Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 664 of the Crash System


A total of all-in-a-repetitive pupils seem to capture future sights.

When I suddenly broke out the violent explosion and white light, I saw friends Habach's fingertips instantly released dozens of powerful small sacred sacred sacred sacred.

Directly bombarded the air of the original virtual no one, as soon as the air was mysterious, the mysterious ripple opened a dark space hole.

Round looks · Huangquan

At the moment, I just smashed out of the dark space cave, and I directly faced the holy sacrifice of my friends, Habach, and the dramatic explosion roared directly drowned the whole person.

I saw the paint dark cactus in her hand spinning in his hand.

In an instant, the countless spiritual arrows of the far away were all erased, and they were resolved into a virtual, as if they never had those things.

"Hardure and explosion are all erased"

Until, I saw the strange scene in front of him. Friends Habi finally couldn't stop pouring a breath, and the eyes were very taboo looked at the gods in the hands.

"Never be able to hit it"

I feel that I am in my hands of the mobs, and the friend Habo finally felt the threat from death. "Do you want to make it difficult to expect"

Even before a thousand years ago, the battle between death and destroying the martyr, he was joined by the zero team and Yamamoto Liusi, and he never felt the threat of death.

Change the future

Here, this, only seeing the death of friends in the moment, and suddenly broke out the ability of the future.

The whole person has no signs like transients, and continuously appearing in another location in the next few seconds, there is no way to ponder his trajectory in the eyes of others.


Only after the moment, I saw his left-eyed gods in the eyes of Zhan Blu-ray, and the god prequarled in the future.


Hands in the hands of the paint, once again bombarded the phantom of Friends, Habo, and there was no ridicule to chase the eyes of the friends. True is bored, "

At the moment, the two people only speaking, only two of them were turned into white lightning, and a black vivid shadow is as if they appear simultaneously in the Central Battlefield of the Central Battlefield. .

I saw the battlefield of every moment of whistling, all of all things around them were sprayed into a virtual nor, only left a piece of unpacking air.


"It's completely suppressed"

Looking at the figure of the very powerful flash of the eyes and Friends Habo.

On the battlefield of the whole, all everyone stopped the movements in their hands, and Zhang Da's mouth is looking at the battle in the distant moment and friend hubach.


Once again, there is a shocked and dangerous use to change the future way to avoid the fattest gods in the hands.

I saw that the desperate is flying. Friends habage condenses a huge terrorist pond, "so many spiritual power should be enough"


Looking at the friends in front of the eyes, I finally paused my own footsteps, and the mouth of the mouth was overflowed with a smile of play. "Finally face the reality of death?"

"Do you think"

I suddenly stopped my footsteps and turned around.

Friends Habach's chest is central, and faintly condensed out a pound-to-extreme white push, all the strange holes covered on black hair stared at the moment in front of them.

"Just now I spent so long time just to escape?"

"I admit your strength"

The deep eyes are all on this moment, and only the pounds of pounds brewed from the front chest of Friends, "But the only person who survived today will only be one. "


Friends Habii is firmly low.

I saw that almost unimaginable pounds that were condensed on him, turned into a huge and white holy bow.

"what is that?"

"What is the things of the Ling Tin?"

Moreover, look at the battlefield center of Yuling Tong, Friends, and the huge white spirits of the release of the release, all of the entire Tongling all people were shocked.

Because all of them saw, all the things made throughout the spirit all the spirits in front of the spirit of the Ting Ting, all shredded a white spiritual wave, all by Friends, Habo, huge white holy bow suction.

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Chapter 278 Burning Black Sun (ask for reward and automatic)

"This is"

"You final sacred"

Looking at the huge white holy bow that you have in front of the friend, Haubach (Chapter 278, Huiji Yuci System 278). (..)

There is also your own survings around the whole thing. All the huge white homework, the huge white holy bow, the huge white holy bow, the shocking picture, "" ""

"This is my ultimate sacred"

The whole of the whole menelers are watching the moment in front of them.

The huge white holy bow in front of the friend Habo is doped with the strength of the spirit that is absolutely affiliated to absorbing things around the entire Tingling Tin.

It seems far, the huge white holy bow in front of the friend Habo seems to be like a huge holy wings, which contains the world that cannot be imagined.

"In this world, no matter what people and gods don't have anything to stop it."

"Is there anything to stop?"

Looking at the ultimate in front of the Friends, Habii, the eyes of the moment have finally gradually lifted, but the mouth is still not thinking, "may not necessarily"

"And you think about it"

On the other hand, the mouth of the mouth showed a strange smile, "I just wasted time,"