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Racating Crack System Chapter 661

"What do you mean?"

I saw the power of the Shi Tian Rainlon in front of you sure that the power of the person, and the rain Gran Haswart couldn't help but frowned his brow.

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Just at this time.

A dull and shocking inexplicable hit, suddenly resounded throughout the battlefield of the Turning Tint.

Not only the rain, Gulan Haswand, all of the attention of everyone has attracted the past, and they have stopped the battle in their hands.

It is also a dull impact sound.

All the dead gods on the battlefield of the Tongling Tong, all of them, all of which came up with the sky of the sky in the direction of the sources of the sound.

When I saw the negligible scene of the top of the sky, the sky of the sky is the same, when the rain is in all the people on the entire Ling Tin station, they can't help but shrink.

I saw the sky of the head of each of their heads.

With the continuous delivery, there is a dramatic impact of the stunning.

Everyone has discovered the top of the sky of the sky, which has been densely labeled, and a slice of shocking cracks have been dense.

As if it seems to be the top of the top of the sky, there is a violent horrible and extremely huge huge beast. It is crazy to fight against the sky of this corpse.

In everyone shocked, it was shocked.

I saw that the cracks on the sky of their heads have become more and more obvious as the violent impact begins. AFCB

Finally, the sky is overwhelming, and all people in the whole body of the corpse are shocked, and it is cracking.

"what is that"

"It seems that there is something dropped."

After seeing the sky, the sky was finally broken, everyone saw a huge black fireball formed a horrible paint black dragon, and suddenly fell crazy in the battlefield of everyone.


After the sky, the sky is bombarded.

The huge black end day dragon falling towards the madness of the Ling Tin, the destruction of all the intangible empires in the scene, finally saw the black figure in which the package was wrapped.

"That is your own?"

Looking at the people in the sky is just a friend, Habach, the rain, Haswand, the original ice, the cold, and the love.

I only see the high altitude of the Tong Ting.

At the end of the moment, the end of the day, the end of the year, directly bombarded the friend, Habach, the huge incomparable paint black last day Dragon Directly opened friends from Habach from the high altitude crazy.


At the moment, the two people finally fell.

It seems like a whole huge burning meteorite hit on the ground.

Everyone felt that the whole land of the entire Tong Ting was shocked. A horrible deep pit appeared in the center of the entire battlefield, and countless gravel criminals seem to be splashing out.

"It's not possible"

Seeing an instant, Habio has been rushed from the Lingwang Palace.

Takasaki can't believe his eyes, watching the dust and fog from the exaggeration of his eyes, "these two guys have been hitting the corpse from the Lingwang Palace."

" "

As the 'half of the friend', the two people will interchange the power when staying at night.

Rain Galan Haswand can clearly feel that the spiritual pressure on his friends in Friends has reached the most slight moment, and the look on the face can not help but have a moment. "It is weakening."

"too exaggerated"

"What happened in the Lingwang Palace"

"The five major people of the zero team did not appear"

The wind is blowing, and the dust is distracted.

All the death god on the battlefield finally gradually saw two different numbers in the horror in front of the horror.

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Chapter 275, Holy Bhere (seeking rewards and automatic)


"It's almost a little bit of myself almost I have died."

Dust is exhausted (Hueded Crack System 275). (

I saw a white virtual night garde in the moment of Shengxue ~ almost delicate.

The deep monster is quietly staring at Friends, who is slowly standing up.

I saw that Friends in this moment looked miserable to extreme, black long-haired, all of them showed a shocking heavy _ wound.

If this is not the best power of the whole world, there are countless multi-female in the eyes look horrible. Everyone is almost thought that he is already dying.

Self-given "body"

But a white spirit is glorious, and only the friend of the friend, Habach, once again start recovery.

"But you also see"

After the body gradually recovered, after the beginning, Friends opened his own arms in front of the moment. "I have to re-give myself right away from the whole of my body."

"Yes, but my eyes can be clearly seen"

God's reincarnation looks at the prosperity of the Friends of the Friends, and the mouth of the mouth is light.