Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 653 of the Crash System

The pace of God !!

I didn't have any hint of hurts without killing.

Stay with a white short hair, bearded, and the old man wearing a suit of a suit, Robert Aktron, the heart of Robert Aktron, directly broke out his own destruction, but

The power of the Holy Wen n is completely unfolded. I saw Robert Akthe's foot under the foot of the lattice, and I suddenly stepped out the pace of God.

Didn't know how he appeared on the side of the moment, but he was like this, and the spirit of the spirit of the spirit in the hand broke out countless penetrant bullets.

However, the next second, Robert Achiettlon is completely stunned.

Chapter 265 Virtue Creation (ask for reward and automatic)

"The pace of God ..." This speed is the pace of God ... No one knows what is going on in the moment (the collapsed jade system 265 chapter).

I saw a smile with a slightly ridicule. When the eyes of Robert Aktron, reached the hand, the unique spirit of the slut, "Don't tell me again ... ... ok ... "


Just grabbed my spirit of the bullets.

Is there anyone in this world to do this? "..."

When Robert Akttron is completely immersed in an incredible force in front of you.


Blood four over air.

In the side of Lijie Baro and Grem, two people who are unbelievable.

Robert Aktron suddenly split into two halves, and a darkness suddenly appeared in front of the air.

"My swordsmanship ... can be broken ..." When Lijie Baro and Georegi, two people returned to God (a Wu.

I saw that I have gradually recovered the fire in my hand, and the look is like it is like a dusty dust, "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

This guy……

In the moment, in the moment of blinking, I immediately killed the "God of God", Robert Aktron, and the relaxation of the hand, and the easily shocked the side of Lijie Baro.

Just see Lijie Baro's death, he seized his black rifle in his hand, but he did not dare to ran again. In the face of the horrible enemy such as the moment, we would like to make a murder.

"Let's imagine……"

At this time, the blonde juvenile Gremy, next to Lija Baro, but a little sudden open, the eyes of the eyes, "If you are in the space of the universe ... ......

Create space!!

The voice of Greti Turku is falling.

The surrounding space where the moment, actually turned into a space of the universe.

The suffocation of the vacuum causes the suffocation to make a flash of his own brows, "Create space without air."

"My holy text code is V capabilities are fantasy (Visi.Nary)

After instantly changed the space around the body into the space of the universe, Georegi Turkishly explained the calm explanation, "regardless of space, object, even life, as long as I imagine it, all will become a reality."

Create objects!!

Lava, stone seam, slate, machine gun, missile, stone arm, meteorite. ...

Just in front of the juvenile Gremy's talking gap, only the countless objects were born in the space in the universe of the Bolda, and they were bombarded towards the moment.

"It's a troublesome ability ...

Looking at the huge fatal objects around you have countless hinders, I can't help but gently put their mouths.

Gloria. With imagination, you can create space substances or even life skills, almost have different from the gods.

But there is also a very significant shortcomings. If Greti is fearful to the powerful strength of the enemy, it may not be blindly imagined to defeat the scene of the killed, so I accidentally kill it. .

Round looks · Huangquan is good!!!

At the moment, I have to be bombarded by the huge fatal objects around the surrounding, but suddenly opened a dark mysterious space cave in front of the air, and the whole person didn't enter in.

"Gloria, Barrow, be careful."

I have lost my snack in the moment. I saw this moment, I will show out the ghosts, I have a ghost, and the friend Habhton is awkward to remind Qijie Baro and Giriri. They are two people.

"No use ... Some things are not used even if you are guarding ..."

Who knows this time, a dark mysterious space cave has quietly opened from the top of everyone.

I saw the three people under the foot of the feet after the appearance of the moment, and the eyes of the left eye suddenly flashed a swearing mystery. "With the exceeding the extreme spiritual strength, it creates a substance from the virtual inherence ... this trick is exactly I can do it too……

Renovation of eyes, voids !!!

Not only is that Lijie Baro and Georegi, two people, this next to Friends Habo eyes, bloody pupils can't help but shrink.

I saw a high chart in the moment, and there was a sudden appearance of a huge object with the six-sided sharp-tail in the big in the middle of the Lingwang.

"that is?!"

The face of someone in the scene has changed, and it has created such a ghost.

"Create this kind of thing in the air _ one

I dare to believe in the mouth.

I saw that the face of Greti Turko hooded into a pale color. He is almost a little because of fear, it will be killed by his own imagination.

"It seems that you have already recognized ..." In the top of everyone, the moment of huge horror objects on the sky, the smile of the mouth is shocking, "This is the hydrogen bomb in the world ..." nuclear fusion when exploding The center-released energy temperature is 350 million degrees ... far exceeds the temperature of the sun ... "" So ... "seems to be very satisfied with the shocking expression and reaction on the face, and the look of the eyes is gradually cooled. Down, "I will escape it ... Friends Habach ..." The voice of the moment is still on the air.

In the shocking eyes of everyone, it has been awkward, and the people of the head suddenly won the huge hydrogen bomb.

Bang !!!

The dull and thick radiation wave is like the tide of the tide.

Endless light and hot instantly, I will consider 314, the power of nuclear power, the power of nuclear power is far beyond everyone's imagination.

Chapter 266, the highest masterpiece (seeking rewards and automatic)

At this moment.

The space of the entire Lingwang Palace is in a crazy environment.