Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 673

I only saw the high arrogance of Laxas directly stopped, and the three people who wanted to join the battle. The power of the magic crystals buried in the body was fully launched.

Lei Long Fang Tianmia!!

Among the air, it is a burst of rhabdom L-threes.

I saw a hand in Laxas was grabbed, and another hand directly using the Raytary Dragon Magic to create a sharp war.

Then I shot at the moment in front of myself, and the slutty of the slutty was the color, and the Laxas's strength in this period was undoubtedly a few grades.

Chapter 14 Michgang (seeking rewards and automatic)

Frozen boxing!!!

In the face of Laxas, Laxas, who is stunned, is deeply awkward.

The ability to penetrate the life of God is foresearting the moment of all war changes, Raxas is faster than him!

I saw the huge frost in the hands of the moment, and the fist was frozen in the light speed, and even the atoms constituting all substances were stopped.

Among the anti-eyes of Laxas, it seems to be slow.

He glanced at the Lei Long Fang Tianxiang, which was burst out in his hand, broke the dragonfly, which was completely frozen into a woven, which was completely frozen under the freezing boxing of the flash.

"My Lei's Dragon Magic ... was smashed by his ice.

It seems that the root "three five zero" this is not able to believe in the reality in front of the world, and the Laxas has blend convex.

I saw a fist in the moment, I was completely broken, and I was full of unbelievable looks on my face. "How could this ...

Lei Long's amount!!

The teeth are bite, there is no extra time gap among the battle to let Laxas think carefully.

I saw the full body of Laxas, and the thunder's electricity has skyrocketed, and the two arms wrapped around all Raytar lightning.


It is just the Ryong crit in the hands of Laxas just formed.

It was once again smashed again, and I saw the moment when I was in front of Laxas.

The kick under the foot is like a horizontal dragon, and the high-level kick strip with a huge force, directly bombards the lower amount of Laxas in front of it.

When the big brain of Laxas, he suddenly got a blank, and it seems that the horror power of the stabilized, let him feel that he has completely lost its own amount.

A few snow-white teeth are alone in the air. I saw that the big body of the whole person in Laxas was suddenly taken away from the ground.

Although Laxas is the master of Lei Zhi's dragon magic and the master of the melee, it is necessary to play in vital battle. Ten he adds a piece of opponent.

"Laxas !!!",

I looked at Laxas and was taken away from the ground, and slammed from the sky.

Not only the three people next to the Thunder, at this moment, the president of the demon tail can't help but exclaim, after all, Laxas is his own grandson.

"Deceive ... deceived ..."

This is only a minute and less than a minute, I saw the powerful and unable to fight, I was in the ground. At this time, the magician around the demon refined tail is hardly able to believe my eyes.

"That Laxas ... there is no one to others," fog nine !!

Just at this time.

In the air, it seems that a slight magic corrugation is almost impossible to hear.

In addition to several powerful magicilers, all the people in the scene, all felt a very strong sleepy.


I saw the door of the demon tailpark, and suddenly fell a large slide.

"this is?!"

Just took the Rocksas to the ground, and suddenly this scene was observed.

Suddenly the brow is gently wrinkled, and the endless magic of the body is scattered in the instant.

"Hypnosis Magic ...

I saw that almost all the magicians of the demon refined tail were all being hypnotized. Makarov faced a helpless look, "Is you coming back?" Mrstang "" Laxas Fall down ...

I saw that Laxus was knocked down to the ground, and the voice of the people seems very surprised. "Is the enemy ..." Penglai Zheng !!

From the back of the town street collapsed in the distance, he walked out of a black coat, the whole body package covered with a camouflage mask to cover the magist of his own face.

I pulled out the three canes behind him, and the magic was mounted towards the moment directly released a strong cyclone.


Through this hand, I'm recognizing the identity of the people when I blink, and it is one of the strongest reusing of the demon tail.

Broad 58? Ask !!!

I saw the powerful whirlwind of Mrstang coming to himself.

At the moment, raised his hand and waved, through the power of the Night Night Bible Nightmare, I suddenly slammed a violent destruction of the wind.

Power is completely exceeded by the strong whirlwind of Mistang, and only the destruction of the moment is released directly, and all the dust and rubbles in the ground ruins are rolled away from Martang.

"Good strong wind" ... "

Just a shot, I saw the destruction of the moment I released in the moment, I suddenly destroy my magic, and I came down to myself, my mysterious Mist Poston was in my heart.

Triple magic array? Mirror water!!

I saw the gorgeous magic of the air.

Three overlapping mystery magic arrays appeared in the air in front of Michgang.

The destruction of the release of the moment is finally raging to his face, and he is actually rebounded by the three magic array of the triple magic array.

"Good 2.6"

Seeing the strong strength in front of Mrstang in front of him, I actually put my own ghosts originally rebounded, and I was bright when I was.

Depending on the seventy-three? Shuanglian Full !!!

I saw the ghosts that I released by Mrstang, and the moment it seems to have been aroused between the hearts of the heart, and the air in front of everyone is full of white light, only the two regiments are huge. White flame shock waves, from the hands of the moment, the waterfall is generally sprayed.