Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 659 of Hueding Cracks

In an instant, there is countless possibilities in an instant, but soon, I will be excluded immediately. "It is impossible to be in the land of my gods."

"And, in the fierce battle, you can't ran to ambush the trap here under my eyelids."

I saw it muttered in myself. When my mind suddenly thought of a possibility, the blue-shaped double dunger suddenly made a good idea, and it flashed a fierce, "unless there is only one possibility"

"Avoidable mind"

I saw the moment in front of you seemed to have guess the real answer. Friends habher suddenly smiled in a smile. "It seems that you have already guessed"

"If you think"

I gradually, I saw a huge white spirit crusath in front of the moment. "My whole-minded ability is not to see the future but change the future."

"Change the future?"

When I heard the eyes, I suddenly watched it. When my mind suddenly flashed a lot of light, I couldn't help but surprised. I didn't think that Friends Habach's all-around the ability is powerful.

"Don't feel afraid"

Feeling the surprise of the moment, the friend Habak gradually raised the white spirit of the white spirit in his hand, aiming at the moment in front of him, "Just like you can change the things in front of you in an instant, I can let me I changed the future of my eyes in an instant. "

"The so-called future is like this, the countless fine sand"

As I said, the friend, Haber grabbed the fine sand in front of the moment, and formed a picture of countless stars in the starry sky with the wind.

"At first glance, it seems to have countless variables but actually a future"

I saw Friends, while I would like to talk to the high-end talk, while he opened the whole world, there were countless multiple pupils, and all of these fine sands were all reflected in the eyes.

"And I am standing at the highest place to overlook all these future"

See the future.

Change the future.

Control the future.

The whole understanding is so powerful, even if people know that this ability is not worthy of resistance, because no one can resist the coming of the future.


At this time, the moment in front of Friendabah suddenly laughed, gently caress your forehead, laughing like madness and degeneration.

"What are you laughing?" You Habach looked at him.

"You said fear"

After a long time, the exaggerated laughter finally gradually sailed.

I saw a flash of his handsome cheek. He revealed a blue eyes of Zhan Lanxing and a smile. "Don't tell me again, you said that the future is all This eye looks in the eyes. "

"What do you mean?"

I don't know why, I saw my eyes in front of my own blue mysterious eyes. Friends habage's heart unable to curb a strange uneasiness and incite .....

"You call the future"

Looking at the people in front of you like a common friendabah, a hint of evil smiles suddenly exposed on the moment of snow whitening, "you can try it again"


The sound of the moment has just fallen, and the ground around the body will wear a piercing in a thorn, and it is necessary to run through the whole body of the moment.

But at this time, the moment is like a general, the emblem is completely avoided, which is like a stage drama that is set in advance.

"How can it be"

I saw the moment in front of the moment, I wrote that I used a spiritual trap that I used a whole-minded almighty. Friends were stunned, "I obviously set countless spiritual traps by changing the future in your feet."

"Very simple"

"Whether you try to change my future, I can make a foreseeable, and make a corresponding correspondence in advance.

The left-eyed gods, ZHANG Hao Guanghua does not disconnect, flashing in the eyes of the world, all the pictures in the next five seconds, the corner of the mouth is usually open.

"Your wholeism can all do anything about me"

Pre-... see ...

Friends Habi finally understood, all all all all like electricity were generally flashing in his mind.

The eyes of countless multi-pupils are not comparable to the moment of death. It seems that he wants to wear him all people. "It turned out that it seems that I can see the future."

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Chapter 273 War (seeking rewards and automatic)


You Habach killed the legs (Chapter 273, the collapse system 273). )

His eyes suddenly saw that all spirits of the moment were between the first moment, turned a huge incomplete dragon, as if the Dragon of the end of the abyss.

The whole body wrapped the black burning spirit of the dragon, and the moment could not describe the speed of the words, from the lower end to the friendabo, the other foot.

When the lacquer black spiritual dragon swallows in the friend Habach, the surrounding space has even a burst of nature distortion.


It is struggling to see the space and light of your eyes and the power of the moment.

Friends of my hubach almost unable to curb such thoughts, strong static blood, like foam, generally broke the disintegration.

In the moment, the paint black spirits were directly swallowed him, as if the whole person was shredded into the residue.

Like a flower that blooming a dark endless flower, the roaring destroyed dragon hit on the sky of this true world city.

The static blood installation on the body disappears.

At the end of the earth, the end of the litter, the bombard, the swallowed Friends, and directly made a beam to take a light beam.

"I am on the ground, feel my weak and weak, friends, habher."

Looking at friends, Habi is directly bombarding the sky of the world. He is obviously not intended to let him go.

"One hundred and five · super Noah"