Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Capaci Youth System Chapter 655

"The traces that have not moved all this are spatial transfer"

"But I don't use me with the ability to run through"

I saw that Li Jie Barrow said, while the body and arm of the moment were completely restored by the original shape, but they didn't see the appeared. "Any attack will penetrate through my body."

"and so"

Then Lijie Baro faces the moment behind him, raising your hands on the top of the body, and bursting a lot of spiritual scholars created a giant horn showing the middle of themselves.

"In the light of God, it is a sinner for ashes."

God of God

After the voice falls, I only see that Li Zabo put his hand in his mouth and suddenly blows forward.


Between the moment, the space of the entire Lingwang Palace completely lost the sound.

Only the huge spells of the huge gods in the Giant God in the Babar Rukou directly covered the entire range of the moment.

Every corner of the people in the whole city, there is a dramatic explosion, and the horrible sound ** and places will explode due to running, and the entire zero-deployed city is constantly pulverizing the collapse.

"This is not the power of destroying."

"Did God

Looking at the huge gods released in the Great God of the Great White Pakistan, the front of the sky.

In this horrible shocking sound range, the moment also felt a feeling of discomfort, and the whole body began to continue slight shock, and the elevated crocink continued to sprinkle on the ground.

"No wonder the original"

After the final form of Li Jie Baro in front of him, the strength of the Holy Master has completely exceeded the hierarchy of the other star cross knights of the invisible empire.

In the brain of the moment, I couldn't help but remember the original Cantapest Baro's strength to completely crushing the scene of Jingli Shuishui. The sword can reflect his strength "


The whole body is immersed in a huge terrorist wave released in the corner of the Youri Barrow.

The moment directly launched the translucent form, and the body was originally incomparable black pond, instantly mixed the blurred white pond, forming a black and white spiritual pressure of horror.


After looking at the imaginary state of the eye, the danger of the moment was revealed by the extreme breath, and the heart suddenly shocked, but it quickly stood down quickly.

"But what is this?"


After breaking out the ultimate inflation, the long-haired long hair of the moment is an incredible level, and the root is not in the empty space behind him, and the junxi-faced face is smile.

"what's the point"

Imaginary bomb

After the voice falls.

I saw that Li Jabaro, who was in front of her eyes, bounced his finger.


A series of explosions of explosion roar

Lily Baro is incredible with a large white eyes, and only seeing countless huge holes in an instant.

"This is" successfully being smashed by the moving hole of the moment, all the ability to run through the ability, Li Jie Barro's neighborhood has hung.

"This is a virtual bomb"

Successfully retreated the lord Baro, and the evil smile on his face was more obvious. "" Has hit his own spiritual pressure, although the power is not flicker, but the speed is flashed Multiplier. "

"No, I have expected"

It seems to have successfully verified the guess in his heart, and the tone of the moment is confident and determined.

It seems that there is a strong invincible Libero, which has become a dead person at this moment.

"Although you are very tricky, you only need to be high, you can harm you"

"Sure enough battle in the world"

I saw that the mullet that was released in front of the Eyes, Babaro, the success of the cave, burst into countless wounds, and the heart is more affirmed by the only truth of this world.

"It is the battle between the firing and the pyramid."


At the moment, the word is not leaking into the ears of Lijie Baro, and suddenly, his heart is big, like being smashed by his greatest secret.


The three words have completely shake the heart of Lili Baro, and the mouth of the moment is like a devil. "If you solve you, there will be a friend Habach."

Round looks · Huangquan

The round of the god returned to the eyes, and a dark mysterious space cave suddenly swallowed in an instant.


Fire is too knife · East · Rising Sun Blade

When Lijie Barrow finally perceive the trace of the moment, everything has become a foregone.

I saw that the blocked space cave came out from the air from the top of the rrotte head, and the look of the right hand was firmly locked by Lijie Baro under his feet.

The black horror ability seems to be like a tide generally in the right hand finger fingertips crazy, constantly distorted the middle space in the middle of the two.

In addition, the blazing of hot flaming is flipped in the air, and the water is pulled through all the moisture of the entire Lingwang Palace, forming a dark red ash in the black virtual flash of the flash.

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Chapter 268 Really World City (seeking rewards and automatic)

this is?

If it is not the end of the victor, the final form of the Holy Master, Li Jie Baro's eyes have completely become a pair of holes, and if you have to come out, the Eye of Babaro has already ejected (the collapse of fire Jade System 268 chapter). )