Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Cracks System Chapter 670

In the next consciousness, she thought that it was like a fire of the fire of the seven genus before the past, using the destroyed magic instant to kill Gray.

Ice spirit !!!

However, the sound of Airewa has just sounded.

In the moment, I released an endless freeze force in my body.

In all people's horrified eyes, Gretton was frozen in a huge ice other.

It's like a flies that have been sealed by glass, and the movement is not strong, and the face still retains the shocked expression.

"The density of this ice can be higher than diamond ... You can't break"

Elegant Junxiu's face took a smile to look at the frozen in the huge ice, and Geret that did not move, and the moment was laughed and opened. "You will always be in the old man. "

The current demon tail is guild, except for the President of the Ten-level Makarov.

Only Kildas and Laxas have the three guilds of the three guilds that hide their identity, they can play with the brain, Naz and Gray have temporarily not enough.

The whole hall is quiet ...

The top of the guild's strength, the magist of the magist of the world, the magic tuning, Gray, was attached to the ice, and the ice is frozen in front of this huge ice.

Seeing this funny scene, all the demon tail tailings in the field wanted to laugh, but at this moment, I can't laugh at this moment.

... ...

At this time, I was burned to the top of the ceiling on the ceiling, I finally broke up and fell on the ground, but I almost slipped down at the foot.

"Hair ... what happened"

I saw Nazi's face, and I had completely turned around the guild hall that had already become a white ice and snow, "the guild became this", "It is worthy of the somatology of the devil End created by Jelf.

It is no wonder that the original is like a small strength that will never die ...

Looking at Nazi, I was not hurt after I was hired, and I thought about it.

"Hey ..." I saw the two breathing time of the moment, I understood the Naz and Gray in my guild.

The entire guild is completely frozen. At this time, the magic of the demon refined tail can not see it, only Luoqi and Maca Europe stand out, "Although you are a guest brought back by Ai Lusha ..." "But put Naz and Gray ... and our entire guild makes it a bit too much."

"I have already gone in your hand ... Just just accompany them two fun ..." In the face of Naz, the challenges, there is no hurt to him and Gray, and there is no guild to destroy the whole demon tail.

At this moment, I saw a group of demon tail of the demon tail, but I won't have a color, and I laughed when I was a flash. "How? How? How come this help?" "" "Forget it ... Luoqi ... horse Karo ... "

I saw the atmosphere in front of it seems wrong. At this time, I'm afraid and the Mirajie next to it quickly stood up. "He did not hurt the Naz and Gray ...

"Give me a hand!"

At this time, suddenly a surprise voice resounded throughout the hall.

I saw a huge, such as the devil's black shadow, suddenly quiet, there was a moment behind the moment, and the dull voice was like a mine. "You actually use magic in the guild! I also made the guild. Like! "

"President ?!",

"Makarov president ?!"

Seeing this huge devil's black shadow appeared, all the magic talents were suddenly exclaimed.

"The President of the demon tail is a Makarov?"

When I saw such a huge devil's black shadow, the deep eyes suddenly suddenly looked down, but the mouth still could still sleeper, "I didn't expect this", "I can see the world's holy ten magic. The master of the guide is ... "

Chapter 11 confrontation (seeking rewards and automatic)

"President ?!"

"Makarov president ?!"

The atmosphere is tension in the whole demon tail hall.

The appearance of giant Macanov has no doubt that this original glue is more pressing a hot oil.

"Who is this ?!"

"Is it a good thing to do with you ?! Naz! Gray!"

The sound of the huge devil black shadow is constantly roaring in the hall, and there is someone who is present in the court.


But very fast, this huge devil black shadow instantly disappeared.

It is restored to a short and unparalleled white beard, batching a beige windbreaker, in the red shirt, and there is a ticking hat that looks a comrades.

It is the three-generation president of the demon tailpark, Macarov? Dola.

"This is ..." See Makarov's appearance, the focus of other people concerned, the blind eye of the left eye is dark, and the huge magic of his body is.

Although the annual event is high, it is still a magic of the Makarov in front of the Makarov, and even the magician of this S-class is not enough to compare.

"The magic of the Ten major magic level" "

If the magic of the ordinary magic is a pond, the magic in the S-class magic is a stream, but reaches the strength of Makarov, which is the strength of the Ten major magist of Makarov, the magic of the body In the eyes of the moment, it seems like a big river.

The top four of the top four in the holy tenth is far more than the remaining holy top ten magic guides " " wants to be the magic of the body should be like the river sea.

"I don't know if I can easily defeat the other three Kings to join hands ... The first God in the holy ten? Serena ... How is the strength?" '

I really, I think of this world's other demon masters. At the moment, the eyes of the blue blood suddenly became increasing, and the heart is almost unable to curb. "There is also a killing of God? Serena's death Black Dragona Rockya is really looking forward to ...

"No ... is not our dry ..." Seeing Makarov's appearance, it was originally burning the flame of the bears, and suddenly turned off.


In the demon tail hall hall of the ice and snow, Makarov finally saw it next to the frozen frozen in the huge crystal ice, stunned, "How did Gear be frozen? "This" heard the question of Makarov. At this time, all the eyes around the people have been brushing to the moment in front of the Airewa.

"who are you?!"

At this time, all the demon tail tairers' eyes, Makarov finally noticed the center of the whole ice and snow hall.

His magic ...

Others may not feel, but Makarov, who is a holy ten big dealers is shocked.

From the eyes of this seemingly elegant Jun Xiu, he didn't feel the end of the magic of his body.

As if standing in front of him, it is not a person, but an endless universe.