Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 671

"President, his name is the same ... is the magician who I encountered when I executed the task ..."

I saw Makarov asked, and the afternoon after the moment was immediately gone. He explained everything I met this executive mission. "This time I crusade the Dark Communist Magic Mission ... I met the devil, the diverse black magic guide ... "

"Thanks to the moment ... He shots the black devil guiduary of the heart of the devil."

"Devil's heart ?!"

Sure enough, after listening to the explanation of Ai Lusha, Macalov suddenly two eyes, "they actually appeared?

The Bram League consists of three Dark Communiques, which are "Six Devils", "Devil's Heart" and "The Gate of the Plus", each has a lot of direct guilds, to manipulate the whole Dark world.

Three Dark Lales are not alliances but are not confrontation, and a dark public will not notify the other two Dark Congress.

However, there are also a few Dark Communiquities that do not belong to the Baram League or its direct guild, such as the Dark Conference "" "Droupled Tail", assassination guild ", bone ancient versa", etc. in these three dark worlds Most of the strongest guild

In addition to the mysterious "Gate" and the most active "Six Devil's Heart", "The Demon's Heart 'is the strongest dark public meeting in the eyes of the world.

Of course, the heart of the moment is very clear, as "the strongest black magic guide 'Jelf's bookshelf in magic history, the door of the gates is the devil in the book of the Jenelff, and the strength is absolutely" devil's Above the heart '.

"It's really uncommon young people ...,"

I heard that Ai Laha said that the black magic guides of the devil's heart were killed. Makarov was more affirmed by the idea in his heart, and the eyes were deeply flash. "I killed the darkness of the devil's heart. Guide "Oh, oh oh! I burned it again!"

Just talking at Makarov and Ai Laha.

At this time, Naz is like a fire dragon, wow, it's strange, and I'm heavy burning a flame of fighting, "No!

I haven't ended it with the fashion!


Group waste ... "" The guys in the guild have been packed in this ... "

Just see Nazny called when it was in front of the fashion, this is the door of the demon tail hall, and suddenly the arrogant sound, "I have said, I have said."


Earlier gave me the guild to me, all of them ... this sound is ... Suddenly heard some familiar sounds, all people in the hall have turned around.

Chapter 12 Laxas (seeking rewards and automatic) Thunder and irritance!

The voice of people only did not come over.

In the air, a shunt of the Thunder is flashing, and a violent lightning cloud has been formed in the top of the moment.


It seems that it is a big sound in sunny.

Everyone in front of him, the place where the moment is standing directly, it is directly bombing a huge hole, and the infinite golden Thunder electric light is flashing, and the whole person completely lost traces.


I saw the moment on the huge cavity in front of my eyes, and the next Ai Lisa exclaimed.


"It's coming back!

There is also thunder!

At this time, all the demon tail in the hall is looking back.

I saw the door of the demon tailpark, and the four people were gradually coming towards their hall.

The man headed, a yellow}, a short hair, a fur collar coat, a tall figure, a scar 343, and a headset on his head, and the look is arrogant.

Skiking young woman with a green long hair, a deep golden long hair glasses, and a man with a tall body helmet.

It is the three strongest reusing of the demon tail, Raxas, and his guard team.

Thunder people 'Philoo?

Justin, Aibehalin and Biugosro's "Laxas"

You're back"

I saw my most loved grandson appeared, and there was no more complicated between Makarov.

"How is the old man ...

In the face of his own English Makarov, there is no half-point respected between the Laxas look, but the opening will give Makarov to him.

"The guild relies on these waste can't keep it"

It is better to return to me early. "

"You are too much!


Sure enough, it is relieved by a waste in front of the Laxas, and the magician of all the demon tail next to the surroundings can't help. "How does the demon tail may give you this kind of person!

"Don't give it to me ... Is it handed over to these garbage? Bring the amazing momentum like the Thunder, I saw Laxas disdainful looking at Gray, which was frozen in a huge ice, and she took her front. Naz with flames.

"Benefied by an unpryngeable outsider ... If I have already gone, I have already gone to the guild!

"Shut up ... Laxas ..."

I saw that Laxas came in and attacking. Ai Lusha couldn't see it again. "He is not an enemy ..." Ai Lusa ... you are not the same as these garbage "

Ai Lusha has not finished, Laxas smiled, "To be my woman ..."

"There is also Mirajie.

... Although you have lost magic now ... "Talking about the eyes of Laxas, I also turned to the beautiful Alarm Mirajie, and said:" But how do you say that you are also our demon tail.

Hurry ... It is amazed between everyone.

Suddenly heard a flash of flashing, suddenly attracted all the sight of everyone.

"You are the fairy tail, the dragon magist of the dragon, Raxas ..." I saw when I didn't know when, I have already quietly appeared in the corner next to everyone.

<(aicg) b "/> The finger between the fingers, the thunder, the light, and it is actually controlling the thunder of Laxas that burst out of Laxas. Coconut.

"So about the voltage ... How do I feel that the bulb is not bright ..."

This guy"

Seeing this scene, listening to the moment, the magician of all the demon tail in the scene couldn't help but pour a cold.

Although this guy in Laxas is both awkward, it is one of the three strongest repairs of the demon tail, and it is a thunder's dragon magist guide. It is undeniable that his strength is powerful.

But at this moment, he released the strong thunder magic, which was in an instant, and the same play is generally firmly controlled in the hand, this is how can they not shocked.


I saw that I had a good appearance of myself, and IUsa was invisible to a sigh of relief.

Although I met the time of one day, I will not only shoot the heart of the devil, but I will help her.

And even Lusa she didn't find it, she never pays attention to her appearance, and the inner faint is about to have an inexpisting of this elegant youth.

"Laxas's thunder" ... "

Seeing that the moment is so easy to control the Lei Bian magic of Laxas in his own hands. At this time, the three Thunder people behind Rickets are also surprised.