Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 658 of Hueding Crack System

"how can that be"

"It's alive, I will put my shell.

Just in the look of Friends Haubach.

In the air between the two, there were countless vacuum fists between tangible and invisible, and each trick is like a king of God of Heaven.

Every punch that she bombards her homogenesis, with the hegemony of the world, forming a perfect pattern of all living machines, and the housings of the friend Habo-released shell were stunned.


It is clear that there are countless and deafening roots.

But in an instant, it is a sound, the shocking sound formed, almost desires to shock the human eardrum in the moment, and only the friends, Haubi release, the outer shell of the outer shell is static, the countless air fist Destroy the ancient rupture of the whole hit.


I saw Friends Habach's shell static blood installed is really like a fragile egg shell, she is crushed!

Friends Habak, a burly tall body, was pulled into the ground as a shell, seeing Friends, Habi, was accepted by his eighty gods, and the face of Bai Zhe was ambiguous.

"what's happenin

"The king of destroying, do you only have such strength?"

The dust is exhausted.

At the moment of the left eye, the eyes of the gods penetrated all obstacles, staring at the huge deep pit in front of the ground, there is no ridicule, "If this is the case ... Don't say to absorb the spirit ... this The real world of yourself naming is your cemetery for yourself. "


Just at this time.

The moment suddenly felt that the fire in his hand was in a crazy incitement, and there was an invisible to be deprived of a force.

"Since the last time I am playing with you,"

Take Friends Habak gradually came out from the deep pit in front of you.

Holding a cross star chapter in his hand, firmly aligned the moment, black long hair almost completely covered his eyes, only showed his high hook hook tempered nose.

"Back to the invisible Empire, I specially put my cross on the top of Yamamoto, and clear it out to take a special time to capture your I l solution ..."

Self gave "body"!!!

I saw friends, Haubach launched her mysterious power to destroy the king of the teacher.

The injury that was originally attracted by the eighty gods of the body was completely recovered at a moment.

No, perhaps it is not very accurate, it should be a new intact body directly to the ability to self-give yourself through your own ability.

"I took away my flow blade if I L solution ..."

I feel that I l is despite the crowd of the Crown Star.

At the moment, I didn't shrug your shoulder. Some play is looking at the friend Habach in front of you.

Said that I was a chapter of my own nightmare, I slowly extended my palm to my hideabah.

"It seems that it has been closed and fights you ...

I saw my hand in front of my eyes, my friend Habach is still not moving. Whoever can't see his face under the cover of black long hair, "I have let you start misunderstanding this is my whole. The strength is ...

"Please forgive my mistakes ..." Side, while friends, Habo gradually lifted their heads.

The dark long hair is below, a pair of original blush eyes, at this moment, it has become a mysterious pupil, which seems to have seen the future of the world in front of you.

"So ... let me correct this mistake now."

Greatness !!!

Just in front of the friend Habo, I really broke out my saints a, all of whom all the best power.

The whole person is all in the whole person. He clearly feels that he seems to have the whole body of the whole body, and even the soul is worn by the friendabah hole in front of him.

The whole understanding is the meaning of "knowing the strength of all future".

It means that the skills of the proud Habiki knows that it can cause damage. After the startup ability, the friend's eyes will have multiple pupils. When the friend, Haobi, the moment of "eye", it is a moment of full strength.

Can wear the future and capture all the strength, and you can give all the strength.

"Does the hole in the future know all the strength ..." Seeing the friends in front of the world, there was a full range of efforts, and the face of the ethnasis of the moment was unable to contain excited smiles, "finally appeared ... I don't know It is more clear and more clear than the future of my God. "" You are definitely thinking about it now ... "

Open the whole world of friendabah, seem to be able to see the idea of ​​others, a pair showing the eyes of countless pupils look like that is so bold, "My whole-mindedness is to see the future ..." What does it mean ...

Friends who gradually came to the eyes, the moment, softly frowned, and in the hearts, I cited a disturbedness.

Chapter 271 changes the future (seeking rewards and automatic)

Lingwang Palace.

This is no longer a Lingwang Palace.

An endless ruins of full-minded, while the edges remain some of the white European architectures.

It is the ultra-god of the sky, which is now being completely destroyed.

"What do you mean?"

"Do you have your whole-mindedness? Isn't your ability to see the future?"

Looking at the friendabo, you gradually come to my homework, like the avatar of the darkness.

A dark spiritual force formed a substance like wings, and the expression on the face is can't help but solemnly.

"Be careful"

Friends in front of the eyes did not answer the problem in the moment, I saw that he suddenly replied, the reminder of the question, the eyes of the "** zero" on the side of the right foot.

"There is a trap I set there"


Friends Habi's voice falling, and suddenly, a dark spiritual spike suddenly pierced the right leg of the moment.


I saw my right leg feet, I was pierced by this black spiritual trap, and I couldn't help but frown my brow.