Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 660

After the Night Bible, the chapter of the nightmare was flying around the moment.

The sound of the ethnic epic in the moment has a voices of the whole endless world.

In the mortal desert, I only see that there is a inexplicable law in front of the emotion of the blind, it is in the case of the universe.

"What do he want to do?"

In the high altitude of the world, the friend Habach, which is constantly being swallowed by the endless paint black, and struggling to open his eyes.

I saw the moment of the endless ruins in the feet, and I left a finger toward my position.

Between hours.

The high-air friend Habach only felt that he came to an ancient vast universe.

In front of you, a huge star is evolving close to the end, and the horrible energy cannot be measured.

"this is?"

I saw that I suddenly contained such a ridiculous scene, and the countless multiple pupils of Friends Habo was all unlimited.


I saw the huge star evolution in front of my friends in front of my eyes, and the unstoppable light and hot instantly drowned his body.

The light produced by this explosion is bright and countless than the brightness of the sun, and a bright shining rays suddenly bloom on the sky of this world city.

As if in an instant, the sky above the world has appeared countless eternal sun in an instant, and the horrible light passes throughout the earth.

"Ah, ah"

It is located in front of the light and hot surface like a star explosion.

The high-altitude Zhongyou Habach is screaming, and suddenly echoed to all the corners of this true world city.

The corpse world.

Lingling, at this moment, it has become a white imperial European building.

In the eyes, it is a dramatic pond-pressure impact and explosion, death, destroying the teacher, breaking, and even have a complete condition, the battlefield of the millennium bloody is more confusing than the imagination.

The invisible Empire Star Cross Knight is destroyed and the power of countless Holy soldiers is extremely horrible.

However, the death of the corpse joined the new ten-blade and the powerful battle of the broken legion, but even faintly occupied the upper wind.

" "

I saw that Shi Tian Weilong had a bit of powerful paralysis, and the whole body was full of shocking wound blood stains, and the eyes under the glasses were still dead, and they were still dead. They were watching the whole body of the whole body.

"My Holy Wen B, the ability is the world coordination."

Rain Galan Haswart took the cross of the Tribe Pemuli, and the left hand actually held a mysterious shield.

After breaking out the true ability of the Holy writing, the rain Gran Haswart didn't need to enter the form of the sacred body, and completely crushed the stone rain dragon in front of him.

"Maintain the world's coordination by unfortunately assigning unfortunately occurred within the specified range."

"Then I will use all unfortunately happened to me in the shield 'block."

The blue eyes were icy looked at the stone fields in front of him, and the rain Galan Haswavedened the shield of the avatar in his hand. In the battle, Shi Tian Rain dragon caused him. All injuries are all absorbed by his shield.

"You don't want to win, Shi Tian Weilong."

"I have been waiting for this opportunity"

At this time, I fell to the stone rain dragon in the blood of the ground. He suddenly raised a smile. "My Holy Wen a, the ability is completely reversed, don't you want to see it?"

Shi Tian Zhao Wang is a rain dragon's voice, suddenly all the injuries and blood stains disappeared.

In the incredible eyes of the rain, Gulan Haswart, his body suddenly blooms countless blood flowers, just that he applied to the rain dragon in Shi Tian, ​​all shouted to his own body.

"There is something that has occurred between the designated two points, this time is a simple way to reverse the injuries between you and me." Slowly stand up from the ground, the face of Shi Tian Rain dragon has lost victory. The look in the grip.

"Is it completely reversed? Very good

The battle between the two people between Shi Tian Rainlong was reversed in an instant, and the rain Galan, Haswand, handsome cold, but did not change, "No wonder, he is more and more attention to your ability."

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"But very unfortunate"

While Rain Galan Haswart said, while somewhat ridiculous looking at the Shi Tian Rainlong, "We have the ability to conflict"

World coordination

The sound of Rain Gulan Haswart has just fallen, and all the injuries and blood stains on his own disappear (Chapter 274, the collapse system 274). )

And the stone rain dragon in front of the eyes will open their own eyes.

I saw that he had countless blood flowers in the body, and all returned to his body than the injury that had been more heavy, and the whole person suddenly fell to the blood of the ground.

"Simply, you just use this lucky to give me the body trauma, will be turned into your own unfortunate to your body."

It gradually walked to the face of Shi Tian Yulong, and the rain, Haswart, looks down in him,. "And the unfortunate to me will move to this side of the shield, then become a bigger unfortunate to your body."

"The ability is completely restored"

Looking at the rain in front of him, the hustle and creation of the Stone Rain dragon almost made him unable to stand.

"and so"

"Last, still can't play"

Some mercy looked at the stone rain dragon in his feet.

Rain Galan Haswart raised his hand in his hand, aiming at the head of Shi Tian Rain, "You will disappear with these stupid deaths with the soul of the body."

"Don't you fight?"

In the face of the rain, Gulan, Haswand, who has been close to his own eyebrows.

I can't help but hang up on the forehead, but it is still unable to touch it, "I don't dare to say anything else."