Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 672 of Hueding Crack System

As the karns of Laxas, no one is more clear to the strength of Laxas, but this young Junxiu guy is like this. It is so much sketching to take the Lei Bian magic of Laxas.


I heard the mocking of the moment and the murder, and the lazy face of the Laxas passed over.

However, it is seen that the strength of the moment is not very common. It is soon being suppressed by him. I saw the laughter of Laxas. "It seems not the kind of weak chicken I think ......

"Weak chicken?"

I saw that Laxs, who was so inexplicably in front of him, and I saw it like a little self-speaking. "Do I look like a weak chicken? Should not be?"

Although the outside of the moment, it looks like that elegant junxiu young, the body is high, but no matter how it is good, it is also a three-secondary world of hegemony.

There is also a deep and unspeakable terrorist strength, so even if the momentum and the spirit of the incident, it can be able to see if he can see his differences.

Chapter 13 Pain (ask for reward and automatic)

"No matter what to say ..."

"Here is the guild of Ai Laha"

In the close look of all people in the entire demon tailpark hall, I saw that I still seem to be self-speaking in a person, but the deep monster's eyes are sudden and light, "waiting for the next moment. I am not very good. "

Renovation of eyes? Who is!!!


"This guy?!"

I saw the moment in front of my eyes disappeared in the original place.

The Laxas is suddenly surprised, and when you want to show your thunder, you will be able to exploit the dragon.

However, suddenly, a big hand suddenly appeared, and slapped on his face, followed by a fierce giant.

Under the role of this pound, the figure is like a profit of the shards.


When everyone reacted in the demon tailpar hall.

On the city street outside the guild, there has been an explosion of the shake mountain shake.

When all the demon tail of the tail ran to the outside, I saw a large building on the town street outside.

Original European elegant housing has become a large collapsed residual broken wall, a 10,000 wolf is struggling to climb from the rubble, and it is just a laccus just can't be.

"Am I dreaming"

Looking at the collapse of a large piece of house building, I rushed to the outside of the demon tail talents who came outside, "this destruction ... is it really what the human body can do? "

"Devil", I saw the Wolf Rocks, who is struggling to stand from the collapse broken wall, so that I am a painful body, and my eyes are unbelievable to stare at the moment in front of you.

"This speed and strength ... Are you really a magic?"

"I have never said that I am a magist guide."

In the face of the incredible eyes of Laxas, in the moment, the momentat shrugged, but it was a little surprised to look at the Laxas that did not stop in front of him.


The physical fitness of the dragon magistillers far exceeds the ordinary magist ...

Different Laxas and Naz, Laxas can't bear the powerful magic from Grandpa Makarov because of the childhood body, and have been inserted into the magic crystal, become a dragon magist of Lei, and also It is the second generation of the dragon magistrate.

And Naz is a magician who is ranked by the fire dragon Wang Iguni, which is the first generation of the dragon magist of the world.

In addition, there is a third generation of the dragon magistillers, which are taught by the dragon to kill the dragon magic, and the magic talents of the magical crystals of the dragon magic in the body are equivalent to having a double restriction dragon magic. power.

"Isn't a magma? ..." , Laxsa has not believed in the moment, there is such a powerful strength, what will be the magist guide ?!

"I will let you know what is the real Raytary Dragon Magic !!!"

Obviously, the moment is absolutely not a simple opponent in front of you. Although Laxas is arrogant, it doesn't dare to go, and the whole body is shining in the whole body.

Lei Long's collapse!!

And the elegant battle between the magistrs in the moment is different.

I saw that the Yellow I color violent Thunder is flashing, and the Laxas disappeared in front of the moment.

"it's here"

In the face of the extreme speed of the Thunder in front of the Laxas, the wheel of the right eye back to the eye is a flash, and it is not flustered to gently pass his body.


A dull collision sound.

I was forced to have a big boutique to widely widened my eyes.

I saw a punch in his hand wrapped in Lei Zhi's dragon magic violent electric light, and even the dead is on the side of the body firmly.

As if she hits a layer of uncomfortable solid barriers, Laxas finds that their powerful power can't shake the palm half of the temple.

Some of the glittering fruits like Pu Saleno and the combination of the lingering fruit of the Ai Ni Road but the potential is endless ...

In short, in just a moment in front of the eyes, in the heart of the moment, there is a probably assessment of the Lei Li Dragon Magic of Laxas.


It is also a hitting sound of a stuffy.

A pair of eyes convex almost almost almost, and the moment of flashing tapping with the unsuccessful talents, directly improving his belly.

The horrible force of the moment is hit into his lower abdomen. It is suffocating the suffocating pain directly to a blank in the mind of Laxas, and a blood is not controlled at all.

Since the Ray's Dragon Maguer Raxus's battle method is such a thunder violence, then it doesn't mind using this kind of boxing to meat to teach him.

"Laxas !!"

I just got out of the door of the demon tail, I saw the scene of the pain of Laxas in front of the moment, and the three people who were suddenly surprised were shocked and angry.

"do not come!!"

"This is my battle !!"

It seems that the excitement of the three people of the people of Thunder, revocated the brain of Laxas original blank.