Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 662 of Huedings

I saw the moment in front of my body, and the friend Hahhton snorted, and countless multi-pupil eyes suddenly burst into a cruelty.

"How much can I have this kind of thing?"

Holy branch

A subtle change occurs when the face of the moment.

I saw the Friends of the friends in front of you, and the battlefield of the entire Tongling Tin was completely solidified.


The white spirit of the sky was suddenly appeared in all the battlefields of the Tuling Tinton.

Everyone was shocked to find that the destroy of the Idikah Cross Knight, but the whole body began to burning a white spirit flame, and a painful mourning of pain in one mouth.


"What did You Habo?"

Not only is the destruction of the invisible empire, see such a amazing picture in front of you, all the dead gods and broken faces on the battlefield of the Bulk Ting Tingfield are all stunned.

In particular, the white light column in Kurosaki, this white light column, and his mother, the light column that he mysteris, his mother, the light column of the true life, especially.

"His Majesty?"

I saw the battlefield, except for some member of the Impangled Imperial Cross Knights, such as Rain, Halan, Haswand.

There are also similar to Bazibi and Babi Ericssore, they have a few lucky to avoid these horror white light columns, and suddenly, they are incredibly looking to the friends of the Central Tong Ting Battlefield.

"Friends Habach?"

Barzi's first reaction, the whole body was burned by the horrible spirit of the holy branch, filled with angry flames, and looked at the friend Habach in the center of the center of Ling Ting.

"This bastard, he launched the holy boring to kill all the people he did not choose."


Different from Bazibi, which is risking around, Babi Loveta is a bit of a battlefield in the center of Ling Ting.

In addition to friends, there is another figure that is the most concerned about her, "all become a nutrients who added strength to the power."

" "

At the moment, I recognized the ability of my friends Habak and was the holy boring of race power cleaning.

The calm faces are not worn out to look at the friendaba, and the moment can be cleaned. The power in this trick is crazy to collect and expand.

"Everything is all made to supplement my strength, this is what you often hang in the mouth?"

"Peace is often accompanied by sacrifice"

It is not a tone of the moment to mock at the moment.

Feeling at this moment, the huge push and strength in your own body. Friends Haber couldn't help but breathe a breather in front of the air, covering the black hair of the face suddenly derived a few white mysterious pupils.

·· ···

"What is the best home for their lives and strength to contribute to their beliefs?"

"Disgusting the argument"

I heard the speech in the front of my friends, and I lost my mouth unconsciously.

However, at this moment, the front of the friend is strongly powerful, and some mysterious eyes suddenly appeared in the head, and the deep eyes suddenly condensed.


"Everything is here"

....... ...

Staring at the whole body strength has reached the Friends of the peak, at this moment, the momentum of the body is beginning to change, and sharp eyes are like the most sharp sword in the world, "Maybe you have one after abs receiving the king. Power of war

"But now, what happens to use the Holy Bible to absorb so many strengths"

God's six model

Just talking in the moment.

I saw the air around the two people around him.

It is a big horror that is like a piece of lacquer. It is like a black bonfire in the dark.


Suddenly the entire Tongling Tin Center, all the surroundings began to have a series of dramatic explosions.

On the basis of the ultimate influence, the moment opened the six models of God, and the strength of the extreme, almost a mysterious critical point, and the power of the power has begun to generate a certain world. Sound resonance.



The body is constantly overflow, and the friend, Habach, also felt the flying pressure.

Silver white long hair is like a void behind the waterfall, and the blind eye of the blind, it seems that the appointment of approach has seen the friend, Haubach is about to die.

Monthly monthly ticket and reward.

Chapter 276 Battles (ask for rewards and automatic)

Yuling Tin

Since then, it is ended.

On the entire battlefield, no matter whether it is dead, break, or destroyed.

At this moment, everyone's eyes are all concentrated in the top of the Tongling Tin, where it is the ultimate answer of this millennium blood battle.


The girl in the weaving and broken bee also stopped the movements in his hand, and the eyes were worried, looking at the most central battle in the distance in the distance, there were the most careless people in their hearts.

"Your Pressure"

"There is also your look"

At this moment, in the middle of the center of the Tong Ting, all the things around them were shredded by the ultimate pyroese shocking on the body.