Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 652

" " "

The heart is in the heart, and the face of the ten blade and the broken army has also revealed excited smile. "Let you know what we have experienced in the past 17 months!"

Millennium Blood War, officially opened.

Chapter 264, goodbye (seeking rewards and automatic)

Lingwang Palace.

The Lingwang Palace table is on the wreck of floating in the sky.

Suddenly open a white hexagon column, four people's figure came out of them.


"Is it a Lingwang Palace ..."

After walking from the white light column, you will lose your eyes, and there are countless bright huge buildings, and the Lingwang Palace table that is completely destroyed under the feet, and there are three falls in the distance in the sky. Zero.

Litjie Baro shocked, widened his right eye, "What happened to the battle ... I have made it into this here ..." "It seems that it is here to come here ...

After the deep red eyes glanced over the circle around him, the friend Habo immediately understood that the five guys of the zero team took a large scale of a big battle ... "

"See the traces of the battle here ...

Slightly golden short hair, wearing a hooded high collar dress, a short juvenile Greti Toro, the body has studied the blood stains and corpse debris on the ground, and a reasonable judgment is made.

"The five guys who should be the zero team are all killed."

The combat power exceeds the zero team of the Thirteen of the Sulve Ting Tantand ...

Are all people have been killed?

After you have this conclusion, in addition to Friends Habach.

The remaining four invisible Empire Star Cross Knights can not help but feel cold, it seems that the strength of the enemy is far exceeding their estimation.

"Let's go."

The emotions on the friendabah face did not change any changes.

The scarlet's eyes quietly stared at the spiritual king floating in the top of the sky, and said lightly.

Ling Wang ...

my father……

Seeing the future, this day is coming, but even the escape, there is no power ...

If you have any endless humiliation, let me end this ...

Speed ​​speed flying in the high altitude, watching the generic king in the spirit of the generic king, who also guess the mood of this moment, Jahabach _ ... _

Lingwang Datili.

After passing through the winding of the pavilion.

Friends Habo took the members of the Three Impangible Imperial Cross Knights, and finally came to the highest level of Slee sleep.

"That is ... Ling Wang ..."

I saw it in front of the empty, all of the body was sealed in the mysterious crystal I, RRL Mooring, Gloria. Toro, two of them suddenly shocked.

"Ling Wang ..."

Looking forward that the seal in front of the eye is frozen in the mysterious crystal swearing, the friend, the friend, the eyes, the eyes of the eyes, and the mouth is sinking.

"You finally came ..." "Friends Habach ..." is at this time.

The sound suddenly sounded in the original quiet king, suddenly caused everyone's vigilance.

"I waited for you for a long time ..."

I saw the seal frozen in the dark shadow of the spirit of the mysterious crystal swearing, a slender figure gradually came out from them.

The snow-white virtual night, the silver-filled long hair, the perfect face, the blue blood red double, under the surrounding light, it is like a dark sun, deep and shine.

" i,

I looked at this youth that slowly came out from the shadow, and the friend Habo was lighter, and the mouth was slight.

"He is ... The moment is there ...

The three invisible imperial cross knights after You Habo Head, looked at the moment from the shadow, and suddenly conscious pupils.

"Friends Habi ... You also saw a" AHDE) BR />

Finally, I went to the bright light outside, and I looked at the Friends in front of the front of the friends, I left the three Impangible Imperial Cross Knights next to him three.

"Ling Wang is here ... But today we are destined to have a person to go down the Lingwang Palace ..." "If you win the" absorption of the spirit ". ... October, all of this world" Refers to the silent spirit of silently, some excited raises their mouths, "But if I won ... everything in this world is mine.

Because he knows ...

Soon, he can dominate the world ...

Complete the final task released by the system ...

"Your Majesty, let us come."

I saw the moment in front of you seemed to take the three people as the air, and the three people of Lijie Barrow suddenly came to the friend Habo. "Ok."

Friends Habo sneaked. Today, he came to the Lingwang Palace to pick up three of them around him, because of the three skills of them, especially in this case.

Everything is passing through!!

After getting the acquisition of Friends, the black man who saw the white hair was covered with a huge black rifle in the hand of white fur.


Fully see the traces of any bullets.

I saw a circular hole in an instant appeared in the heart of the moment, and there was a white crocink between white.


The heart of Lijie Barro is shocked. In front of him, he was smashed by his weapons. In addition to splashing a hiblage, there was no harm!

Destroy, the teacher finished the sacred body!!