Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the Crash System Chapter 668

Another one-ink short hair, a pair of eyes, shades! Naked, the teenager of the upper body is not happy, the evil face is eye-catching, the cherry blossoms, the cherry blossom hair

The two people are naturally poor, and the eyes are rubbed into the air in the air.

It is this confusing center. ETRELAS? Naz Doragnier and Gray Flepasta.

Chapter 8 Naz's Challenge (seeking rewards and automatic)

"No ... is not good"

"Ai ... Ai Lusha is back"

Everyone who is being quarreled in Naz and Gray.

At this time, a golden hair with a blue glasses of the flower gnome, suddenly running from the outside as a ghost.


Ai Lusha is back ?!

I heard the news that Luchi brought back, all people in the whole hall were quiet.

In a moment, all the chairs of the chaotic reversed seat were all sorted out to the original position, all of which were playing all the breath.


The gate of the guild was opened, and a slender figure came in.

"Ai Lusa ?!",

After seeing the appearance of the people, Naz and Gray's two water fires have taken a tight ticking and hug together.

"you are back"

I saw that Ai Lusha came back, and only two of the Naz and Gray hugged it as if it was like constipation. I didn't look at the two funny guys in front of Naz and Gray. Ai Luca is unexpected, "Do you have a president in the second floor ... I have an important thing to report with him."

" ... ... Hustic to the suffocating beautiful girl.

Qiao smile, the brown blue eyes quietly fell on the moment of Ai Losa, "he is on the second floor ... this is"

Mirajie Sterfus. ....

Just in front of this white long-haired girl gazing at the moment, the moment was also secretly looked at her, and she recognized her identity.

The original S-class magic guides of the demon tail, have super-transformation to receive magic, can receive the soul of the devil, known as "Magic" Mirajie.

But because of the task of crusade "Beast", Mirajie is very lifted, and the brother Alvesman has receiving the beast king in order to cover her.

However, Alfmann fell into the alert and attacked the sister Lisa, Lisha was therefore lost awareness and was inhaled to the Time and Space of "Edis" (Mirajie and Alfman thought Lisa Na Dead).

This event causes the character of Miraj to make a big change, natural belly black demon character has become a woman who has a gentle and gentle smile, and from the first line to become the most famous signage girl of the demon tail, because of the perfect body and beauty The face is often a cover person on the magic magazine.

But at this moment, Sichuan pages in Mirajie, all people in the entire guild hall, all the eyes of all people brush brushing to the moment of AiUha.

"Yeah ... Ai Lusa ..." "At this time, Naz also released Gray's shoulders, and the eyes were curious to have this strange youth next to Aiu," Who is this guy. "

"Have Handsome ..." The green long-haired woman dressed next to a vocal sense of fire, and saw that the two eyes suddenly exaggerated after the appearance of the moment.


I only saw the other side on the wine table, holding a huge wine bar in Kana? Arugapelina couldn't help but hit a wine, some drunk eyes, "Airewa is Who is ... The guild has finally appeared a handsome man ... "" Shout "

When I saw my heart, I was attracted by this unfamiliar youth, and the young man who used the gun magic. Cannail helplessly slammed, "The style is completely different from us ..." is indeed, Compared to the value of Gray and Lodge with the value among the demon tailpark.

In front of this strange youth, silver white noble long hair, the perfect flawless face and the high challenge, and the elegant and indifferent temperament, there is a matter of this magic world, it is the foul class. exist.

"His name is flash ..."

Seeing everyone is so curious, Ai Laha is truthfully explained, "This time I executed the mission of the magist of the dark public" ... I met the black devil guideline of the heart of the devil. "" "

"Fortunately, I will help me kill him."


Devil's heart?!

The strongest dark public meeting?!

Ai Lusha has just said that it is shocked when the whole hall of the whole demon tail is shocked.

"This kid" is unbelievable to look at the side of the eye, this seems to have a beautiful young man, "" Is it so strong ... "

"Black dealers who knocked down the heart of the devil ?!"

Standing in Gray, I heard this news, two eyes, the eyes were exaggerated, "Oh, oh, one burned !!

"Come with me! Heart!"

I saw that Naz reached out, one refers to the moment next to Ai La, the whole person is like a flame, and the fire dragon's inflammation !!

The voice of Naz's voice came, and the air suddenly produced a filamentary breath.

Under the role of a lost ancient magic? Under the role of fire of the fire, only the Naz is a huge reaction force to strengthen the power of the fist elbow from the powerful flame of elbow.

"Naz This idiots ..." Looking at Naz, who was in front of him and the two, the flame shells were generally rushing, and Ai Lisa was helpless to care in his face.

"It's another secondary blood protagonist mode ..."

Ai Lusha helplessly, the moment is more helpless than her, looking at the huge voice of the huge voice, straight from him all the way, the faint approach to the moment, I saw the Naruto, Lu Fei, and even one Protect them a few shadows.

Chapter 9 Iced Gray (seeking rewards and automatic)

"I can't think of it until the next day ..." The Naz Strength of this period has not reached the level of the S-class magic.

And there is no actions of his entire person, falling into the right eye of the right eye, and there is not much difference with the turtle.

"I saw the protagonist ..."

Naz is famous for Etiellias Naz Doragiel.

The devil's devil created by Etirys, Dora Garn is the name of Jelf, his body is the devil End of the inflammation created by Gielf, is Jelf? More Lagnell In order to kill himself, the strongest devil created by the body of his own life brother.

400 years ago Genius Gen Jereff because she could not understand the death of the younger brother, to study the death of "Mayqiqi", in order to let the dead younger brothers are committed to building the magic R system of resurrection life and the magic of crossing time , Violate the impression} avoided, and the curse of the Ansherram

The more you cherish your life in the heart of the Akserram god, the more powerful, the more powerful, and Jereff is better than anyone, it is good, so the dark power is stronger than anyone, but close His life will all be taken in life.

In order to make a demon in order to not hurt others, it is the most powerful devil devil, but in addition to the strongest devil demon, in addition to the strongest devil 'end, all cannot kill except for the strongest devil' end. Yourself.

And Hu Jun "end" is also because of some reason, the power of the devil is reproduced into the book back to Jerff, leaving only the body and the memory is all, after being adopted by the fire dragon.