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Chapter 281 About New World

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Chapter 1 New World

X783. Astos World, the Kingdom of Fiore. This is a population tens of millions of permanent neutral countries, here is a magical magic world. In this world, magic can be disclosed, deep into every people's lives, some people manipulate magic and here for a living, people call the magicile. The world's magician is affiliated to the different guilds to entrust and complete the work. There are many guilds in this country. In some cities, some magist guidelines have a lot of legend. Of course, the above is just the world's current surface. In fact, in 400 years ago, the dragons rushed to this world, and humans can only be used as the food of Dragon. The dragons of these rule worlds are divided into two factions, and they hope to coexist with people, and the other will oppose the coexistence with humans. After the two factions launched the war between the dragon and the dragon, the two sides of the war have been in a state of glue. The coexistence made a 08 decisions in order to defeat the opposition, that is, the magic that taught the destruction of the Dragon (there is a tunner ", and let them participate. However, the power of the dragon magic is too large, and the victory of the coexistence has happened to the incident, and the strength of the dragon who is too powerful, the dragon who is expected to coexist with humans. One killed. Thereafter, there is a slightener in the group in the case of continuous row, teeth are smashed, the body gradually grows out of the dragon scales, but it has a dark wing that does not belong to the dragon. Become a dragon in history by humanization. Black Dragon's strength is far from all Dragons. The dragon who is slaughtered by all the dragons, only the dragon, such as the fire dragon, and the secret law continues to live. And the man finally became the king of the dragon, his name is Akuloria, known as the evil source, the king of the dragon, the black feather of the end of the world.

Today, 400 years later, in the era of this dragon, he still wandered in this world ... filled with Western Medieval Town Street. "Fast ... soon" "The woman chased it ... it is terrible" the end of the quiet, the magician of the Ten Dark Congress, the wolf, escape, even several of them exaggerated I fell out of a dog to eat. "You have no way to retreat ..." "Dark public mud ..." I have been forcing them these tens that have been named in the dark world. Point. I originally homoked the shadow of the hot, but wearing a small helmet appeared, and a red guild is printed on the left chest. The upper body is from the neck below the neck, and then with a blue skirt and boots. . "The tail of the demon demon" is "The Queen of the Fairy" Ai Lusha Shu Carlo ... "Seeing this next year, the shadow wearing the armored appearance, when she saw her face, several Dark Congratulations The taxi can't scare. A sign of a red jumper is the most famous magist guild guild in the Kingdom of Fira. At this time, this looks about the young girl who is about 18 years old. It is embarrassed by the black eyes of 94} red hair. It is known as the " ", the S-class magazine "of the tail guinea" of the "Fairy Queen" is "dead", witnessed the magician of this group of Dark Congress. After the crime. Ai Laha black eyes are almost completely filled with anger, and the magic of the body is sinking. "Dressing the flaws !!" As Lusha launches the dressing magic A crisp metal cyumny in the air. I saw that Ai Laha's body appeared in the sky, and there was a huge wings for four steels behind. There are two sharp knight swords in his hand, and the red long hair appears on both sides of the angel, and the whole person seems to be like a female martial art. "Yes ... is" The Demonstratic Magic "of the" The Queen "of the" The War of the War "is a magical of the Airewa.

Ten a Dark Congress's magician's eyes thoroughly desperate, the strength of the S-class magicile plus "the" Leprechaun Queen "Ai Laha is like the character of killing, it is undoubtedly their mourning avoidance. "The Queen of Fairy ..." "Ai Lisha Shukaro ..." At this time, a arrogant voice took a variety of people who didn't work, suddenly abrupt into everyone's ear. "You just said that my dark public will be a mites?" Among the shadows of the streets, a young man wearing a half-faced robe, the young people who have a chaotic golden long hair gradually come out, red a circle of eyes A trace of evil looks at the Ai Laha in front of him. "It's really a monk of a regular guild," Who "I saw this mysterious golden long-haired youth next to it, and the pupil of Airewa took a shrinkage, because she felt that the other party did not She even had an exceeding magic. "" Is it a guy of the magician of these Dark Congratulations? "" Have a group of garbage ?! "I heard the imperial, this mysterious golden long-haired youth suddenly Crazy crazy laugh, "Hahahaha !!" "The god of the gods !!

Crazy laughter is abrupt, this mysterious golden long hair is suddenly ridiculous. Among the shocking eyes of Airewa, a huge dark horror magic fireball, instantly destroyed the entire street in front of you. Next to the magician of the Dark Congress, even if the scream is not sent, it is directly burned into ashes by this black flame.

Chapter 2 comes

"What are you doing ?!" "" Actually kills all of them ?! "The iron-iron armored wristbands were killed in the hands of the black inflammation. Airewa shocked his eyes, and this suddenly appeared in the eyes of these Dark Communishers. Moreover. "..." The power of this magic ... I feel the amazing destructive power caused by the magic release of this mysterious youth, and the heart of Ai La has begun to sink, this is also the magic of the S-class magic talent. "I call Zancome ... "It seems to be very satisfied with the shocking and jealous expression on the face of Ai La, mysterious blonde smiled and said his name." I think you should have never heard of my name ... but the devil's Heart ... You must have heard of the heart of the devil ?! "I suddenly heard the name of this Dark Community, and the Ai Laha could not calm down. How could it be ... Implement a mission of an ordinary annihilate, a magist of the Dark Conference ... How can I encounter such a guy Ai Laha dead and clenched the double sword in my hand, and the forehead of Bai Zhe is not covered. A fine sweat. Well look around, check whether there is an enemy's same party, but suddenly sees a more amazing scene. ... The air seems to have an inexplicable fluctuation and ripple.

I saw a dark mysterious secondary channel door was quietly opened, and a slender figure came out from it. "Here is. ... ~ ..." Silver white long hair floating with the surrounding heat waves and the wind; West. A slender figure quietly drove in this street that was just destroyed, and the eyes of the moment were surprised to play the world they were in. "Potholes system ..." Looking at the streets of the sore A as the ruins of the war, the mouth suddenly convulsted, "" It seems to be in carrying out a war ... I have lost me directly ... Success dominated the world of death. After that, it took a while to return to the world and Haibei world vacation. The whole payment of the planner and Hancobin after several months, the moment finally chose to open a new round of the second round of the world today. The journey. "Hey! The system detects the current world ((t natural tail", dangerous degree ss level, dominate the current world to get 2000 points. "At the moment, the new world is in front of the world, the middle of the mind It has been familiar with the system. "Is the tail of the fairy ..." "Magic and Dragon World ... I heard the suggestion of the system in my mind, I'm slightly in the mouth, my eyes suddenly Turn, "Don't you, before the system, you don't tell me" The "Fairy Tail" World ... The risk of danger relies to the level S-level ... "" How did I suddenly be upgraded to the SS level? "" The architecture of the second year is constantly Change ... "I heard the question of the brain, the sound of the system is long," the system will be updated with the times ... This world is not only the dragon who has killed the world ... and there is a god of the world ... " You may not be too small to see the high-end force of this world. "There are a little different from the two second priests that have experienced in the past.

Among the tail of the fairy, in addition to the protagonist, Alphas Nazdoragnell, there is another Aderat world similar to parallel time and space. And the Athral World, in addition to the protagonist Naz, there is another Westland. In general, this world is full of mysterious magic, changing magic, styling magic, turning into magic, lost magic, super magic, etc., thousands of homes. No matter the magist of the drama, the world's true high-end combance, such as the strongest magic tuning of the magic history, the rival, such as the evil source, the black dragon Akolokia. There are also many dragon princes and other dragons, and even the world mysteriously mysterious gods, the gods of the curse of Jerevo Lagnier, etc. God. The ultimate force of this world is definitely beyond the imagination of the moment. "In this way," "This world will be very interesting. In the heart, there are countless thoughts. The moment of handsome and innocent face can not help but leave a taste of smile. Every time I cross a world, I will master the powerful ability of the world. And the move, this is a huge wealth that has been accumulated step by step.

The world's magic is strange, just like the lost magic of the beautiful dark devil, Urudia Mirkovic, the curved magic of a time, the state of the things go back to the past or to the future magic, and it is very Interested. Moreover, this world is not counting, and there is also a beautiful girl who is different from Ai Laha, Mirajer, Lucy, Zhu Bi'an, Wantati, Lucy, Zhu Bi'an, Wantati, etc. in a guild. "But" The thoughts returned to the reality in front of the eyes, suddenly some tangled frowned, "The magist guide, Dragon, God, bright, dark, such a chaotic world, how can I dominate it?" "But no matter what ..." In the heart, there is a lot of points in your hands, plus the 2000 points obtained by the prior to dominate the world, and the moment has now become a unclatible local. "Since I have come here ... I hope you will give me all the abilities first" "No problem, I started to redeem to hear the heart in the heart, the sound of the system in my mind is immediately, after the system starts In the moment, I first felt the hottest heat.

Chapter 3 Attack

Suddenly God of reincarnation and God's round of the eyes are like the universe, the universe, endless odor, returned to their eyes. The whole body is shocked, in the middle of the body, the power of the power of the body and the tail of the fairy, the magic world law is quietly changed. All the familiar powerful power returned to themselves, and not only, the original endless flexible push, all of which were automatically equipped with the world's energy one by one. Magic. "This is almost ... My strength is all back" Gently open his own arms, endless power is returned to make the moment in the heart, and if you reach yourself as if you can crush the air in front of you. "Well?! Is this the world's source energy?!" All the power returned to himself, the flash of the blue blood suddenly suddenly, felt all the original spiritual pressure in your body disappeared, replaced It is another endless mysterious energy. Magic is the foundation of all the world's magic, which is equivalent to Chakra, 550 world, like the spiritual power of the Death World, is the original energy of this world is also the ultimate energy. "Thank you ... system ..." I feel the magic of my body, my mouth is raging, and my heart has a thank you for the system. "You don't have to be polite ..." In view of the host of the host, the system automatically comes with a chance to pass through a lottery, the prize includes all kinds of secondary skills, props, inheritance and items, etc. other than the current world. . "The system is talking to the moment, while the system is pushed in his mind," I will ask the host to draw now. "

Boom !!! At the moment when you want to travel through each world, you will be able to travel. At this time, a black high-temperature magic flame in an instant swallowed the original standing position, and completely burned all the earth under his feet. "Shout ..." "Where to take a inexplicable guy ..." Seeing a mysterious guy next to no reason, I saw the blonde Dark Magistoziklo Kojo, the blonde Dark Maguchiko in front of the Ai Lusha released his black. The flame drown him. After seeing the position of the moment, after the black flame is overlooked, the combo's face suddenly slammed a cruel smile. But I remembered the mysterious space portal in the air that had just happened, I crowded, "Just now is the _ lost space magic? _" "But no matter what ..." disdainted Next to it is completely submerged by yourself in black magic flames, the crowl loungers raised their own chin and looked at the red long-haired Auca in front of him. "There is no one to disturb us ..." The Queen of the Fairy "," I am evil ..., "" Your guy looked at the dark devil guosaus Krody in front of him, and even greeting Killed a suspected passers-by, like a female Wushen, the general heroic embarrassment of Ai promise. When you want to use your own dressup magic Tian Tian Tz, this moment, Ai Laha suddenly has a horrified, you have a horrified, you ... you are not dead ?! "What ?! See Ai Lisa face in front of you The debut of the amazement did not seem to have a fake, and the commences were shocked. "Although ... I didn't understand the specific situation of this world, I have suddenly contracted this world. Middle of the pupil.

I saw the streets that were completely destroyed by the crockery black magic flame burst. A mysterious youth said that the black magic flame burned at the foot gradually came out from the ruins. "But ..., I just came to this world. ..., I will welcome me in this way," Silver white gliped noble, perfect junxi to suffocating, Zhan Blue blood is more vast than the gemstone Twin eyes, a gorgeous black coat is like a black sun, deep and shine, until this time next to the crowd and Eulisa finally appreciate the outline of the moment. "It seems that it is quite special ..." "Have to say" there is a somewhat deep hoarse voice. By the way, I will put off the black magic flame under the foot. The moment is light, and the deep eyes are interested in the two magist guys in front of the eyes, and this is a new world to see him. "You put a good fireworks for me ... this guy" saw the moment next to it, there was no injury to the black magic flame of the crown. The two of the two people suddenly gotween the two people, and they couldn't disconnect the mysterious guys. "It seems" You are also a magician ... "Looking at the black magic flame of the left on the ground, it was turned off in the moment. The comments were suddenly vigilant, but he heard the words in the mouth in the mouth, his character couldn't help him. I saw the color of the crowned red eyes of the criterion, and the moment of death was staring at the moment. "I said that my destroying magic is fireworks ... I have never seen you so arrogant guy ... ... " ?! Hearing the words of Zambause said, the moment is okay, and the side of the Ai Laha has changed. "Dragon's magic ?!", I saw the face of Ai Lusha, "It turned out to be a lost ancient magic.!"

It turned out that the crowd of Zharo in front of him, and the moment of ignorance of the tail of this fairy in front of his mind was finally understood. The heart finally understood the identity of these two magistrs.

Chapter 4 Dragon

One of the strongest dark monsters in the "Devil's Heart" of the "Devil's Heart" in the "Devil's Heart". It is a teenager who wipes the god, claiming to "Dragon", can use the "God" flame of "God", "God" flame of the flame, preliminary estimation of the strength to reach the ordinary S-class magician on. This ... is the magic of this world ... . "I can't think of the world ... But the eyes of the moment are more than the one next to the Tianlun FZ is like a female Wushen to come to the general heroic beauty. Ai Lusha, the heart is thinking," Just encountering the queen of the tail of the fairy! ":" Is this also the deliberate arrangement of the system ... "Hey !!! At this time, the face suddenly suddenly. Only next Ai Laha actually stopped his body, Bai Zhe's pretty The face is firm, "Although I don't know which guild, which is the magician ..." But if the opponent is the strongest dark public, the heart of the devil ... "Ai Lusha has a sword to die, there is a flash and praise In the middle of the two, the inner heart of proud justice is not allowed to involve unrelated people into their own battles, "but also to master the lost ancient magic to the Dark Demago guides ... You hurry to leave here" "Leave here?" "J is moon laughter, watching Ai Lusha, who is in front of him, looks at her firmly, and the heart is touching again. Is this a prize Queen Ai Lusa ... Sure enough, it is a born beauty, handsome and refreshing female Wu god ... Although it is only a moment of communication, it is still a sharp from her. The world is most intuitive. The most positive energy.

"Leave ?!, look through the intention of the Ai Lusha, the devastating guinea guinea" Karrow is smiling when you are in front of you. "You don't have to leave !!" "Anxiety's anger !! Just falling. The blind eye of the left eye, I suddenly saw him for a sigh of breath, using the magic to put all the flames all concentrated in the body. Suddenly felt a huge black god shock wave, huge range directly Covered all the orientation of all the bans of the two people in the moment. "Worse ..." "It's too late ..." The strength of the demon guideloziklo is obviously more powerful than EiUha expected. The boundless black destroy flame of the sky, Airewa anxious discovery, even the Di Di, which is a variable switching, restraint flame magic, is already too late. "Thank you for your kindness ... but" in Ai Laha is a bit. During my eyes, I saw it in front of her. I left her back to make a good shore, "I still let me come." I am very interested in the world's magic _ " !!! I saw it clearly of the flash. When a black mysterious mysterious book suddenly didn't know where to get out, fanned the transparent wings to judge the side of the moment. P Scrub the chapter !!! At this time, the magic of this world is successfully applied. After the F-P solution of the Bible of the Bible, this time, the black magic flame shock wave of the crowd has been instantly arrived at him and Ai Lusha. In front of it. Baddance Eighty-one break !!! It is necessary to be hopped by the black magic flame of the crockery. Ai Laha has a surprisingly widened his eyes, and I saw that there was an invisible mysterious spatial barrier in the air in front of him. Like the sky with the world, I am firmly isolated from the flame of the crockery with devastating power.

"Very good ..." After the first time, the world's magic successfully released a defense of the ghost, "It seems that it seems to be the same as the past ... The magic of using this world can also originally exhibited other worlds. All the ability ... "" What is this defense magic ?! "Seeing the moment of instantaneous discriminating and breaking the crowds of the crowds of the crowd of the crowd of the gods, the two people and the crowds of the crowd were stunned. "At this time," There is an empty Dong Zhang Xi Wang, "Just in the heart of Ai Laha and the crowd, the sound of the moment is like the ghosts. "How ... how could it be ?!" Don't say it is a crockery, even Ai Laha can not find out that the moment is like this from Zanxo. I am shocked by the crowdon, turned to the moment, a powerful elbow, I went to the moment, "Can you evil ?!" Not only the magical power, the body's fight is the world, many magic guides The ability to be proficient in proficiency is, such as a bloody idiot that will only be fired.

Hey !!! Who knows that it seems to be expected to be aware of the counterattack of criterion. In the eyes of the bomb played in Zambury, I saw the flash of violent playing in the moment. I took the belly of the crowd, and the whole person flew out "then ..." "So ..." I came to this world's first destroyed devil guide. "This is destined to have an elegant battle. All the battle sites between the coming seconds have incorporated the blind eye. Zambi has been herself A shot, I saw the flash of the attack in front of him, and gently he came to the world's first magic guideline. The ninetyeeecht knife cremation! !! A top sacrifice that has been suddenly formed in the hands of the moment. It seems that there is no difference with the magic of the world, and the huge unparalleled red flame flood is in an instant under the driver of magic.

Chapter 5 Elegant Fight

"Okay.". ... Strong "see a moment of breathing that does not breathe, I will fly the powerful magic of the heart of the strongest Dark Congress. I look at the endless outbreak of the eyes in the hands of the eyes. The red fire flood, Ai Laha was shocked by this "magic" power. "Well ?!" But just at this time, it was a bit surprised to raise his own sword eyebrows. Blow through the left eye Eyes, it is obvious that I have seen some scenes that exceed my original expectations. "Good ... a strong flame", I saw the crowd of crossed it hooked out, even Zhang Dazhi bar, bombard, all the red flames released all the red flames I have absorbed it in. It seems that "five or three" have a full of full of food, and Zambi feels the flames and magic of their own body, suddenly smirking, "Hahaha ... ... Thank you for your dinner ... "" But you really shouldn't use the magic of the flame to attack me "I'm a moment of kicking, Zambi only felt at least three ribs on her body, a hint of blood The unstoppped angle is hanging from the mouth. But after the hard life swallowed all the ghost flames in the moment, the crowd of the crowd had a unborn crazy smile, "I forgot to tell you ... I am the god of flames. The magist guide can swallow any flames to supplement their magic and enhance their own flame ... "Swallow any flame? See all the red flames released in front of him, all the red flames, hobby, rogue, swallow I suddenly came out when I was suddenly. At this time, he suddenly remembered, the world's dragon magistrate and the goddess, it was the ability to swallow the magic elements of the same property. "Since I have encountered ... ... "After the swallowing of the swallowing, all the red flames bombarded.

When Charloton hit all the flames and magic after his abdomen, Zhang Lai's face was violent. "Then you have done it!" The dinner of the god !! This is Commentary of the strongest magic. I saw that Zamburo instantly created a fireball of the black magic god. It contained the horror temperatures and power sufficient to burn all things in him. The surroundings have been The destroyed street gradually distorted, and the huge black magic flame of the crowd is directly ignited by all surrounded buildings. "This is" seeing the horror black flame flameless black flame of the eye, Ai Meng A heavy, R stripped Dark Congress, the strength of the heart member of the heart, "Yan Emperor's treasure !! But good in Emperu finally found the gap, using the mortal magic to transform the flame magic resistance is extremely resistant Yan Emperor's treasure. I saw that the long hair of Airewa suddenly became a double horsetail, and the reddish armor was attached to her body and the orange} colored armor suddenly appeared on her, showing a large snowy skin. "Since it is the magic battle between the magician ... I know this time, a palm is gently grabbed the bristles of the Ai Laha. I saw a black magic flame look in front of the sky." So It is necessary to maintain an elegant battle style ... The eighty-eight flying dragon thief shot Tianleng !!

Under the increase in the Solid Night Bible R-1, the whole person is like the Holy Spirit. Another senior ghost is in the hands of the moment, there is a powerful magic of the natural disaster level, and there is any powerful magic of this world. Bang !!! A deafening blasting sound, suddenly frotted in this European architectural style town. The lightweight light will directly illuminate the sky of the city, and the devastating airflow directly fleszes all the buildings around. In the face of the endless black magic flames used in the eyes of the crowd, the flash of the flash of the moment, the flash of the flash is shocked, and there is a huge destruction beam. The devastating huge beam is in an instant, in front of this Western-style town, all buildings are all treated along the way, and directly done this city instantly! "What ?!", look at the flame destroyed by yourself The dinner of the gods of the gods, and the moment was taken away from the moment. Looking at the huge destruction of the fire, it is very shocked in the heart of the eye, and the crowd is very shocked. The sixty-one six sticks of the belt !!! But it is stunned, the six light is not comparable to the light, which seems to have formed a jail that can't escape the birthday, and the dead roots entered his body. Fully blocked all the actions in his body. Not only, Zanxo's scratch is found that the magic of his body is also stagnant, as if it is completely printed by this "magic". "No !!!" Obviously, the time will not stay because of the shock and struggle in the hearts of the crowd. The huge incomparable destruction of the light cannon directly drowned him, together with the entire town in front of him, completely destroyed a pile of ruins and residues. "It seems ..." A hit of the purge of the heart of the strongest Dark Confidentiality of the cruelty of the heart of the crowdene, and the moment is like a fire, it is gently blowing it. Smoke does not exist at all.

"The magic of this world is to release the ghost" "power is endless ..." Since it comes to this world ... Of course, you have to see and learn all the powerful mysterious magic of this world ... The heart is dark in the heart. This is like this. Magic _ "Such destructive power ..." I am looking around this Junxiu Youth. I saw her for a long time, I finally came out. "Which one in the Ten major magistan is"

Chapter 6 Happy Running (ask for reward and automatic)

Telling true, recently reviewing the demon tail, I really feel this comic day is not enough, out of courtesy, small A symbolic hard)

"Ten major magic guides ?!"

At the moment, I immediately responded, helpless smile.

Obviously, Ai Laha in front of him regarded himself as a certain place in the Tenth Magistist.

The Ten major magic guides also have a top ten magist guide, which is awarded the best ten magist guys on the continent of the Magic Trichle. The strength is far more than the Ordinal Guild's S-Class Tagist, such as the demon's tail, the current president Makarov is one of the holy ten.

"Do not……"

I saw the moment I shook my head, and I was explained by the Ai Laha around.

Sure enough, the red long-haired double-horse tail, the girl, Lusha, Shukkaro, and the face showed a "you cheated".

At the moment, he said that he is not a Ten major magma, she can believe, but the moment said that she is not a magma, this is how she can believe it?

"Liar ..." Looked at the city, which was in front of him, using super "magic" completely destroyed the exhausted town, Airewa has firmly firmly firmly.

"If I said that I didn't use the magic ..." Seeing at this moment, I was so hilarious expression, "I am afraid that she will kill, I will not believe it ... '" I can't think "

"The Strongest Dark Congress ... The dark devil guide of the devil's heart in one of the Param Union ..."

After the white moment without goodness, I saw that Ai La Shage had a little downs to think about the encounter of today's implementation tasks.

Looking at the high-level ground almost a coke's praise, the mouth is self-speaking, "" Back to the Assist Must report with the President of Makarov, the situation encountered ~ ...

"Well ... That ..." "Although I don't have you, I will definitely solve the dark magic guide."

Seeing the battle has been completely over, I saw that El Charm lifted the migramology on her body.

Restored to the appearance of the original Zanni's own blue skirt, the look is a bit awkward, "But no matter what to say. ... still thank you."

Is this attitude towards people?!

Looking at it as sole in front of him, the Qifeng is like Lusha, and the moment seems to have been hit by lightning, and the mouth is gently twitching.

It is a proud of the proud of the gods.

Some somewhat staring at yourself, like a bright ruby ​​generally exudes Ai Lusa, which is amazing, and the moment is suddenly lost.

If she is replaced with women, she must be very beautiful ...

I thought that it is a girl who is strong in my heart.

"My mission has been completed ..." In the inexplicable eyes of the moment, Airewa seems to be a little unnatural, hurried and flash, "I want to go back to the tail of the fairy ... we don't have this. "

"and many more……"

I saw that Ai Lusha was turning around, and the moment directly reached a hand, "I still don't know your name ..."