Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 654 of Hueding Cracks

A horrible huge mushroom cloud suddenly rises in the high altitude of the Lingwang Palace, and the hydrogen bomb exploded has generated endless light and heat directly instantly melting the whole spirit.

The nuclear fusion horror energy illuminates the space of the entire Lingwang Palace, everything around it is shocked into invisible.

Time I don't know how long it has been.

The endless light and heat of the Lingwang Palace sky are finally dissipated, and everyone has begun to slow down their own sense.

"Thank you, Your Majesty."

It is so horrible to destroy the power of such terrifying in the top sky.

Standing in a huge city of the sky, Li Jie · "Seven Jiu San" Baro, and the dark face can not help but hang down.

"Gray is dead."

Feeling a power of the saint of the santan in his body returned to his body, standing in the other side of the friend Haubach, and the beginning of the moment far exceeded his calculation.

I saw a huge uncomfortable magic shield in front of him, and the dead resistance to the dramatic impact brought from the top of the upper upper empty hydrogen bomb.

"That Ling Wang"

Just at this time.

A sharp slender slender, suddenly pulled out from the chest of Lijie Baro, cut off his next thing to say.

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"this problem"

The calm and indifferent sound sounded, and in the eyes of Lijie Baro, he gradually emerged for the face of the shadow and degradation. "If you don't need you to pay attention to you, still quiet. Let's be your original place. "

"Ah, ah"

I was pulled with a sword with a fraud that was exactly correct.

I saw that Li Jie Baro suddenly opened his left eye, the black cross-shaped mark on the top of the black, "I have to open my left eye in front of your Majesty."

"this is"

At the moment, the flow blade in his hands suddenly rose the eyes of the Babaro's body without hindering, as if he was just a virtual air.

"I am the earliest gift for the first to give the sages, but I am finally given the sophisticated state, I am the highest masterpiece."

I saw that Li Jie Baro opened his left eye, the whole person's appearance begins to be crazy. "When I opened my left eye, my body can run through any object or attack,"

"In the state of my left eye, there is no attack in this world to hurt me"


God trial

The voice falls, and all the spirits among the air in front of the flash suddenly concentrate.

Lijie Baro directly entered the state of the sacred body, the head was completely parked by the leader, with a pair of vertical white stripes, the top of the head, the huge radius, the body is being Coating, the arm is replaced by the hole stretched out of the back.

"Destroy the teacher,"

Looking at the destruction of the eyes and all the Idios, I have a different family, and the moment is calm. "I look like it seems to be different from other destructions."

"Not enough"

As a captain in the four kids of the friend, the captain of the four kids, Lijie Baro, who has entered the Holy Holy Form, "If it is dealing with you"

God trial · Final form

It seems that it is not enough to defeat the body of the Holy Branch.

I saw that the Mart of the Holy Spirit of the Holy Branch was again changed.

The spirit of the body is out of the body, and only the aura of the Mr. Lijie Barrotte has begun to shrink rapidly. The entire person completely change has become a long-shaped life form of a long-necked and bird's four-foot hole. .

"So this is your true face"

Looking at your eyes, a huge white spirits, the long-neck bird, Babaro, and the moment is gentle, completely ignore the strong spiritual response of Lijie Barrot, " Is it a bird? "

"Sure enough, the sinner of the crime."

After entering the destroy, the final form of the Holy Branch, the cultivation of a huge white spirit, the long-neck and bird, the rigor, the rare, the long neck, "It feels so glare. "


In sharp sound, only Lie Brull will make a hand in a hand.

Then hold the hand to the top, then the arm instantly issues a huge cut-through light.

A series of violent explosions occurred by the light passed through the light, and the power of the light cutly cut the entire zero-free city under the feet, and left straight towards the moment.

"This guy"

Looking at the rays that Li Jie Baro continues to run through cut, look at the entire zero-left halls under his feet into two halves and low-definition empty clouds, and the deep monster is coming.

"The strength indeed completely exceeded the general intangible Empire Star Cross Knights."

"But if used to deal with me"

Take a look at Lijie Barrot is to hit the moment, and only the whole person suddenly disappeared, "that is not enough."

Rogue eye ·

The huge turn of the huge running through the hand in the hand of Litjie Barrow suddenly stops.

Chemical as a huge white spirit of the long-neck bird, Barro, stagnant, widened his eyes.

Continuously released the spiritual arm that runs through the cutting light, and it has been separated from his body.

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Chapter 267 Chapter Buffing (seeking rewards and automatic)

I saw the figure of the moment I didn't know when I had already had a ghost, and the fire blade in my hand was shining with the same sharp shin (the collapsed jade system 267). (..)

"Good speed is not"

The arm formed by the body was suddenly opened, and the tremendous white spirits had a long-neck bird, and the birds were screaming.