key to the Lingwang Palace, Friend Haubach picks up the knights of the Three New Crown Cavaliers. "Haswand _ here will be given to you."


Seeing Friends Habo with the first three invisible Empire's star cross knight team members stepped into the white hexagon column under the foot, Jingle Chunshui suddenly shocked.

However, it is too late.

Take Friends Habak and Three Implications of the Three Implications of Three Implications have completely disappeared in the white hexagon column at the foot (the money), as if everything has happened.

"The Lingwang Palace is the battle of Your Majesty ...

The Beijing Lichun water seemed to be stupid. I saw the Cross Liezi, the tyrants in the rains, Haswart, and pulled a deep gully on the ground, stopped all the death of all the dead.

"Here is our battle ...

The crusade of the rains in Haswart Word, the sword, the sword, one refers to the death of the death and break, and the handsome face is indifferent to the extreme.