Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 656 of Hueding Crack System


The last thunder is finally flashed in the mind of the Babaro.

Next moment, I saw a huge black virtual flash suddenly filled the space of the entire Lingwang Palace.

In the dark horror defraulous energy, it is constantly rotating around a piece of fire to destroy the extreme dark red ashes produced by the burst, and constantly annihilate all the substances.

The huge sound waves released in the corner of the Great God of Late Baro, annihilated the horrible black ash energy wave released in an instant.

Everything around it seems to be like being drawn, lost his traces that you should have.

All black deep red rays among the sky are gradually dissipated.

With the flash of the moment, only the white gods of Lijie Baro were pulled down to the foot of Habach in front of his friends.

"have to say"

"You have given me a good warm-up friend, Habach."

Successfully solved Lily Barrow, and solved the destruction of the three Impangible Empire Cross Knights brought by Friends.

At the moment, I finally gradually stepped up to the front of the friend, and a pair of demon wreath, and there was a silent show that the friend of the friends in the friend.

Who knows, just at this time.

Friends Habak took directly to the broken white godbird of Lijie Baro, and turned into the air in the air.

"what is this. ?"

After stepping on the broken white godbird of Lijie Baro, only the friends who saw friends Habak were not moving. "Is it demonstrating me?"

"This is really no problem with such cruel treatment, just fighting for you to die."

I saw Friends in front of my horses, and I couldn't help but gently slammed my mouth.

Although Friends Habio, often claims that they don't like fighting and predict future remarks, they often leave the word "peace".

In fact, it is a cruel and ruthless, and the man, a man who is a mustard, which will give the limbs or directly obliterate without any mistakes or lose the value of the value.

Moreover, it will hinder the minimalism of its combat, and even the mountains in Liu Zhai, the country is not tooth and angry, and the essence of the friends Habach is a terrible man.

"Since I am defeated to you"

It seems that I just saw a slight antique antique dead, and the friend huchi smiled. "So death is their best destination"


"All the Monster of the IMF have died after the death of the martial arts, and they will return to my body."

Since Robert Aktron, Georegi Turku and the Three Three Impangible Empire Star Cross Knights of Babaro have been killed by the moment.

In the invisible, a mysterious and powerful force returned to the body of the friend, and only the friend Haubach's eyes were suddenly blood shot. "You think I will feel silently for them. ?"

"No wonder"

God's revolutionary observation has seen a significant growth in the spiritual pressure on the front of the Friends, and the moment, I can't help but light my swords. "Compared to the last time, the spiritual pressure on your body seems to be stronger. "

"All the entire immigrants are all in all, is it your nutrients?"

I think of the friend of the friends in the eyes, there is a cruel race cleaning ability. The temperature among the eyes of the moment suddenly cools, "I am really sad for your ministry". "

"Many said no good"

I saw a friend, Haubach, directly smashed the cloak of myself, staring at the moment in front of my eyes, and my eyes seem to have to search for something from him. "Although I don't know the one just now." When you take the spirit of the king? "

"But my future is the same in the future" "

Gently touch your red sharp eyes, Friends of the terrorism in the friend, as if endlessly, "" Just I kill you and then absorb the innovation of Ling Wang to create a real world "

Field of shadows · Construction Lingzi Space

After the voice came, Friends habage suddenly took his leg and feet.

I saw that in Friends Habo's strong and unparalleled building spirit space, the whole of the thousands of Singer, who had already been bombarded before the previous one, was derived in a moment in a moment. European architecture.

That is the construction of the invisible empire, friend Habak actually uses the ability to build a spirit, and completely transform the entire Lingwang Palace into a huge city like an intangible imperial style.

"this is?"

Looking at the entire Lingwang Palace in front of his eyes, it turned into another unfamiliar and brilliant white city, and it couldn't help it.

"After killing you, this city will become the cornerstone of the new world."

Using your own powerful ability to completely change the Lingwang Palace in an instant, create an unprecedented city.

You Habo completely opened his own arms, as if I thought I thought I hugged my masterpiece, "I name it is' real world city" "

"True World City is really a good name"

It seems that some of the names of mutter mutters, the name of this city, the eyes of the moment are finally gradually clear, "In order to pay homage, I will leave this city as a cemetery"

(Ask for reward and automatic, orz)

(The World of Death is over, soon, it is the first month of the month, and the month will be rewarded.

Chapter 269, the battle of the peak (seeking rewards and automatic)

Singing Sheng Shengfu

At this point, there is no more nonsense again, and I only see that the friends in my eyes are suddenly trample on the ground (the collapsed jade system 269). (

Suddenly, the whole space suddenly white is full of shining, and only the friends from the hubs and surrounded by huge white light walls.

It is the great defense curse that is destroyed by the offensive and defense. Once the enemy stepped into the area, he will be fired.

"Is this moving?"

Friends in front of you launched the sacred sanctuary.

In the moment, I only felt that I was in this white huge spirit. I had an endless powerful spiritual slaughter arrow in the air. It seems that the tide is usually eager to have.

And these endless sacredness, seems to have a spiritual wisdom, firmly locked the position of the moment, and there is an unnecessary momentum.