Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crash System Chapter 669

I finally became the protagonist of my "mother" fire dragon Wang Igniri.


A loud noise.

No one saw something happening.

When everyone reacted, I saw Naz, who had just rushed to the moment, and the whole person had already hit it on the ceiling.

The head is inserted into the ceiling, leaving only the body is hanging outside in half.

"Good ... so fast ..."

At this moment, the Ai Laha, which is also awkward, has opened his eyes, "What happened to happened in a moment ..."

Because of the magist of the Demon, she has a super-fighting ability, she just didn't see the movement of the moment.


The whole hall of the demon tail is unscrupulous. Everyone looked at the Nazi rogue hanging on the ceiling. "It was killed by a blink of an eye."

"What should I say? ..."

At the moment, the attack of the assault between the attack, the whole person flew to the ceiling of the hall.

At the moment, it seems that there is only a small amount of small things, and it is gently dusting that there is no dust on the black coat. Very noisy guild. "... but do not hate ..." The sharpness of the sharp sword glanced at the whole of the eyes of the whole noisy chaotic demon tail. "

In the heart, it is understood that blood and inclusion is the theme of this guild. There will be so many people who have this seemingly flat and unmoids as their own home.

"Naz !!"

Until this time, Gray, who was originally located around Naz, was finally caught.

Looking at Naz, I was shocked in the top of the ceiling of this Ai Liza, and Gray was shocked by the strange Junxiu Youth of this Ai Mezha.


Although the surface of Naz is never closed

However, I saw Nazaw by the stranger, and the inner heart of the two was completely exposed at this moment.

Ice style? Ice owe the spring!!

Unlike Naz's rush.

I saw that Gray separated the distance of several people, and the hands were suddenly knocked toward the ground.

The blind eye of the left eye is clearly seen in his body, and the ground is generated on the ground to generate a magical magic array in an instant.

"It is the style of Gray's ice !!"

Seeing Gray's shot, there is someone exclaimed when the whole hall is suddenly awkward, recognizing the magic of Gray ...

Modeling Magic One is the magic given shape using magic, and it is also a magic of the shape.

In many magic, the model magic is the magic of freedom, and the shapes of each magician are different. It is the magic that can show the personality of the personality. It is also a magical magic of the magic control capabilities.

At the time, I saw it at the beginning of the moment. Suddenly, the floor was suddenly spurted from the ground, and the moment was completely ice.

"It's actually used to magic ..."

Seeing Gray in front of him actually made a magical magic of the ice. It was originally awarded that the farce caused by Naz was actually evolved into the extent of the magic. After the moment, the Ai Lisa was shocked when I was in the moment. "This is a bit too much ... "

When you want to shoot, you are stunned.


I saw a flashing point, and just didn't understand the time.

Depending on the seventy seven? Ice teeth march !!!

A ghost road of a frozen property is instantly in the hands of the moment.

I saw that the air temperature in the entire demon tailpark public hall suddenly declined until 7 a commonly reduced ice point.

The crisp freezing sound rises through the hall of the whole demon tail, and the ice-made magic released by Gray instantly is frozen in the original place.

Among the sights of everyone, "Magic" released in the hands of the moment.

A snow-white ice thader seems to be a raging tide. In a blink of an eye, I will flood all the whole halls of the whole demon tail.

The huge ice tsunami, the floor, table, ceilings, bar, and install, all of the entire guild hall, all of which all all everything is a white ice world.

Chapter 10 Lov (seeking rewards and automatic)

"this is?!"

"Is the magic of ice like Gray ?!"

Everyone has never been able to react, only feeling that I heard a flashing refer, my guild lobby turned entirely into a world of ice and snow.

Everyone around him was completely shocked, and the eyes were glanced at the ice-shaped mirrors in front of the guild hall, "What is this styling speed?"

It is necessary to know the shape of the model of Gray's ice, and the whole demon tailpark is the first.

But I didn't expect this magic of the embarrassment of the unfamiliar youth of the Ai Lusa brought back to the Ice of Gray. When I was not completely formed, I sent a first until I was frozen to frozen his magic.

"How can it be"

My own ice-made magic is knocked with ice. It is shocked by the instant to be changed in front of her eyes. The whole person is shocked, and it is incredible to have their own eyes. "His ice magic ..."

"Damn ..."

Seeing the so amazing "Ice Magic" no matter how power, the speed is still far, it is far more than yourself.

The Gray, who is the flying style of the ice, seems to be aroused the heart of the heart, and the black eyes flashed with a strong red and hot, with the hands of the hand, and the right hand holds the box and suddenly smashed his left hand palm. on.

Ice style? Ice and snow plus arsen cannon !! Macar is a huge cannon cannon of ice shell in Gray, who is imagined with ice shell, and launches a large number of avalanche impactful snow cannon when he hits the "Your Model Magic Speed". too slow……

Just Gray just mobilized the magic of his own body, but the observed moment had long since he appeared in front of him, but also extended his palm to an eye on his head.

"Hundreds of vulnerabilities"

"! Don't!"

I saw the movement at this moment, and the next Ai Lisa was shocked and quickly stopped.