Naruto's Jade Crash System

Nanghae Crack System Chapter 667

Although the heart has already determined the identity of Ai Laha, it is still asked.

At the moment, I learned that I have a painful memory in the past, and I have no sense of security and a tendency to be self-enclosed, so I will wear FZ A.

Ai Laza is a child, and the bad move can be kept gentle and smile. It has a firm belief to create today's fairy queen.

"My name is Ai Lusa Schuluato ..."

I was in an instant to grab my wrist. Ai Laha seems to be a lot of electric shock. The inner is very uneasy, she doesn't have a lot of hand, and the look is a bit vigilant.

The eye is a hurtful beast ... look at the eyes of Ai Lusha vigilant, the moment I thought, I immediately said my name, "I called the moment ..." " ... I remember this name in my heart.


"Stand! It is" The Queen of the Fairy "Ai La Shukkulo," it is the magician of the fairy tail! "

At this time, the street land of the distance continued to run a large group of local magical guilds, and recognized the identity of Airewa.

"Wat" "Let's run"

I haven't waited for a moment that happened.

I only felt that I was in front of my eyes, I saw that Ai Lusha had grabbed his wrist and went to the distance.

"I have destroyed the town to this ... this ..." Ai Lusha pulled the flash flying, "said at the end of the magic review ... Makarov, the headache "

"It turns out", "It seems that your fairy tail guild often makes such a big move ..." Quickly fly, see the appearance of the Ai Laha face, flashing, "But ... I Not the magician of your fairy tail ... "

"Why do I run along with you ?!"

"You think ... you destroy the town here"

After listening to the wrong, Ai Laha didn't have a good breath. "

Will they let you?

It is also ... "I am sorry to scratch my back.

It seems that the atmosphere has become a bit funny. Suddenly two people look around, and the figure is getting more and longer under the gap of the sunset.

Magic Mong Dynasty

Fairy Tail"

It is an organization that works for the magician from finding a matter from the search to the monster, and the members of the guild consists of a wide range of magic guides.

The masters in the guild gathered, the positive and negative reputation of the guild is very high.

It is often desperately desperately desperately destroyed when performing tasks, leading to the criticism of the presidents when implementing the task.

And I have to sign a variety of huge amount of compensation, and the spending within the guild is even smaller, so the President of the fairy tail is often crashing for this.

Chapter 7 Fairy Tail (ask for rewards and automatic) Among the Dark Communisians of the Library.

Here is the strongest dark public meeting "

Devil's heart "

The headquarters is displayed in the magic books of dense Ma Ma.

This is ... The hoarse sound sounded, sitting in the meeting table first, is a dark armor, wearing a two-corner helmet, the fierce old man, I saw him seem to have passed by the magic induction, suddenly opened himself Both eyes

Zancome was killed by people.

It is shocked by a thousand layers of waves, all members of the heart around the whole devil are shocked.

Is the guy of the commentary?

I only see the mortgage magic "

Big tree curved "

Ancema stunned, "

How can it be?

Who is it?

What is the magician of the formal guild?

Next to the black frame glasses, Rusi Russ, who comb after the silver hair is also surprised, "

The strength of the commentary guy ... can do this, the magician is not much ... Is it encountered?

Holy ten "

What is it ... "" "

That will only furnish idiots ... "

At this time, the other side left a black long red hair, tied with a white hairpin, the blue 577 pupil wearing a tight-fitting beauty} Yan girl suddenly smiled, "

I have long said that he will die in someone else sooner or later ... just not think of this day, ""

I really want to see who is done ... "

Between the words, this evil is beautiful!

The girl, even if there is no grief of death, it is the magical of the lost.

Time curved "



Ok ... No need to take the crowd of Cook, I saw the heart of the Devil, Hadis, cold, planned, ""

Killing by another magma can only explain his strength.


Now ... Looking for the fall of Gielf ... Complete our big magic world plan ... is the most important thing ... "While Hades said, the fierce look of Hades looked next to the beauty!

Yan Girl Urudia, "

Urudia ... how do you implement the plan in the Magic Comments ... "


The Magic Commentary ... "

I remembered that I am now in the magic reviewer, the smile in the roof of Urudia is more obvious, "

The needle is very smooth ... Gerar is being turned by the group of grouse ... "The R system should also be completed ... "

Darkness is the source of magic ... Only this can be close to the devil's abyss ... "

Jereff ... Soon we can wake up, you will be awakened. "

Must muttering a horror name that makes all world gallbladder, Hadis's eyes are more frank, "

Let you become the king of the world ... Create a real big magic world ... eliminate all the garbage without magic ... "

At a time, all the dark magic guides in the heart of all the ghosts in the heart, just in the heart of Hades absolutely overwhelming, and deep buried.

(Welcome everyone to search "

Racating collapse system "

Join this book, the sheep) "


Is the magic guild where Ai Lusha is ... The tail of the fairy is ... "

Followed along the road of Lusha, finally came to the tail of her guild's fairy.

At the moment, he looked at this huge guild building before his eyes, and the gate was written on 'FairyTall, the flag was a lively jumping little goblin.

Just didn't enter the door yet, and I have already faintly obedient that I have constantly moving a noisy voice of chaos.

It should be that Naz and Gray have a few troublesome

At this time, Ai Lusha also heard the noisy playing in it, and his face was suddenly revealed.

Then, Ai Lusa turned into a severe member of the discipline, and pulled into the door, "

Go in with me.

... _ I will take you to see our president Makarov ... After getting along with Ai Laha.

In the moment, I didn't light more clearly, and I also understood the time that I passed over.

Now is X783, just a year before the fairy tail story begins.

Although it is more desirable that the system can cross the age of 400 years ago, they will directly depend on the dragons regarding all humans as food and wax.

The source of the evil, the black feather of the end, the most stronger destroyed dragonfly talents, the Dragon Slayer slaughter, even the King of Wanlong, the King of the Dragon.

Is there both Jerev?

Dora Garnie said the strongest dark devil guide in the history of magic history, enhances black magic to the extremely created countless black magic and demon to let the world fall into chaos, with destruction of almost invincible power, can even Create life and change time.

In this case, there is no one in the case, but since the system has passed his own time to this time, then it will be safe, and it will soon be the most powerful opponent to these worlds.


Your metamorphosis is mad!

Among the tail border halls of the fairy, it is a bar and task break in the bar, and the wine table and seat are displayed everywhere.

At this point in the hall, it is entirely a crowd. I entered the eyes and confused, I saw a cherry blossom hair, and the teenager of a white grillat was exaggerated with a huge voice.

Let's die!

In addition to the embort outside the fire!