Looking at the "seven zero" spiritual columns of his own eyes, there is still a huge appearance of the appearance of the appearance, and the friend Haubach is finally surprised to expose his eyes under his black hair.

"My form"

"Ten years before the invisible empire, you should feel"

It seems to have an emotion of all human beings. At the same time, it will enter the top of the world, and the perfect face of the moment is exposed to the sacredness of the vision and adding the sacred model.

Feeling almost a terrorist force of your body, I'm quietly looking at my own hands quietly. "I am incorrect, I am stronger than that time."

Ten years ago

Listening to what I said in front of my eyes, the eyes of Friend Haubach showed.

I remembered the horror in the invisible empire in my mind, and I was in the same way as the spirit of myself.

"At that time, it is you"

Friends Habi suddenly, after using the Holy Bible to absorb so many Impangible Empire Cross Knights, after the spirit and ability of the Master, at this moment, his strength is almost extremely extreme.

"What is the black spheres?"

It is said that the eyes of friends, the eyes of Habo, and all the power of all the whole power is expanded.

The eyes were dead and stared at the 12th silence of 12 quietly floated by the eyes. From then, he felt a dangerous feeling. For the current strength of Friends, this is obviously a very incredible Best.


White cactus wearing a white fairy robe in a countless black mystery.

It is the case where the appearance of the sea is to be suffocated as if there is any emotion. The blue eyes of the zombies are icy. "You stay in this world, you can breathe. too much"


Before talking, I saw my hands in front of myself.

In the front of the friend, Habo suddenly contracted the pupil, I saw the twelve paint black mysterious jade surrounded by the body. The speed of the blindfold is very flying into the hand of the moment.

Suddenly formed a rod-shaped black, the like a rodless weapon is like a gun.

On the two paragraphs of the head symbolizes the sun, it symbolizes the moon, representing the creation and yin and yang, revealing a vast atmosphere.

"I haven't used this power for a long time."

The blue blood red scorpion gave an eye on his hand in his hand, the dark cactus cums.

Feeling the horror of the horror of the bursts but familiar with the very familiarity, the appearance of the handsome demon is not banned, and there are some sigures in the tone.

"That weapon"

I saw a black mysterious weapon in the hands of the moment, and I felt the horror of it. Friends habited in my heart.

Destroy cross knife

Holding the initiative to make a person's tactical experience.

I saw friends from Habach out of the whole knowledge, and the whole person has no signs in an instant appearance.

In the hands of the cross, the cross knife is a white countercurrent waterfall, and the moment of the moment is quickly killed. If there is no accident, when the moment, the time has already entered the next moment. ... .

I know that I am at this time.

A dark phantom like a falling day, instantly blocked the hit of the friend, Habach, but the knife.

He only saw the family of friends in Haiba, and the paint black gods suddenly got the crowd knife of the friend Habo.

The left eye is blue, the eyes are flashing, obviously friend Habach uses the whole of the whole power to manipulate the future of the eyes of the left eye.


"this is?"

After the attack is blocked by the martial arts gun.

I saw Friends Habak suddenly became mad, and the whole person's figure was crazy.

I saw him both hands in both hands, the original sharp and unspeakable white spirits crushed the huge sword had already disappeared, as never there was a general.

"My destroy, but the knife disappeared"

After returning to the place, Frienda hoped that he had disappeared in his hand, but a countless possibility in the mind in his mind, "What happened?"

"No need to guess"

It seems that I read the shock of the front of the front of my friends.


"From this world"

Looking at your hand as if there has never had a general destruction but cross knives, Friends Habo finally exposed a color, "Smew?"


The lacquered dark cactus cums, the fire, the friend, the friendabo, the moment of calm and indifferent face suddenly showed the evil spirits, "as long as I was hit by my gun, you really finished Habach."

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Chapter 277 End (ask for reward and automatic)


Just immersed in the shock of the appearance of the friends in front of the mood.

I saw the scenery of the 12th roads around the moment, and I was shot out in the eyes of Friends in front of my eyes.

Although it is open to seek jade from the moment, it is a sharp explosion, but the arms of the coming, let friends, habage can't help but take a cold sweat.

"So small sphere"

After glanced over the scene of the jade, the horror, the terror broke out, and the friend, the friend, Habahton, was tight, "" It turned out to have such a huge power "


However, Friends Habi suddenly noticed that the moment of the next is completely disappeared afterwards.

A heart suddenly hitting a high-hitting, and an unprecedented crisis suddenly came to his heart, and the horror of the horror of horror was crazy.