Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crash System Chapter 665

"Is it?"

Capturing the strange smile in front of the mouth of the moment, Friends Habo pupil suddenly shrinks, "It turns out that you are not idle."

I saw that all the spiritual pressures on the moment were already ready, and the whole person suddenly flew down to the sky in the battlefield of the Ling Ting.

The head gradually reached out, the index finger of his right hand raised his hand, refers to the broken sky.

The twelve lacquered twelve laccas of the original place around the body suddenly riped, and a spinning quickly gathered to the fingertips of the moment.

"That is? "

"Is it huge?"

Among the ruins of the entire Lingling Tingfield under the foot, all the people only feel that they are in the absence of light.



I saw the twelve paint and deep and deep aspects around the moment, all gathered to the right hand-finger fingertips of the flash of the sky.

At the foot, everyone shocked at the battlefield of the Battlefield, and the right hand-finger fingertips suddenly expanded into a huge giant jade.

The huge look of the paint has completely covered the entire sky of the Lingling Tint.

It seems like an instant that he has a high-spirited sun, suddenly coming to this world.

"What is this?"

Even the friend, Habi, I can't cover the shock in my heart at this moment.

Looking at it carefully, I saw this huge black sun in my head, and the continuous swallowing annihilation surrounded by all the air, space, and even light.

"Dragonfly, if the fire, the fire, it seems to come back"

Feeling that the friends of the friend Habak have passed.

If the force of the fire, the force is returned to his body, and the power of the fire is too powerful.

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A burst of burst of sound resounded throughout the Tongling Tingfield, and only the huge black sun suddenly spread on the moment, and the spread of a horrible destruction of the bursts of horror.

"There is a moving in the world."

The shocked looks at the head of the head of the head, the talle, the giant black burst of the body, the friend, the friend, the friend, the whole, countless multi-eyeless eyes revealed a crazy breath.

"No, I am a friend, I am a whole, I am a whole, how can I go again in the corpse?"

Since the moment of awakening recovery awareness.

You Habo has never felt such a pound of pressure and fear, even if it was sealed, it could not bring this fear.


Survive in the end of the heart.

I saw that Friends in the battlefield ruins in the battlefield ruined in the ruins of the hules of myself.

A pair of big hands overlap in front of themselves, the spirit of the surrounding air came together, and the huge white spirit of the front of them finally absorbed, and suddenly bloomed more white than the white light.

This is one of the strongest sacred altimeters.

"The strongest sacredness"? "

Seeing the white break of the big light under his feet, the horrible power is really enough to destroy everything in the world, but the eyes of this moment have revealed unprecedented ultra-unprecedented.

"But these are not important"


I saw that I lost my fingertips directly, as if I couldn't see the marginal giant black burst sun.

At the end of the moment, the ultimate alienation of jade and friendabah is finally bombarded.

There is no shocking turmoil, and there is no waves of the golden steel iron.

However, the time and space seems to be condensed at this moment. Only in the eyes of all people of the whole corpse, there is only a black and white glory in the sky, the whole world has become black and white.

"Do not"

"Give me a break"

Using huge white holy bow, the ultimate altering of the sky, bombarding the huge giant black burst of black burst in the top, as if the mud cow, there is no gentle, but a little bit is gradually swallowed.

I feel that the cloud of death is completely spread on the sky above my head. Friends Haubach is completely crazy, and the madness in the end of the hills, the vast spirit of the whole body is like a river that is pouring with the river.


"Everything has ended the friend Habach"

The blind eye of the moment saw the foot of the feet, and the jade buddy hunger Habach was crazy and struggled.

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Chapter 279 until the end of the world (seeking rewards and automatic)

The flash of Wang Xixu !!! With the sound of the moment. I saw a huge light column with a silky bloody red light in the black, suddenly bloomed in the moment! This huge black red light column appeared, and even the glory of the sun and the sky were unable to cover its darkness! This is an unstopable catatroisher. I saw the flash of the flash of the king, the darkness of the huge pounds of the darkness, suddenly bombarded on the end of his feet. It turned out to be the impact of the flash of the flash of the flash of the deficiency, and the huge end of his feet, the jade is constantly crushed! "No !!!" "I am a friend Habi !!! "I am a god !!! I will never die," I look at the dark burning sun on top of my head. Friends Habak were completely confused, and the mouth continued to shout his name since the birth of himself, it is the name of God. "Nonsense 7!" "Friends Habi!" The look indifferent to his family, Haba 187, crazy struggle. The sound of the sound of the slight movement, the flash of the king in the hand suddenly increased the impact of the violent. Almost everything in the whole, all, all gray flying. I saw the horror red dark light column released in the hands of the moment, and the pounds of the impact of the pounds were on the foot of a huge burning dark sun. Directly smashed the ultimate martial arts of Friends, and the whole person was completely overwhelmed. The entire Ling Tong seems to have come to all things, until the end of the world, all of the world's arc time is not known for a long time. On the Battlefield, all the dead, break, destroy, but finally gradually resumed the perception of his body. Looking at it, I saw the most central in the battlefield of the Sulve Ting Ting, all everything is virtual, only one white black two figure is proud.

"Can't think ..." The black long hair, all the mysterious pupils brought by all the whole energy power will live together with the power of the body. Friends of Haubach finally returned to the color of the original red celebration. He was inserted into his own chest in the hands of his eyes in front of his eyes. "I still failed ..." "" "" "" "" "_ Friends Habi ..." The face was brought with a whisper. The 9J fire in the hands was gently sent, and suddenly opened a huge hole in the chest of Friend! "From now on ... I am the body of the corpse, a virtual ring, the world, the three world new owners ... "" Three-world new owner ... "Friends Habo is light, his face is the most uninterested, the most regrettable expression, because At the moment, he did not do something. In everyone, I saw Friends Habak's body in the middle of the air, as if it was a snow that was melted by the sun, it turned into a flying fly ash. The whole person completely dissipated in the air. The emperor of the invisible empire, the teacher of the teacher, the friend, the people, the people, seems to have never appeared in this world ... "Friends Habi ... dead ... ... "Bazibi, Bangbi Love Tower, and Li To Lampa, a few of the invisible imperial destroyed people in the Holy Aliment of the Friends, and a little smart Double eyes. "Everything ... Ended" Jingle Chunshui, Poopcher 14th Lang, there is also the death of these Swee Tongshi ", the death of these Sulve Tint, all couldn't help but L share to sit on the ground, finally The long breath came out. "At the moment ... Win a" and all ten blade on the battlefield of Jingling Ting, and suddenly broke out the warm cheers of the earth, "We win 7 !! "" "!!!" At this time, the night, the night, the emerald, the weave Ji and Dragon, and a few of them have put down everything in their hands, flew in the direction of the moment.

(Welcome everyone to search for "Huang Ying Yuxi" Add to this book of the sheep) round to the eye · !!! At this time, there was no reason to pay for them, and only the whole person flew into the high altitude of Silies. The hands of the hands of the hands, the vastness of the gods of God, all of which broke out, all of the people of the whole corpse people shocked. Boom !!! I only saw the whole corpse of the steamed sky, I cracked a huge gorgeous meteorite, not, the whole huge white city was attracted to the eye to use God's round to the eye to pull down. That is the true world city, is also the Lingwang Palace. "That is ..." "What do he wants to do ... All of the signs of the whole corpse is hysteresisted to kill the world. "Everyone gave me a lot ..." The first hand held a huge world city, the sky is in the moment, such as the only true God of the world, the top of the world, the soul of the soul, the soul of the whole body Every life spirit, "Friends Habo has been killed by me ... The invisible empire has been defeated by me." There is also five captains of the Lingwang Palace. "Also has been killed by me ..." "" corpse soul The hub of the world, the virtual ring, the world, the third world, the king is now in my hand. "" Ling Wang ?! "All the death of the Sulve Tintina stunned," He is crazy ?! "according to himself The heart has been planning a good plan. After killing the friend, Habach, it is directly with the entire world owner. "From today, I am the three new owners, this real world city is the center of the future" "Don't follow I put forward any objection, because you didn't have any counterfeit chips. "The momentum of the moment is like Hong Zhongli's shocking sound, directly echoating every corner of the whole corpse." Death, destroying the teacher, breaking, at this moment, everyone's hearts are fully attracted to the moment, all of the eyes are all dead looking up to the sky of the sky. At this moment, he is the only true god of this world.

Chapter 280 Three Lord (seeking rewards and automatic)

Time is long, and the years is Zhao Zhao. In the long life in the corpse, the time seems to be a number without any meaning. The time of the death of the dead, I don't know how long it has been. At this moment, in the true world of the world, the highest huge palace above the entire corpse soul. The moment is sitting on the white throne, and the blue blood is quietly overlooking the world of the world, now it is the center of the triple. Looking at the boundless world of true world, intensive the bustling people, those who have been promoted from the corpse, the virtual ring, the invisible empire, even in the world. The moment is now a veritable three main owners. Divided into the soul of the soul, the virtual night palace, and there is also the world of intangible empire. Death, breaking, destroying three camps are all polite, but the goal of unified and loyal is still the world city. In these three camps, only the best and best talents have the opportunity to promote to the real world. Just like the next boundary is flying to the heavens a concept, "Hey! The system detects the current world" Death ", the dangerous level SS level, the host is successfully dominated the current world, the 2000 points" is sitting on the huge white throne In the brain of the moment, the sound of the system prompts. "It successfully dominated a world" The eyes seem to be like the thin-spirited sunlight of the forest, and the moment is a little emotion, and the heart is laid, "the mission is completed ... system ..." Congratulations, I successfully dominated a world. "

I heard the sigh in the heart, the voice of the collapse system was suddenly sounded in the brain, "" The distance became the owner of Wanjie, "The host will move forward." "Now, go to the next world now ... or ... still ... "The moment is directly opened to see the mountain asked, after all, there is a light car. "Or old rules, you will decide by the host." If you don't see the specific appearance of the collapse jade system, you will definitely make the brain to make up at this moment it is a pair of cute butler or cute maid. After all, the system is unable to distinguish Gender and age. "At the moment ..." suddenly came from the gap between the heart and the collapse of the jade system, and suddenly, I changed back to the sight of the moment. I am looking back, and it is a Babi Love Tower, Minina, Cariti, the three invisible Empire's star cross knights, and of course Ji Sier Judi's camouflage is not there. I saw three of them at this moment, I was wearing a maid suit, the bud i silk lace dress, white socks, the prisoners after the three invisible empire were actually become the female slave and maid. "It's three of you ..." I saw the appearance of the three maids of the Bangbe than the love tower, and the evil smile when I was.

"Looking for me ... What is it ..." I saw it in an unparalleled pickup} I extended a finger, sitting on the white huge throne and picked the character with her figure. chin. "Night ... Night Miss and Miss Miss" Miss Zi Ji "Miss," Although the venerative Cariti has a strong impulse that I really want to electroacca in front of the coke. But I think of the terrible strength of the other party, there is now today, I have to go down like a cat, I saw Jiali silk, "Please invite you." You have passed ... "" "Yes ......" Then let's go ... "Gently knead a girl in front of Gittis and Baby Love Tower Two temper and hot I spicy sturdy girl soft face, and there was a little smile, he likes them. Bite and teeth and no love look. "Heart!" "At the moment!" With Mi Nina and Baby Loveta, there were three beautiful Just getting a door, I only saw the weaving of white high-yogle l suit, and suddenly excitedly waved in the moment, she will always stay in the sun, like a warm sun. Not only to weave, there is a night one, the wicked peach, the bee, Niul, Huri Bell, Huilu, even the chaotic chrysanthemum, there is Lilika, and after seeing the arrival of the building, we have spent a flower. Among the halls of the entire banquet, in addition to the women's affairs, there are other ten blades such as the virtual circles, the death of the dead spirit, and there are several stars of the survival of the immortal Empire. The knight of the Knights is destroyed. All people were invited here to participate in today's banquet, this custom and practice from the One Piece world, also brought to this world. Of course, this banquet today is also a featured banquet in the moment to bid farewell to this world.

After laughing in the night, greeted the moment, nature is a hibiscus account warm, one night} stream. "System, we can leave." Until the next morning, when the night, a broken bee Ji Ji, all of them were still sleeping, and the moment was silently, and the L 'called the collapse system. "Yes, the host." After the sound of the moment, the sound of the system in the mind sounded. The whole world of death suddenly pauses freeze, all everything stays in its most beautiful moment. "There is also a collapse ..." "It seems that only the blend of you can leave this world with you ..." Looking at the door of the secondary channel in front of him, the moment is gently reached. Central inlaid collapse into the collapse. In an instant, all the distresses in your heart were suddenly broken, and the moment directly broke into the door opened in front of you.

(Death World End)

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